Friday, January 15, 2010


In response to a request by more than 40 pastors and ministry leaders throughout Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer has issued an historic proclamation for a Day of Prayer for Arizona's economy and state budget on January 17th, 2010.

Gov. Brewer has joined Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Governors, and Congress to seek God's guidance during times of difficulty. The proclamation states:

"Throughout this day of prayer, we ask for God's favor, blessing, wisdom, and guidance to rest upon our state government, businesses, and our citizens ... that God would aid and empower the citizens and businesses in our state ...."

You can read the rest of Governor Brewer's proclamation here.


Set aside time on January 17th to pray for our state. Pray through the Proclamation.

  • Pray that the churches of Arizona answer the call to prayer. Check to see whether your church is aware of this Proclamation.
  • Forward this email to five people who would join you in prayer on January 17.
  • Commit to pray regularly for our state and our leaders.

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