Wednesday, January 27, 2010

McCain Straight Talk Derailed; Taxpayer Group Ranks Hayworth Better on Spending

PHOENIX, AZ. JANUARY 26, 2010. In an attempt to overcome an uninspiring record for conservatives on taxes, immigration and key social issues Senator McCain has already begun attacking conservative former Congressman J.D. Hayworth on spending.

Interesting stuff considering that Hayworth actually has a better lifetime score from Citizens Against Government Waste, “America’s #1 Taxpayer Watchdog.” (Hayworth: 89%/McCain: 88%).

Furthermore, Senator McCain voted for the massive bank bailout bill in 2008, which was full of earmarks. And during his presidential run he proposed spending $300 billion to buy up bad mortgages, again bailing out banks and borrowers.

And in Arizona Senator McCain has supported taxpayer expenditures of over half a billion dollars for sports stadiums.

“It’s the oldest trick in the political book. When you don’t have a good story to tell – in this case a conservative one – attempt to tear down your opponent with half-truths and misinformation. But in this case the 24-year senator should have checked to see who has the better rating from the country’s top taxpayer watchdog,” Hayworth said.

“Senator McCain should be thanked for his service to our country. His place in history is secure. But after 28 years in Washington it’s time for someone with the energy to focus on Arizona with consistent conservative principles, not someone who effectively spins anti-conservative positions as ‘maverick,’” Hayworth said.

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