Friday, January 15, 2010

Shadegg: Democrats Are Hiding the True Cost of the Health Care Bill

Congressman John Shadegg (AZ-03) issued this statement following a press conference exposing how the Democrats’ health care bill has been miscalculated to hide its true cost:

Today’s health care bill hides trillions of dollars in spending that were accounted for in 1993 during HillaryCare. Now, with Obamacare, those costs are hidden. Instead of charging Americans a tax through which the government would purchase their insurance, the health care bill will force us all to purchase government-approved insurance. Either way, Americans pay. But, in the new Obamacare scheme, government doesn’t have to count that extra cost.

“These new mandates are a tax. The government is demanding money from citizens, and—what’s worse—subsidizing insurance companies!

“If we count this hidden cost of Obamacare like it was counted in Hillarycare, the cost could skyrocket into the trillions according to the Cato Institute’s Michael Cannon. But the bottom line is that we simply cannot determine how much Obamacare will really cost because no estimates for the costs of these mandates have been provided.

“Though Democrats continue to congratulate themselves on an $891 billion estimate, that number is only a fraction of the real cost of the bill. The American people are going to be paying more for their health care. They deserve to know how much.”

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