Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seminar on finding out what your spiritual gifts are for purposes of church involvement

The Bible lists over 20 spiritual gifts, and everyone is gifted with at least one. In order to find out how you can best serve in your church, you need to discover your strengths. Find out which area(s) you are gifted in at this free seminar from Scottsdale Bible Church.



Saturday, January 30, 2010

McCain Approval Ratings Drop to Keating-Five Levels

THE ARIZONA GUARDIAN, written by Dennis Welch. JANUARY  28, 2010: U.S. Sen. John McCain's job approval ratings have hit to their lowest point since he was accused of participating in a banking scandal more than 16 years ago, according to a survey released Thursday.

McCain’s approval ratings fell to 40 percent, according to a poll conducted by the Behavior Research Center. They haven't been that low since 1994, when McCain was still rebuilding his image following the much-publicized “Keating Five” scandal in the early 1990s.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rep. Shadegg: Obama Needs to 'Freeze' Washington Spin

WASHINGTON , D.C. – Congressman John Shadegg (AZ-03) issued the following remarks on tonight’sState of the Union address:

“President Obama called on Americans to once again trust in the promises he made on the campaign trail. He promised not to raise taxes on Americans making less than $250,000 a year, but used nearly every bit of his political capital to pass a government takeover of health care which would raise taxes on that very group. Time and time again, he has promised transparency, job creation, and tangible solutions, all of which have gone up in smoke.

Rep: Franks: State of the Union Address Marks One Year of Failed Obama Policies

January 27, 2010 - Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) released the following statement in response to tonight's State of the Union Address:

"Tonight, President Obama spent much of his State of the Union address discussing the state of the American economy. Among the speech's most widely-discussed points is the President's proposal of a three-year spending freeze on non-defense discretionary spending. To those, like me, who are opponents of the wildly out-of-controlgovernment spending that has characterized the current Administration and Democrat-controlled Congress, a freeze on spending sounds like a great idea, on its face.

Unfortunately, the President's proposal is little more than a symbolic gesture intended to play well in the media, as evidenced by the fact that the freeze would only account for $15 billion this year, despite a deficit that this Administration has sent soaring to record levels in excess of $1.3 trillion.

Thousands Show Up for Life at 37th Annual Rally

Arizona Right to Life
Tuesday, January 27, 2010
Contact: 602-285-0063

Thousands Stand Up for Life
37th Annual March and Rally for Life Received Overwhelming Response

Thousands of people gathered in Phoenix today to commemorate lifePhoenix, AZ -January 24th -Under a beautiful sunny sky, thousands of Pro-Life Demonstrators assembled Sunday for the 37th Annual Arizona Pro-Life March and Rally. The March began at Brophy College Preparatory School and proceeded along a 1-Mile Route, to the Steele Indian School Park Ampitheater.

Attendees enjoyed inspirational presentations from a variety of high-profile Pro-Life Leaders, including Congressmen John Shadegg and Trent Franks, State Treasurer Dean Martin, and others. The Ike Ndolo Band, Rapper Brandon Kagel, and Singer Rebecca Woodbury shared their musical gifts with the crowd. Representatives from over 30 Pro-Life organizations, individuals and campaigns were on hand to interact with the crowd and plug people in to pro-life action. Arizonans responded with overwhelming generosity in their donation of diapers for area pregnancy and elder care centers.

The pictures tell the story of this amazing day! They show the innumerable size of the crowd, thatThe line of marchers stretched almost a mile long was too large to fit in a single photo. They show the line of marchers, stretching as far as the eye could see, in both directions.

They display the revealingly small amount of Pro-Abortion counter-demonstrators and how their tiny group was quickly overwhelmed by the huge crowd of Pro-Life supporters. They record the presence of Governor Brewer, Senator Jon Kyl, Bishop Thomas Olmsted and other prominent Arizona Leaders. They reveal that the event was attended by men and women, of all ages, and all walks of life.

Sherry Welsch, Arizona Right to Life Office Manager, assists interested guests at the Arizona Right to Life BoothThank you to all of you who joined us with your presence and/or your thoughts. The rest of Arizona needs to hear the story of this remarkable day. Tell your friends about your experience! Encourage them to become involved with us and with any of our friends who were represented. Share the photos of the event. Send us your photos and video from the demonstration. Thank those members in the media who covered this event and ask them to continue covering pro-life events in the future. Get involved in an Arizona Right to Life Local Chapter and in coordinating pro-life events in your area. Mark your calendars to join us for future events, including our March 6th Banquet. We also hope that you'll plan to join us for next year's march and rally, already scheduled for Saturday, January 22nd, 2011, where we hope to be celebrating the permanent end to legalized abortion in the United States.

We heard from several leaders on Sunday that the tide is turning in the culture, in Washington and in Arizona. We pray that you were encouraged by this weekend, either by being there, by reading this report, or both. We encourage you to continue telling the truth of the pro-life message, especially during this important election year. If we can be of service to you with pro-life training, resources, or information, please contact us!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

McCain Straight Talk Derailed; Taxpayer Group Ranks Hayworth Better on Spending

PHOENIX, AZ. JANUARY 26, 2010. In an attempt to overcome an uninspiring record for conservatives on taxes, immigration and key social issues Senator McCain has already begun attacking conservative former Congressman J.D. Hayworth on spending.

Interesting stuff considering that Hayworth actually has a better lifetime score from Citizens Against Government Waste, “America’s #1 Taxpayer Watchdog.” (Hayworth: 89%/McCain: 88%).

Furthermore, Senator McCain voted for the massive bank bailout bill in 2008, which was full of earmarks. And during his presidential run he proposed spending $300 billion to buy up bad mortgages, again bailing out banks and borrowers.

And in Arizona Senator McCain has supported taxpayer expenditures of over half a billion dollars for sports stadiums.

“It’s the oldest trick in the political book. When you don’t have a good story to tell – in this case a conservative one – attempt to tear down your opponent with half-truths and misinformation. But in this case the 24-year senator should have checked to see who has the better rating from the country’s top taxpayer watchdog,” Hayworth said.

“Senator McCain should be thanked for his service to our country. His place in history is secure. But after 28 years in Washington it’s time for someone with the energy to focus on Arizona with consistent conservative principles, not someone who effectively spins anti-conservative positions as ‘maverick,’” Hayworth said.

Mark Levin endorses Hayworth for Senate over McCain

Best Selling Author, Conservative National Talk Show Host Endorses Hayworth Over McCain
PHOENIX, ARIZONA. JANUARY 26, 2010. Mark Levin, a New York Times best-selling author and conservative national talk show host, has endorsed J.D. Hayworth’s Republican primary challenge to 24-year U.S. Senator John McCain. Highlights of Levin’s commentary from Tuesday’s show include: “Let me put my marker down right now for J.D. It wasn’t even a hard decision.” “I don’t trust him (McCain).” “McCain is not a solid conservative.” “You want to send a signal that will be heard all over the world? Elect J.D. and defeat McCain.”

Contact: Jason Rose Rose & Allyn Public Relations
Office: 480.423.1414 Mobile: 602.791.4488

AFP-Arizona Releases 2009 Legislative Scorecard

Congrats to Senator Russell Pearce, Sen. Rick Gray, and Rep. Sylvia Allen for tying with the highest scores of 90!

Goldwater Institute: President Obama should transfer Head Start funds to D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program

On March 10, 2009, President Barack Obama gave a major education speech before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In that speech, he declared that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan "will use only one test when deciding what ideas to support with your precious tax dollars: It's not whether an idea is liberal or conservative, but whether it works."

girl at chalkboardOn March 13, 2009, Senate majority whip Dick Durbin (D- Ill.) wrote of the Washington, D.C., scholarship program for students to improve their education by attending the school of their choice in the Chicago Tribune: "Many benefiting from this program want no questions asked about its efficacy. I think the taxpayers deserve better."

Goldwater Institute: Proposal to Limit State Health Contracts to Nonprofits Unnecessary

Report recommends government remain neutral in contract competition

PHOENIX--A proposal being considered at the Arizona Capitol would require that state contracts with companies that provide behavioral health services only be open to nonprofit health providers. But a report released today from the Goldwater Institute shows there is no evidence that nonprofits provide better care and recommends that government remain neutral toward nonprofits and for profits that are competing for government contracts.

Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker To Launch Congressional Campaign Friday With Major Endorsements, Supporters At Goldwater Park

WHEN: Friday, January 29th . 12pm.

WHAT: Formal Announcement by Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, entering the race to succeed Congressman John Shadegg, who recently announced his retirement. Remarks will be made by Mayor Parker and numerous high-profile endorsers.

WHERE: Goldwater Park, located on the northeast corner of Tatum & Lincoln

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Federalist Society event this Friday - Sen. Kyl to discuss Cititzens United decision - includes CLE

Please Join Us THIS Friday!

The Federalist Society Phoenix Lawyers Chapter invites you to
An Evening with the Honorable Jon Kyl, United States Senator
The Senator will discuss the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision as well as recent congressional legislation and developments.

This event may qualify for up to 1 hour of Arizona CLE credit.
WHERE: The Embassy Suites Hotel,
2630 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, Arizona
Click for Map
WHEN: Friday, January 29, 5:30-7:30pm
DETAILS: We will serve appetizers and a cash bar will be available.
Attendance is free but there will be a $10 fee for CLE credit.
The courtesy of an RSVP is appreciated, and is required for CLE credit. Send your RSVP to Kasey Higgins (

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hugh Hewitt fundraiser for David Schweikert is this Wednesday

Don't forget to register now and come meet Hugh!

Goldwater Institute: Arizona Supreme Court Strikes Down Future Taxpayer Subsidies

In CityNorth decision court clarifies law and sends two questions back to Appeals Court
Phoenix--Today in a unanimous decision the Arizona Supreme Court declared that government subsidies to encourage development violate the Gift Clause of the Arizona Constitution unless the developer offers tangible benefits of equal value in return. The ruling clarifies previous decisions the court believed were confusing and applied the rule prospectively. The Court declined to invalidate the CityNorth subsidy and sent the case back to the Arizona Court of Appeals to consider other legal challenges.

The ruling in Turken v. Gordon is a victory for the Goldwater Institute Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of six small-business owners in 2007 in an effort to stop giveaways of taxpayer money. "The Court's decision vindicates a core protection of taxpayer rights in our state constitution," said Goldwater Institute litigation director Clint Bolick. "The days of rampant corporate welfare in Arizona are coming to an end."

A Maricopa County Superior Court judge upheld the $97.4 million subsidy of the CityNorth shopping center by the City of Phoenix, basing his decision on "indirect benefits" such as jobs, sales tax revenues, and the creation of an urban core. But such indirect benefits "are not consideration under contract law," the Supreme Court concluded in its opinion written by Justice Andrew Hurwitz. In reality, the only tangible benefit received by the City, the Court ruled, was 200 parking spaces, which the Court found unlikely to be worth $97.4 million.

"The ruling should stop schemes that government concocts to subsidize developers based on grandiose promises that often fail to materialize," added Mr. Bolick. "Although we're disappointed that the Court allowed the CityNorth deal to stand for now, that development has proved to be such a disaster that it's doubtful taxpayer money will ever change hands. CityNorth will stand as a monument to government folly."

The next step for the Goldwater Institute and its clients is to go back to the Court of Appeals, which invalidated the CityNorth agreement in 2008, to have two additional legal questions answered. The Institute will argue the deal constitutes an impermissible "special law" and violates the plaintiffs' right to equal protection of the laws.

Brenda Burns Files Petitions, Clean Elections Contributions for Corp. Comm. run


For Immediate Release: Monday, January 25, 2010

Former Senate President Brenda Burns Files Ballot Petitions Signatures with Secretary of State:
Republican candidate turns in nearly 11,000 signatures; Shows strong support in counties across Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ- Brenda Burns, former Senate President and House Majority Leader, today filed nearly 11,000 petition signatures with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, furthering her campaign for Corporation Commission, and solidifying her position as a frontrunner for the nomination.

“I am proud of the level of support we’ve shown across the board,” said Burns. “From Maricopa to Yavapai, Coconino to Graham, we’ve shown strength in every county of the state.”

Burns was required to turn in just under 6,000 signatures. Her campaign turned in nearly 11,000—an excess of 80%. None of the other announced candidates for Corporation Commission have turned in their signatures to qualify for the 2010 ballot.

In addition to filing above and beyond the requisite signatures needed to secure a place on the ballot, Burns has also turned in just under 2,000 five-dollar contributions in order to qualify as a Clean Elections candidate. She is only the second state-wide office candidate to turn in qualifying contributions and signatures under Clean Elections this year.

Brenda Burns has a strong record of protecting taxpayers from government waste, and she plans to extend that record to the ratepayers of Arizona as their next Corporation Commissioner.

“The Arizona Corporation Commission deals with many issues that affect our state,” said Burns. “These issues affect the availability, affordability, efficiency, and reliability of providing energy to Arizona consumers.” Burns continued, “The rates it sets and the policies that drive those rates will have an increasingly significant impact on the future of all Arizonans. We need also to increase our focus on combating securities fraud, especially in these economic times. ”

Burns credits her vast network of volunteers for her campaign’s early success. “All the credit goes to our many volunteers across the state,” said Burns. “Without them, this would not have been possible, and I am so grateful.” Burns will still be collecting signatures because the Secretary of State will be accepting supplemental signatures sometime in May. “We want to continue to show support through this method,” said Burns.

On top of turning in all qualifying documents for the ballot and Clean Elections, Burns has received the endorsement of many in the conservative Republican movement in Arizona. She has won the support of the entire Republican congressional delegation, and many more leaders from across the state. View the list at

East Valley Teaparty: Superbowl of candidates


The East Valley Tea Party presents:

Superbowl of Conservative Candidates Open House

-NO RINO’s Allowed!-

January 30th
12 Noon-8PM
The Burke Basic School (old Foxworth building, East of Skateland)
131 East Southern Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85210

Come meet and talk with candidates for:
Governor State Senate & State Representatives
Senator (LD-18, 19, 21, 22, & 23)
House of Representatives(CD 5 & 6) State Attorney General
Secretary of State Corporation Commissioner
State Treasurer Superintendent of Public Instruction

Come learn how to get the Government back on our side. Guests will speak about our Constitution, our history and our future.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” Samuel Adams

East Valley TEA Party

Saturday, January 23, 2010

AFP: Next fight in AZ's battle for health care freedom

Even with Scott Brown changing the numbers in the U.S. Senate, Nancy Pelosi and House members can still pass Harry Reid’s awful Senate version of the federal health care takeover bill. We cannot let down our guard.

Scroll down for info about Honking for Health Care Freedom events in Yavapai County, which will take place in Prescott and Prescott Valley on Friday, January 29.

We will also be participating in the national Honking for Health Care Freedom events at lunchtime on January 29 at ALL LOCAL CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES. For more information about those events, go to our Tea Party list:

(For the latest AFP Arizona events list, check back at by scrolling down to What’s New.)

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity extends a big and hearty THANK YOU to the Tucson Tea Party and to all of the AFP Arizona activists from Pima and Cochise Counties who turned out last Thursday afternoon for the Honking for Health Care Freedom protest in front of the Tucson office of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

For photos and YouTube videos from the Giffords protest, go to this URL:

You can get plugged into the Tucson Tea Party here:

Our Honking for Health Care Freedom campaign is targeting members of the House of Representatives as they move the national health care takeover bill through House-Senate reconciliation process. So far this month, AFP Arizona and our allies have held three protest events in the districts currently represented by Harry Mitchell and Gabrielle Giffords. Our next target is Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick. But we have to move quickly. We have a very short window to put a lot of pressure on Kirkpatrick.

Remember: Nancy Pelosi’s national health care takeover bill passed in the House by only three votes in November—with a five-vote difference between yes votes and no votes!

That means that Kirkpatrick, Giffords and Mitchell helped to provide the crucial three votes needed to pass the Pelosi bill. That was a big mistake on their part. But they can still turn back and do right by the people of their districts.

We’re pretty sure that Ann Kirkpatrick is not crazy. She had the sense to vote against the cap-and-trade bill, knowing that the scheme would hurt energy producers and consumers in her district.

But Kirkpatrick did vote for Nancy Pelosi’s crazy national health care takeover bill. We must work very hard right now to get Kirkpatrick to think again about the dozens of heinous elements in that bill--elements that will (barring some miracle) end up in the final bill:

Prison terms and/or gigantic fines for individuals who do not obey the federal government’s mandate to sign up for one of the (expensive) federally approved health insurance plans and do not pay the resulting tax penalty.

Federal government regulatory takeover of health insurance.

Severely limited insurance choices for families and businesses.

The abolition of low-premium, high-deductible plans like HSAs.

Skyrocketing insurance premiums.

Ballooning federal deficits and huge tax increases…

…followed by price ceilings that will lead to shortages of medical services…

…which means government rationing of health care.

We also know that Kirkpatrick has a decent reputation (so far) as a public official who does not aid and abet corruption. We need to remind Kirkpatrick how completely disgusted the public is with Ben Nelson’s “Cornhusker Kickback,” Mary Landrieu’s “Louisiana Purchase,” and the many other sweetheart deals used to scrounge up the final votes for Reid’s Senate bill.

Here’s our Big Question for Ann Kirkpatrick and other Members of Congress: If these health care “reforms” are so good, why did so many Senators have to be bought off?

In Yavapai County, AFP Arizona will team up with Tea Party activists for a special Honking for Health Care Freedom protest at the intersection of Highway 69 and Lake Valley Road in Prescott Valley, on Friday, January 29, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. We will meet at 3:00 pm near the Subway at 7584 Highway 69, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-2278, and then take our signs out to the intersection of 69 and Lake Valley Road.

For those who cannot make the afternoon event in Prescott Valley, we will also participate in the lunchtime Honking for Health Care Freedom protest at Kirkpatrick’s office at 240 South Montezuma in downtown Prescott 86303. AFP Arizona activists will be at that office from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. (Those familiar with Prescott’s geography will understand why we need to hold a second event out in Prescott Valley. Out on busy Route 69, we will get our message to thousands of commuters and other motorists.) If you have the time, we strongly encourage you to attend both of the Kirkpatrick protests. She needs to hear our message loudly, clearly, and several times, if necessary.

If you live in the district of Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, please keep the pressure on by calling her at her offices. Her Prescott number is 928-445-3434. Her Casa Grande number is 520-836-3226. Her Flagstaff number is 928-226-6914. Her online contact page is here:

We will also be participating in the national Honking for Health Care Freedom events at lunchtime on January 29 at ALL LOCAL CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES. For more information about those events, go to our Tea Party list:

(For the latest AFP Arizona events list, check back at by scrolling down to What’s New.)

We strongly urge you to join us at the Honking for Health Care Freedom events at Congressional offices around the state on January 29. But if you cannot make any of those events, please remember that this is a Do-It-Yourself Revolution. You can hold a very effective Honking for Health Care Freedom protest in your own town, in your own neighborhood.

You do not need to make huge signs like we’ve done for the Scottsdale, Tucson, and Prescott/PV protests. But you do need to get out to the streets—and quickly. An easy way to get the message across is to paint very large letters on individual pieces of poster board, and then line up your activist friends to spell out a simple message, such as HONK 2 STOP OBAMACARE. Go with your group to a busy intersection during rush hour, and be sure to take YouTube videos (and audio!) of the honking cars. If your group is really motivated, go out during rush hour several times during the next month. Too many of your neighbors do not understand how vitally important this battle is. They will need to see and hear the message of health care freedom several times before they remember it.

CAP: Cindy McCain and gay marriage

January 22, 2010
Cindy McCain and Marriage

Cindy McCain, wife of Arizona Senator John McCain, made news this week when she appeared in an ad campaign sponsored by same-sex "marriage" proponents trying to overturn the voter-approved California marriage amendment (Proposition 8). Mrs. McCain posed for a photograph with duct tape over her month and "NO H8" painted on her cheek. The millions of Californians and Arizonans who voted in 2008 to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman are offended, disappointed, and outraged by Mrs. McCain's statement. It's one thing to express disagreement on the issue of same-sex "marriage." It's quite a different matter to label those of us who stand for marriage between one man and one woman as "haters." Sen. McCain has issued this statement in response.

CAP Family Dinner - Save the Date!

The 2010 CAP Family Dinner will be Saturday, April 24. Our special guest speaker will be announced next week. Stay tuned - you won't want to miss it!
Who's Got the "Juice" at the Capitol?

Yes, you may have heard the rumors. This past week CAP and I were named by the Arizona Capitol Times as the lobbying organization and lobbyist with the most "juice" or influence down at the Capitol. While it is an honor to be recognized, this is really about our team at CAP and all of you who have supported this work for many years. Because of your tremendous support, CAP is able to influence Arizona public policy in a way that benefits families. Let's continue moving forward and taking back territory for families in Arizona! Be on the lookout for CAP's 2010 Legislative Agenda, coming soon!

Governor Brewer Opposes New Casino

This week, Governor Jan Brewer issued a letter to the Tohono O'odham Nation, urging them to discontinue their plans to build a Las Vegas-style casino in Glendale. Brewer's spokesman noted the increased "community concerns" that the new casino would be across the street from a high school. Several legislators, CAP, and families like yours have continued to stand strong against any expansion of gambling because of the negative effects on families and neighborhoods. Thank you, Governor Brewer, for standing up for the families in Glendale!

Check Your iPhone

Apple is now allowing customers to purchase pornography applications for the popular iPhone through its iTunes store. Please let Apple know that this is unacceptable by filling out a brief form online. For "feedback type" on the form, click on "Enhancement Request." Also, make sure you closely monitor your child's cell phone use.

Rally for Life

This Sunday is Arizona Right to Life's Annual Pro-Life Rally in Phoenix at Steele Indian School Park (300 E Indian School Road), featuring speakers Governor Jan Brewer, Senator Jon Kyl, Congressmen Shadegg and Franks, State Treasurer Dean Martin, and many others. Mike and I plan to be there. I hope you will join us and show your support for life.

Celebrate Life with a "Choose Life" License Plate!
To support life on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Purchase a Choose Life license plate today!