Friday, March 19, 2010

Despite $1.1 million barrage of attack ads, McCain's lead slips from 22 points to 7 points

Some more analysis of that Rasmussen poll that came out showing McCain barely ahead of JD Hayworth, 48% to 41%. A poll in January showed McCain leading 53% to 31%, before Hayworth had officially entered the race, taken immediately after Sarah Palin dutifully announced she would be supporting McCain. McCain has spent $1.1 million in advertising over the past couple of months in mostly negative ads about Hayworth. Nevertheless, Hayworth has surged, and if you account for the 3% polled who favor another candidate, which must be the ultraconservative candidate Jim Deakin who will likely stop out in the upcoming months, leaving his supporters to vote for Hayworth, that leaves the spread at 48% to 44%. According to Rasmussen Reports, incumbents who poll less than 50% at this stage of a campaign are seen as politically vulnerable.This is a great time for Hayworth, and shows the campaign is gaining momentum as voters learn what the real McCain is like, the McCain who voted for several billion dollar bailouts, cap and trade, an amnesty bill that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion, and who frequently flip-flops on his votes, most recently on regulating vitamins.

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Joe "Top Cat or TC" Green said...

This election will show people in Washington that they hd better listen to the voters especially TEA PARTY MEMBERS if they want to get elected or re-elected. WE ARE GOING TO RETIRE PROGRESSIVE, PRO-ILEGAL JOHN McCAIN!!!!!!