Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Submit information on Arizona judges here

We are compiling information on Arizona's judges so patriots will be informed when they vote. The current system does not provide information about judges' political leanings, political backgrounds, and political decisions. We can no longer just vote no on all of them, because with Katie Hobbs as the alleged governor, she will appoint far left judges to replace any we vote out. (Justices of the Peace are not appointed by the governor, but the other judges are) The left targeted several judges in 2022 in retention elections and successfully got two booted out, which is unprecedented. They're coming for more in the next election so we need to protect the good ones. While we will receive the most information on Maricopa County judges, we are going to collect information on all judges in the state. As soon as we have received a few submissions we will start posting the information. Anonymous submissions are fine, but all submissions will be subjected to editing in order to weed out purely baseless rumors. All submitters' names will be kept confidential.

Click here to submit info about Arizona judges