Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Final Days of the Glenn Beck Phenomenon?

The mainstream media has been reporting with glee that Glenn Beck may be leaving his Fox News show for a web-only show or his own cable station. Beck’s detractors are hoping he is imploding and this is the end of his superstardom in politics. There have been signs of friction between Beck and Fox News, and the network will not confirm whether his contract will be renewed in December.
The left is terrified of Beck. He has become one of the biggest leaders in the conservative movement. His enemies have responded by trying to force him out of his Fox News show. The far left group Color of Change organized a boycott of the show in 2009 after Beck called Obama a racist. The group claims that 300 advertisers have left, including Wal-Mart, Geico and Sprint. Liberal rabbis took out a full page ad in the Washington Post earlier this year asking Fox News to sanction Beck over critical statements he had made about them. Some Christian conservatives have kept quiet instead of defending him because of his Mormon faith. His theological differences with mainstream Christians occasionally surface on his television show.
The Glenn Beck Show has become one of the top cable news shows in just a few years. Unlike other prominent conservative talk show hosts, Beck educates his audience about our country’s history and philosophical foundations. He has figured out how to do so in a way that appeals to even our younger generations with their shorter attention spans. He wisely puts on many shows discussing Tea Party concerns that have become front and center over the past couple of years; hammering on the dangers of our expanding debt and deficits that risk economic doom if something does not change. He frequently lays into far left activists and exposes their seedy connections, unafraid to connect the dots when it comes to real conspiracies. His honest, folksy style of speaking with its sense of urgency, accompanied by unusual camera angles, invitingly draws viewers in. People from all walks of life easily identify with him due to his troubled past, which includes overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction and the suicide of his mother when he was only 13.

Federalist Society today & tomorrow: Judicial Engagement v. Abdication (CLE provided)

The Federalist Society Phoenix Lawyer's Chapter, along with the ASU and PSL Student Chapters, are pleased to welcome:
Clark Neily, Senior Attorney with the Institute for Justice
                                                        Judicial Engagement vs. Abdication: When Are The Courts Too Uninvolved?
Phoenix School of Law:
Wednesday, March 30th, 12pm - 1pm
Room 304 (in the tower)
Arizona State University, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law:
Thursday, March 31st, 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Armstrong Hall
Please join us for an intriguing discussion with Mr. Neily on IJ's Center for Judicial Engagement.  This event qualifies for 1 hour of CLE credit.  Lunch will be served at both events.  There is no charge for either event.  For more information on judicial engagement, visit IJ's website:
* Please RSVP to Kasey Higgins at and indicate  whether you'd like CLE credit.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

East Valley Pro Life Alliance launches; open house March 29

By the people who use to run Arizona Right to Life, Joe and Jinny Perron. Check out the website here.

Friday, March 25, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to Hear First Amendment Challenge to Arizona Campaign Finance Law ‘Matching Funds’ Provision

“Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s Freedom Club PAC v. Bennett”

SEIU, Obama Administration, Public Citizen and Rep. Alan Grayson (Ret.) filed briefs opposing AZ Free Enterprise Club’s free speech position in case
Phoenix, AZThe U.S. Supreme Court on Monday March 28 will hold oral arguments in an important first amendment case that implicates public campaign financing schemes in jurisdictions across the country.  Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s Freedom Club PAC v. Bennett concerns the “matching funds” provision in Arizona’s “Clean Elections” law.

“Arizona’s matching funds provision burdens the exercise of political speech that is at the core of what the first amendment to the Constitution protects,” said Steve Voeller, president of the Free Enterprise Club (“AZFEC”). “The matching funds provision has forced the Club’s PAC to reconsider its support of candidates because we know our participation will result in additional government funds for those candidates’ publicly-funded opponents.  We look forward to making our case before the Supreme Court.”
The Court has consolidated two Arizona cases for Monday’s 10 a.m. argument. The Obama Administration, SEIU, Public Citizen and Rep. Alan Grayson (Ret.) have all filed amicus briefs against the AZFEC’s free speech position.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Saturday on the Alexander & Goldman Show: Bankruptcy attorneys talk about foreclosures and more

Tune in Saturday night to the Alexander & Goldman Show from 6-7pm AZ/PST as Brian Symes and myself talk to Judge Pro Tem and bankruptcy attorney Bill Ponath and bankruptcy attorney Dennis Riccio about foreclosures, the economy, and other hot topics they encounter in this area of law.

We will also hear briefly from Rey Torres of the Arizona Latino Republican Association on a couple of things. The fact that one in six Americans are Hispanic but why no one breaks down illegal vs. illegal, the substitute teacher in Glendale who talked about unpatriotic Hispanics in class, and we'll hear how ALRA's event with Sheriff Paul Babeu went last weekend.

Please call in at 602.508.0960 and let us know your thoughts. Tune in locally to KKNT 960 AM or listen live online at, which you can access by clicking here.  

Last week's show with Senator Russell Pearce discussing the defeat of five common sense bills on illegal immigration and Bill Ponath discussing his new book, Verdict for America, is archived here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Politics on the Rocks Thursday with Sheriff Paul Babeu, Mayor Jim Lane, and Gabby Mercer

Politics on the Rocks is excited to announce our next Happy Hour Networking Event featuring Sheriff Paul Babeu, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, and CD7 Candidate Gabby Mercer on Thursday, March 24th 6:00 PM at Revolver Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sheriff Paul Babeu will be presented with the annual Politics on the Rocks Ronald Reagan Leadership Award at the event for his service and dedication to Arizona. We would like to thank ou...r marketing partner Gem Ray and Scottsdale Nights.

The National Sheriffs' Association recently named Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu as recipient of the 2011 Ferris E. Lucas Award for Sheriff of the Year. An NSA statement described Babeu as "one of the most progressive sheriffs in the country" and cited his strong stand against illegal immigration and Mexican cartels as having garnered statewide and national attention. Babeu graduated from the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy number one in his class. His civilian education includes an Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement, Bachelor’s Degree in History/Political Science and a Master of Public Administration, Summa Cum Laude.

Mayor W. J. "Jim" Lane served for four years on the Scottsdale City Council beginning in June 2004, and began his first term as Mayor in January 2009. Mayor Lane served on the 2002 Scottsdale Fire & EMS Advisory Committee, which was convened to evaluate and make recommendations to the city regarding the desired level of fire and emergency medical services relative to cost. His community service also includes six years on the Scottsdale Paradise Valley YMCA Board of Management. He chaired the 1999 Kids Campaign annual fund raising effort. Mayor Lane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer lives on Tucson’s west side with her husband of 24 years, Ted Mercer. Gabriela, “Gabby” for short, set aside her work career with a defense electronics firm in order to raise her 3 children and continue her education. As the kids were growing up Gabriela became more and more concerned about the direction that her adopted country had taken in recent years. She legally emigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in 1986 in order to live in a nation full of opportunity and Constitutional protections of individual liberties. She became a proud U.S. citizen in 1991.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our Happy Hour Networking event on Thursday, March 24th at 6:00 PM at Revolver Lounge in Scottsdale.


Politics on the Rocks

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Buckley v. Reagan, pt. 2 (cat fight)

Appropriate for Congressman David Schweikert to vote for extension of temporary continuing resolution to fund government

There is a lot of criticism going around against Congressman David Schweikert for voting for another continuing resolution to keep the government from shutting down. I am the biggest fiscal hawk - and we all know David is -  so I analyzed the issue and concluded that this isn't a clear-cut vote; voting for the resolution may be actually more fiscally responsible than voting against it. Read my reasoning here.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tonight on the Alexander & Goldman Show: Bill Ponath's new book, Sen. Russell Pearce on AZ voting down immigration bills, & the Glendale Coyotes shakedown stadium scandal

Tune in tonight to the Alexander & Goldman Show from 6-7pm AZ/PST as Brian Symes and myself interview Judge Pro Tem and bankruptcy attorney Bill Ponath about his new book, Verdict for America. Bill's book analyzes some of the most pressing issues facing us today and provides solutions on health care, education, immigration, oil and energy, housing and the U.S. economy, freedom of religion, abortion, the federal budget, and candidates for office.  

We will talk with Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce about what happened last week in the Arizona legislature. Five common sense bills on immigration failed to pass the Senate due to some Republican Senators who thought it was better to vote with Democrats.The Tea Parties are mad and are swamping those legislators with phone calls and emails. A poll on Sonoran Alliance indicates that the largest group of people (45%) want Republicans to toughen up policies on illegal immigration. Only 16% think Republicans should tone it down, and 21% think Republicans should work on other issues. 13% think Republicans are leading the way on immigration legislation.

If we have time we will discuss the shakedown taking place by the City of Glendale, which is trying to stop the Goldwater Institute from investigating their attempts to subsidize the Coyotes's stadium, a violation of the gift clause of the Arizona Constitution.

Please call in at 602.508.0960 and let us know your thoughts. Tune in locally to KKNT 960 AM or listen live online at, which you can access by clicking here.  

Last week's show discussing potential GOP presidential candidates, the hottest bills in the Arizona legislatures, and the latest update from the Arizona Latino Republicans is available here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CAP: Governor Brewer Sued for Declaring "Arizona Day of Prayer"

(Editorial note: Don't these people have anything better to do than force the state to spend massive amounts of money during tough economic times defending itself against something as stupid as this? These people need to get some psychological help and get over whatever issues they really have.)

The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday against Governor Jan Brewer for declaring on May 6, 2010, the "Arizona Day of Prayer." Governor Brewer issued the declaration inconjunction with President Barack Obama and elected leaders across the country respecting the National Day of Prayer.
Millions of Americans and thousands of local leaders have traditionally prayed for the nation and its leaders during the annual event, which was codified by Congress in 1952.
"The First Amendment and the Arizona Constitution allow public officials to acknowledge our nation's religious heritage," said Cathi Herrod, President of Center for Arizona Policy (CAP). "The Freedom From Religion Foundation's claims that Gov. Brewer's actions are suddenly unconstitutional are a radical misinterpretation of the First Amendment."
CAP has been actively involved in defending the National Day of Prayer. In June, they joined family policy councils across the country in filing a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the National Day of Prayer in the Freedom From Religion Foundation v Obama district court case.
"At a time of economic crisis and a historic budgetary shortfall, it is absolutely appropriate and prudent for our elected officials to call for prayer," said Herrod.
Congress and President Harry Truman instituted the National Day of Prayer in 1952 in a joint resolution. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed an amendment specifying that the annual event would be observed on "the first Thursday in May each year."

Inside Look @ the Capitol with Center for Arizona Policy

Inside Look @ the Capitol
  with Center for Arizona Policy
Inside Look @ the Capitol is your opportunity to tour CAP's mission as we show you how CAP-supported pro-family legislation becomes law. 
Tuesday, March 22
Noon - 1 p.m.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn how CAP's
work has impacted families across Arizona!
(This is a free event and is not a fundraiser; leave your checkbook at home.)

*** You must RSVP in advance to attend!***

Call the CAP office at 602.424.2525
or email to reserve your spot!

Other opportunities to join us for an Inside Look

Tuesday, April 5
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
@ CAP's new office

Thursday, April 7
Noon - 1 p.m.
@ the Capitol  

 To RSVP, call the CAP office at 602.424.2525 or
Center for Arizona Policy
602.424.2525 | 800.FAMILY.1

An Arizona Right to Life Special Event

Arizona Right to Life
     Special Event

Please join us this

Friday March 18, 2011

Learn the latest about the

Rescue of Baby Joseph

Arizona Right to Life

An Evening with
Father Frank Pavone
Father Pavone

National Director of Priests for Life

Special guest performance by Michael John Poirier
Featuring his new pro-life song.

Chaparral Suites, 5001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ
Private Reception at 5:30 p.m.
General Session 7:00 p.m.

Tickets are $10 Per Person for the General Session

Admission Tickets to the Private Reception are
$65 Per Person or $100 Per Couple
These Tickets are also good for Adminssion to the
General Session and Preferred Seating

To Register For This Event, Click Here

Details - An Evening With Father Pavone  

If you are pro-life, then you don't want to miss this exciting event. In the past few days, Fr. Frank Pavone has been instrumental in the saving of Baby Joseph from certain death. Join us to listen to Fr. Pavone's first-hand account of the rescue.

Join Arizona Right to Life at the Scottsdale Chaparral Suites on Friday March 18, 2011 for an exciting, uplifting and informative presentation on the current state of the pro-life movement throughout the nation. Find out the latest about federal efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood, the undercover work of Live Action, the national outreach to the minority community and more.

The General session begins at 7:00 pm and is only $10/ person.

You are invited to join us for a private reception beginning at 5:30 pm to meet and talk personally with Fr. Frank.

Tickets for the private reception are $65/person or $100/couple.
Tickets include preferred seating at the General Session.


Arizona Right to Life is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-profit, 501(c)4 organization. Arizona Right to Life is committed to articulating and protecting the right to life of all human beings, born and unborn. This is accomplished by educating people on the value of every human life and by promoting and supporting pro-life legislation, public policy and elected officials. Arizona Right to Life is the oldest, largest and strongest pro-life organization in the State of Arizona.

Contribute Button Connect to Arizona Right to Life
                        Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our videos on YouTube
Arizona Right to Life

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tonight on the Alexander & Goldman Show: GOP presidential candidates & hot Arizona legislative bills

The archived show is now available here. Join Brian Symes and myself on the Alexander & Goldman Show from 6-7pm AZ/MST as we discuss the potential GOP presidential nominees, and then fill you in on some of the more interesting bills in the Arizona legislature this session. Did you know that Mike Huckabee is leading in the most polls, and at this time in almost every prior presidential election going back to 1952, the frontrunner ended up winning the nomination?

We will also talk to Rey Torres from the Arizona Latino Republican Association about the hearing Rep. Peter King (NY) has been holding on the radicalization of Islam, and how it compares to radical Mexican militant movements. Don't forget, ALRA's luncheon with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is next Saturday, RSVP now.

Please call in at 602.508.0960 and let us know your thoughts. Tune in locally to KKNT 960 AM or listen live online at  

Last week's show with Farrell Quinlan from the National Federation of Independent Business discussing the Protect Employee Paychecks from Politics Act, SCR 1028, is available here.

Other Than The 91 Illegal Immigrants Captured Today, The Arizona Border is Totally Secure

Irony pointed out by Papa Todd
Day in and day out, we are told that the border is more secure than any time since the Battle of Thermopylae.  Except for today that is…
Border Patrol agents apprehended an unusually large group of illegal immigrants Tuesday night 15 miles south of Ajo, authorities said.
Agents using a radar-based surveillance system found 90 men and a woman in the Arizona desert, said Agent Colleen Agle, a spokeswoman for Border Patrol Tucson sector.
“We don’t typically see groups this size,” Agle said. “Our technology is so advanced it’s hard to go undetected, especially a group that big.”
The group was found walking north about 7:45 p.m. Tuesday, Agle said. All 91 illegal immigrants were from Mexico, according to Border Patrol.
The group was found with the help of members of Operation Trident, which uses resources from the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife on joint patrols, the agency said.
This story then begs then question, if 91 illegals is an “unusually large group”, then what would be considered an “average” round-up on the typical Border Patrol day?  25 a day?  40 a day?
via StarNet.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mexican drug cartels moving into the U.S., Arizona

Some scary videos on how the new Mafia is infiltrating the U.S.  Please spread!

A brutal new crime wave from Mexico is hitting America's suburbs. Drug cartels and their heavily armed henchmen are moving into the house next door, torturing and imprisoning victims for profit in middle-class neighborhoods. Law enforcement agencies from Texas to Northern California report being....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chad Kirkpatrick leaves GITA for the private sector

Chad is much more suited to the private sector anyways. Congrats Chad! Here is his resignation letter:

Team – I have decided to resign as GITA Director and start my own consulting companies.  I will be working with two, possibly three companies: a management and strategic advisory company called KCG, Inc; a lobbying firm called B2G Solutions; and possibly a political consulting firm.  I have very strong partners in each of these endeavors and am very excited about the opportunities.

Working with all of you for these last two years has been a sheer joy.  You are true professionals and have all accomplished so much. 

To highlight a few our successes:

  • One your biggest and most recent successes is the expansion of cell phone service in the remote areas of Cochise County.  This area has a high traffic of illegal aliens and it is vital that citizens be able to call for help.  While President Obama and the US Congress have requested wireless carriers expand their cover here and elsewhere, it was your “gentle diplomacy” that made it happen for Cochise County.

  • One of your first efforts was establishing the Arizona Broadband Advisory Council.  This was a partnership of 11 agencies and helped win over $75 million dollars in grants to expand this vital service to Arizona.  The NTIA recognized us as one of the best run programs in the country!

  • After a half-dozen of years talking about the need to create a State E-Rate office, you made it happen.  When this becomes fully operational it will lead to over $40 million in educational grants, vital for our kid’s future.

  • According to the Southwestern Regional Coordinator for the Department of Homeland Security, Arizona is now the “national leader” in public safety communications.  The other states now look to Arizona as a successful model.

  • You conducted the state’s first ever vulnerability scan and have taken other measures to protect the state’s information assets.

  • At the request of the Governor’s Office and the Superintendant of Education, you conducted an assessment of the educational data systems and provided recommendations that were highly received.  One senior person mentioned tongue and cheek, “this is the first time we’ve met on these issues, have gotten results and not have it end in a yelling match.”

  • Two years ago, there was not a single list of all state IT projects.  Now we have that list plus a lot more – executive dashboards, oversight metrics, business case requirements and other measures that will lead to better project controls.  GITA now takes a proactive role in preventing "concerns" from becoming major issues.

And yes, there are many, many more major accomplishments, not to mention the minor victories!

As a result of all your hard work, one state IT worker with over 20 years of experience told me “it’s great that GITA is finally doing what it was meant to do.”  Another follower of state government told me “GITA has done more in the last couple of years than it has ever done.”

I strongly believe that GITA is now one of the most innovative and productive state agencies.  While all this may sound like a lot of bragging, and maybe it is, they are facts and I am proud to have been a part of your success.
I truly wish all of you success and do hope we can stay in touch.  You can reach me via LinkedIn and Facebook.



Goldwater Institute seeking Education Policy Director

Goldwater Institute – Education Policy Director
Description: (Phoenix, Arizona) The education policy director will operate
out of the Institute’s headquarters in Phoenix. Responsibilities: Agenda
setting for K-12 reform in Arizona with an emphasis on parental choice based
reform; Research current education issues and write commentaries; Collect,
analyze and interpret educational data; Track and review legislative
proposals; Respond to inquiries from legislative staff and the public at large;
Author, co-author or commission policy studies.  Qualifications and
Experience: A degree in education policy, public policy or related field plus at
least two years of relevant work experience, or equivalent combination of
work experience and education; Excellent persuasive writing and speaking
ability; Strong analytical and research skills; Ability to work well under
deadline pressure; Ability to multi-task and prioritize; Strong interpersonal
skills and ability to work on a team; Salary is commensurate with experience. 
To apply: Address cover letter and resume and two writing samples, not to
exceed 10 pages total, to Claire Kittle, Executive Director, Talent Market:  No phone calls please. More information at Added 03/08/11

Monday, March 7, 2011

Five bills to urge our AZ legislators to pass

Senator Pearce would like your support on the following bills the Arizona legislature is considering. It is mostly the same handful of Republican legislators who are opposing the first four bills. Call or email each of them about the first four bills. Time is of the essence, since many of these bills could be defeated within the next week. All of the bills have made it out of committee and are waiting for a COW and Floor vote, except SB 1412 which has already made it through the Senate. Senator Russell Pearce and other conservative legislators are sponsoring these bills. Contact information for your state legislators can be found here.

SB 1611 immigration omnibus
Fact Sheet 
This bill would make it a crime to drive a car if in the country illegally. It would also require documentation of legal status in order to obtain public housing, vehicle title and registration, college admission, or any other public benefit. 

There are six Republicans who are not supporting this bill. We need their support to get it out of Committee. Please contact them and urge them to vote for it. Rich Crandall, Sylvia Allen, Steve Pierce, Adam Driggs, Nancy Barto and John McComish. Senator Don Shooter, who is sponsoring the bill, is taking a lot of heat. Consider contacting him and telling him you support his efforts.

SB 1411 elected County officers; authority
Fact Sheet
This bill would reduce the County Supervisors' budget authority over other County agencies. For more information, read the article about the bill in today's Arizona Republic. 

There are five Republicans who aren't supporting this bill. We need their support to get it out of Committee. Please contact them and urge them to vote for it. Rich Crandall, Sylvia Allen, Adam Driggs, Nancy Barto and John McComish.

SB 1412 early voting; revisions
Fact Sheet
This bill would make it a felony to be in possession of someone else's ballot, except certain family members. This would prohibit groups like ACORN from offering to fill out voters' ballots.

House Judicial Committee chairman Eddie Farnsworth has refused to hear this bill. The bill is currently in the Senate. Contact Speaker of the House Kirk Adams and urge him to assign the bill to the Government Committee chaired by Judy Burges instead of Farnsworth's committee.

SB 1308 interstate compacts; birth certificates.
Fact Sheet 
This bill authorizes and directs the Governor to enter into an Interstate Birth Certificate Compact (Compact) with other states.

There are five Republicans who aren't supporting this bill. We need their support to get it out of Committee. Please contact them and urge them to vote for it. Rich Crandall, Adam Driggs, Nancy Barto and John McComish.

SB 1309 Arizona citizenship
Fact Sheet
This bill corrects a drafting error regarding criteria for Arizona citizenship.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

AZ Latino GOP luncheon with Sheriff Paul Babeu

Arizona Latino Republican Association
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lunch with the Sheriff of the Year!
Saturday, March 19, 2011 - Join ALRA in honoring Pinal County Sheriff  Paul Babeu at the San Tan Flat Saloon & Grill (Tom Lang Room) in Queen Creek.  $25.00 Adults* $15.00 Children* $15.00 College Students (With ID)   RSVP

The Pink Slips Patriots Present a night with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Rita Bonilla
 Rita Bonilla is with the NV Chapter of American Citizens United - AZ and writes for the Las Vegas Tribune re illegal immigration.
The event will be at Western Dobson Ranch Inn (Pergola Banquet Room) at 1666 S. Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ (US60 and Dobson Rd Exit.  South of  US60) starting at 6PM.
Ronaldo Reagan offers his verdad on Birthright Citizenship

TRUE the Vote ALRA member Brad Zinn interviews Catherine Engelbrecht of  www.TruetheVote.orgTrue the Vote began with a small group of citizens who simply went to do poll watching. While at the polls, they discovered fraud and cheating underway, and they decided to do something about it. Watch this interview from the recent Tea Party summit in Phoenix:

Media coverage of Pearce supporters who showed up at recall event

Here is ABC-15's coverage of the event, which had more supporters than opponents show up, pictured above. They interviewed Pearce supporter Tom Dodson, who said about him, "He's the best legislator in the state, and I was a little alarmed that someone was going to try to recall the best guy that's getting things done here." KPHO's video of the event is here.