Thursday, March 11, 2010

CAP: It's time to take back lost ground for Arizona families

Center for Arizona Policy

In Mark 10:27, Jesus says to His disciples:
"With man this is impossible, but not with God;
all things are possible with God."
Jesus was talking specifically about "entering the Kingdom of God," but the principle, of course, applies to everything.
One example is the incredible success God has allowed Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) to achieve.  When you consider everything CAP was able to do in the last year - especially in light of the economic and political climate in which it was done - there's no other explanation than "it's a God thing." 
The tumultuous economy forced many nonprofits to severely cut back on their work.  The drastic "change" in the political climate led many so-called experts to declare the death of our movement.  Despite all of this, CAP was able to accomplish more than ever before on behalf of the timeless values you and I share.
Here are a few highlights of last year's accomplishments:

  • Experienced the most significant legislative session in CAP history.  Ten CAP-supported bills were signed into law.  One of those laws, the Abortion Consent Act, is the most significant and comprehensive pro-life legislation to become law in Arizona in the last 20 years.  Just as important, though, no anti-family bills were passed.

  • Trained 877 individuals to lead The Truth Project small groupsthat will empower thousands of Arizonans to live according to a biblical worldview.  CAP also launched training for the Spanish version of The Truth Project.

  •  Grew our network of allied churches and pastors to over 1,000 all across the state.  CAP also offers regular emails specifically designed for pastors.
And these are just the highlights of what CAP was able to accomplish in 2009. That's why I'm so excited about what CAP can accomplish in 2010, with your loyal support, to promote life, liberty, marriage, and the family here in Arizona.
You and I have an opportunity to take back lost ground.  That's why CAP's team and I have prepared what I believe is one of the most aggressive plans in CAP's history
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Here are some of the most important goals we have set for 2010:

  •   Help to get 14 key pro-family bills passed, including ...
    • Prohibit Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Insurance (SB 1305) to stop governmental entities from providing insurance coverage for abortion in employee benefit plans.
    • Marital Preference for Adoption (HB 2148) to give children in foster care a chance to have a married mom and a dad by ensuring that married couples are considered the first option as adoptive parents.
    • Divorce Reform (SB 1199/HB 2650) to provide couples seeking divorce with adequate time and information to consider the effects and alternatives to divorce.
    • Parental Rights (SB 1309) to codify the constitutional rights of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children.
    • Child Prostitution (HB 2699)to remove a defense for predators who engage in prostitution with a minor.

(See the complete list of bills on our Legislative Action Center, with Family Issue Fact Sheets as well as the status for each.)
  • Expand The Truth Project by conducting six new English and Spanish trainings while also increasing our efforts to reach Arizona's high school and college students with TrueU, the life-changing biblical worldview DVD series.
  • Extend the reach of our church network to over 1,200 churches throughout Arizona with at least 800 churches promoting the Voter Guides.
  • Increase the reach of our weekly email update, 5 Minutes for Families, by over 30% to 15,000 subscribers. 
It's a challenging plan.  There's no doubt about that.  But I believe more strongly than ever before that you and I have an incredible opportunity in 2010 to not only defend the timeless values we share, but to actually begin taking back ground we've lost over the years.
And I want to do everything possible to take full advantage of this opportunity. Do you agree?
If you do, I'd like to ask that you do two things.
First, would you please regularly pray for CAP and CAP's team throughout the year?  We will be working diligently to make this plan a reality and will undoubtedly face a variety of attacks along the way.  Your prayers for wisdom, clarity of thought, endurance, health, and perseverance would be greatly appreciated.
Second, will you consider supporting CAP in 2010 by making a contribution of $25 or even $50 today?  And, would you also consider making that same contribution on a monthly basis so I can better project CAP's revenue in the coming year?  (Just check "monthly" under the credit/debit card information.) 
Your support and prayers are critical to ensuring CAP is able to implement its plan for 2010.  Thank you, in advance, for your support.
Cathi Herrod, Esq.

P.S.  Thanks to the support and prayers of many friends, CAP had one of its most significant years ever in 2009 on behalf of Arizona's families and the timeless values you and I share.  We have incredible opportunities to do even more in 2010.  That's why we have developed the most challenging plan in CAP's history to not just defend, but to begin taking back lost ground in the areas of life, liberty, marriage, and the family.
To help us accomplish this ambitious plan, would you consider making a contribution of $25 or even $50 today?  And, would you even consider pledging to make that contribution on a monthly basis in 2010?  (Just check "monthly" under the credit/debit card information.) 
With your support and prayers, I'm confident CAP can make an even greater impact in 2010.

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