Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Complaint Filed to Disqualify State Senate Candidate Scott Wilk, Assemblyman-Lobbyist

May 31, 2016
Contact – Briana Hernandez
Phone – (661) 945-6121

Proud Mrs. Star Moffatt and proud Republican California State Senate candidate to represent citizens of California and citizens of SD21

Today, California State Senate Candidate Republican Star Moffatt of Palmdale, who is running in District 21, filed a complaint to disqualify one of her opponents in the race, Scott Wilk, because he is ineligible to run for the position. Wilk was a California Assemblyman representing the 38th District until recently. He resigned from that office on March 15, 2016, ostensibly to run for the state senate.

However, Wilks is a registered lobbyist with Anchor Consulting. California state law states that when an elected official who leaves office is also a lobbyist, there shall be a "cooling period" of one year before the lobbyist can return to office, lobby the legislature, etc. 

Lobbyist Scott Wilk
If Wilk is not disqualified, what type of influence can we expect next from him should he be elected to the Senate? The Santa Clarita Valley Signal reported about his lobbyist influence on the legislature in 2012:

His work for the Washington lobbyist firm Anchor Consulting helped the Castaic Lake Water Agency pursue federal grants year after year. He was also instrumental in getting the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital’s 15-Year master plan approved. Wilk was also involved in developing Westfield Valencia Town Center mall’s Patios area and the city of Santa Clarita’s Open Space District.

OpenSecrets.org, the website that tracks political candidates and contributions, even refers to Wilk as a "revolving door" due to his cozy relationship between serving in the legislature and lobbying for clients as a lobbyist in the legislature. (https://www.opensecrets.org/revolving/rev_summary.php?id=74294)

Anchor Consulting coincidentally has a long list of clients in District 21, in addition to the three listed in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal article. Which one of these clients listed will we see given favorable treatment next year if Wilks is permitted to run for office and wins? Note the amounts of money some of these organizations paid for the lobbying - and this may just be the tip of the iceberg. 

Boys & Girls Club/Santa Clarita Valley
California Baptist University $7,500
Castaic Lake Water Agency $120,000
Exquadrum Inc - Defense Aerospace
Glendale Community College $55,000
Grace College $80,000
Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital
Indiana Women's Oncology
International Assn of Fire Fighters, Palmdale, CA local I-25
Myrtle Beach Performing Arts Center
Santa Clarita Valley Committee on Aging

The election takes place on June 7. District 21 encompasses northern Los Angeles County, parts of the High Desert, Antelope Valley, Victor Valley, and most of the Santa Clarita Valley. The court needs to do the right thing and disqualify Wilk due to the obvious violation of law. Otherwise his undue influence will hurt the taxpayers for the benefit of his own pockets.

The Milton Marks Postgovernment Employment Restrictions Act of 1990 can be found at http://codes.findlaw.com/ca/government-code/gov-sect-87406.html, and the complaint is case no. #16K06818.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rep. Anthony Kern, who dared to take on the corrupt State Bar, is having a fundraiser tonight

A fundraiser for the Anthony Kern Campaign will be held tomorrow evening at 6 pm. Location is 7075 West Bell Road Suite 1. The fundraiser is hosted by an attorney who supports our efforts regarding the State Bar. Please come if you can! Paid for by www.votekern.com

California Congressional candidate appealing wrongful disbarment by AZ Bar disciplinary Judge O'Neil

May 25, 2016 7:10 p.m.

A tax attorney running for the 25th Congressional District has filed an appeal after an Arizona judge ordered his disbarment over allegations of misconduct. 

Jeffrey Moffatt, a Republican from Lancaster, admits that in October 2013 he sent a Facebook message to a woman asking her to send him nude photographs. 

Moffatt — a candidate for the congressional seat that takes in the Santa Clarita Valley and is now held by Steve Knight, R-Palmdale — said his actions were a “mistake,” but he believes he did nothing illegal. 

“I happen to have a male drive that on occasion will come out,” he said. “In this case, it was an inopportune time.” 

The woman who received the request filed a complaint in New Mexico, where she was at the time, according to Moffatt. He said the State Bar of New Mexico investigated the claims and determined by December 2013 that no attorney-client relationship existed and that the conduct was not illegal. 

Moffatt said he believed the case was a “done deal” until November 2015, when the State Bar of Arizona filed charges against him. Although Moffatt is based in Lancaster, he handles federal cases and his license to practice law is through Arizona. 

Judge William J. O’Neil signed the order of disbarment April 19. Moffatt appealed the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth District. 

Moffatt believes he is being targeted for political reasons, arguing that other attorneys have done worse and not been barred from practicing law. 

“I’m being taken down for asking an out-of-state chick for a nude over Facebook three years ago,” he said. 

His appeal notes that the State Bar of Arizona filed charges only a week after his wife, Star Moffatt, announced her candidacy for California Senate District 21, which takes in most of the Santa Clarita Valley. 

Moffatt alleges the judge who issued the order has a history of targeting high-profile Republican attorneys. 

Read the rest of the article at The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tough-Borders Sheriff Arpaio Found in Contempt of Court. The ‘Finding’ is a Contempt of Justice.

Judge Murray Snow
Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Murray Snow found Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and three of his top aides in contempt of court for racial profiling. It could lead to criminal charges. As a former Maricopa County Deputy County Attorney who represented Arpaio on a racketeering case, I do not believe he did anything wrong. He’s an ethical straight-shooter — I don’t believe he’s ever even gotten a speeding ticket. I strongly suspect he’s been targeted for espousing a conservative position in law enforcement, particularly on the defense of our borders.
I also know Arpaio’s former Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan, included in the judgment, primarily from working with him on Arpaio’s reelection campaign. Like Arpaio, he has a high ethical character, and am convinced he has been targeted for his association with Arpaio.
I have written previously about Judge’s Snow’s proceedings against Arpaio, here andhere. The Department of Justice started investigating Arpaio’s office in 2008 over allegations of racial profiling when arresting illegal immigrants. I’ve written frequently about how the Department of Justice targets prominent conservatives, a practice former DOJ prosecutor Sidney Powell exposes in her book Licensed to Lie. Using the legal system to target conservatives is becoming more and more common, since progressives control much of the judiciary and even many prosecutorial offices.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Robert Graham: "Is Trump a Modern-Day Reagan?"

In one of the strongest showings of support for Donald Trump's inevitable nomination shown by a Republican Party leader, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham penned an op-ed on Townhall that examined the striking similarities between the candidacies of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

It was the worst-kept secret in Arizona for the past year that Graham had his eyes on the RNC chairmanship, and the cat was let out of the national bag at the end of March. Graham played his cards perfectly in front of all of the national candidates from day one - even with Trump. He did not play favorites with any particular candidate, and he was welcoming and helpful to all the candidates who frequented Arizona throughout the past year of rigid campaigning. He even attended the last Trump rally in Fountain Hills.

Graham's political capital is growing within the Trump hierarchy, and his support for the next Republican nominee for President bodes very well for a looming RNC chairman's bid. Time will tell, but Robert Graham's abilities to grow and to unite the Republican Party (as evidenced, in part, by his treatment of Trump's candidacy and nomination) are sorely needed on the national scene. Republicans would be wise to throw their support behind Graham when the vote for RNC Chair occurs.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan endorses Andy Biggs

Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs continues to set the pace of the Fifth Congressional District race to replace Matt Salmon in the U.S. House of Representatives. Today, he announced that he had picked up the endorsement of House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan.

This endorsement is clearly a masterful outside-of-box move by the Biggs' campaign and shows how closely top conservatives in Congress are watching this race. As many in Arizona know - and now many around the nation - not everyone is capable of filling the role being vacated by Congressman Matt Salmon - in the district, in DC, and on the House Freedom Caucus. Congressman Jordan's endorsement of President Biggs shows that he trusts a 'Congressman Biggs' to be a reliable conservative reformer - an outsider needed to make DC listen to the people back in the districts.

There are some inside of the opponents' camps already trying to spin this endorsement as an establishment pickup for President Biggs, which really shows the rock-bottom, desperate games that are played by those competing for a share of the runner-up's support. Congressman Jordan has extremely high scores from many of the organizations fighting against the establishment machine in DC - 93% from Heritage Action; 94% score from Conservative Review; A- from Numbers USA; 98% lifetime score from the Club for Growth; and a 97% lifetime score from Freedom Works.

Jim Jordan, establishment? Those are clearly fighting words to the ears of a host of conservative leaders around the country.

Read the Jordan endorsement press release here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The argument against Prop. 123

My husband and I will be canceling each others' votes out today. From my friend Vicki, a long time policy expert in education:

I agree that Prop 123 is unlikely to prevent lawsuits. First, it's a compromise that doesn't "fully fund" what spending proponents claim is owed. Second, this plan puts our land trust at risk. It's telling that to my knowledge no finance expert has endorsed this plan. Finally, there is no requirement that funds go to teachers or classrooms.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Another wrongfully disbarred attorney says enough is enough, files Writ of Mandamus against State Bar disciplinary judge

Arizona State Bar disciplinary judge Judge William O'Neil, who has a long history of disbarring and suspending attorneys, which many believe is deliberate political targeting, is finally facing some pushback. A couple of bills were introduced in the state legislature last year and again this year to try and reform the Bar, but the Bar has such deep pockets from charging the second highest dues of any mandatory Bar in the country, that its lobbyists were able to defeat the bills. I've written about a lot of the corruption here, and The Arizona Republic has written a long article about Judge O'Neil's history; his former friend Mark Dixon has been trying to hold him accountable for years with no success.

Enter Jeffrey Moffatt, a Republican candidate for Congress in California. He is admitted to several Bars including Arizona's, but he really doesn't practice law here, he practices federal law. He had an uncomfortable exchange with a woman from New Mexico on Facebook - something that really had nothing to do with the practice of law, nor was it a crime, so the Bar should not be getting involved. She reported him to the three state Bars he is a member of: New Mexico, California and Arizona. The New Mexico Bar properly threw out the complaint. The California Bar, when it heard that the Arizona Bar was going to go aggressively after him, said they would wait until the Arizona Bar made its decision.

Additionally, Jeff told me that the three-year statute of limitations had passed so O'Neil had no authority any more to pursue this against him!

Judge O'Neil promptly disbarred him. This will have a chilling effect on his license to practice federal law, since usually the federal courts just echo the disciplinary decision of the state Bars. He is currently appealing the decision to the Ninth Circuit.

Fortunately, Jeff is a fighter. He looked into O'Neil's oath of office, and discovered it listed no real jurisdiction and was never signed by O'Neil. So he filed a Writ of Mandamus to throw out O'Neil's disciplinary decisions against attorneys, based on his oath of office being invalid.

Jeff and his wife Star Moffatt, who is running as a Republican for the state senate, believe he was targeted because they are active Republicans. O'Neil is a Democrat. Having talked to many attorneys who have had the book thrown at them by O'Neil, it is frankly alarming how many are Republicans and particularly Republican activists (like myself). One of the few Democrats I've come across who was disbarred thinks she was targeted because she is an outspoken LGBT activist, she believes O'Neil does not like gays.

I spoke with Jeff a few days ago, and he has the same wish that I do. We don't want this happening to others. It needs to stop. What the targeting does to your reputation, finances and career is devastating. Which Republican politico attorney will he go after next? Notice he is now brazenly disbarring attorneys from other states, expanding past Arizona.

Click here to read Jeff's petition for Writ of Mandamus
Exhibit P1 - Order disbarring Jeffrey Moffatt
Exhibit P2 - Judge William O'Neil oath of office
Motion for Stay and Injunction

In fact, I've noticed how many Democrats seem to reserve their most vicious attacks for minority Republicans, particularly black Republicans, and if you're a woman on top of that, they really are afraid of the influence you could have. Watch Star in this interview below from a couple of days ago and you will see why they are so threatened by her.

For more information:


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rick Renzi filed an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this week over FBI agent bribing key witness to change his story to convict him

Wrongfully imprisoned former Congressman Rick Renzi from Arizona just filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. As I've covered in seven articles to the right of this post, Renzi was wrongfully convicted because an FBI agent essentially bribed the key witness/alleged victim with a monetary reward by Obama's DOJ to change his testimony and say that Renzi had proposed a land exchange, not the actual people who had proposed it. Renzi did not find this out until after he was convicted and had started serving a three-year prison term. Unfortunately, despite this newfound evidence, the trial court judge wouldn't grant him a retrial, so he is now appealing that decision. 

Here is the powerful opening to his appeal, which was drafted by some of the top federal attorneys in the country. Last month, famed attorney Sidney Powell joined his team, a former DOJ prosecutor who has written a book about DOJ prosecutorial abuses, Licensed to Lie. She joins his primary attorney over the past few years, Kelly Kramer, who I have personally observed examining witnesses in court and he is outstanding. He defends wrongful white collar prosecutions.

As (then) Chief Judge Kozinski famously observed, “[t]here is an epidemic of Brady violations abroad in the land. Only judges can put a stop to it.” United States v. Olsen, 737 F.3d 625, 626 (9th Cir. 2013) (dissenting from denial of petition for rehearing en banc). In these consolidated appeals, Richard Renzi and James Sandlin ask this Court to reiterate that prosecutors cannot “[b]etray Brady,” “give short shrift to Giglio,” or mislead a jury about a key witness’s financial motives without losing their “ill-gotten conviction[s].” Id. at 633; see also United States v. Kojayan, 8 F.3d 1315, 1322-23 (9th Cir. 1993) (prosecutors may not capitalize on concealed evidence with misleading closing arguments). 

Read his full 73-page appeal here.

AZ State Bar likely violating law; spokesman admits 25% of his job is politics - lobbying the legislature

In an incredible display of arrogance, the media spokesperson for The State Bar of Arizona, Rick DeBruhl, told The Arizona Capitol Times that 25 percent of his job is politics. 

How much of your time at the State Bar is dedicated to politics?I’m going to say 25 percent. Part of what we do is we have our own bills we bring to the Legislature. 
This is incredible considering SCOTUS ruled in Keller v State Bar of California that state bars cannot use attorney dues on "subsidizing the organization’s political or ideological activities." 

The Bar states on its website that it does not engage in any of the prohibited political or ideological activities, so there is no need to offer attorneys to opt out of a portion of their dues. 

I've covered previously various ways the Bar DOES engage in political lobbying and activities. Now that its spokesperson has finally come out and admitted it, can something finally be done? The California Bar is under investigation and its CEO and other staffers have resigned or were forced out. 

Unfortunately, Bar management like DeBruhl operate brazenly, knowing they are virtually untouchable. The Arizona Bar has the second highest mandatory dues in the country, so with deep pockets they can spend all day lobbying legislators to preserve their dishonest fiefdom, which is how they were able to defeat the Bar reform bill last week in the Arizona Senate. They also know that few attorneys risk challenging the Bar, for fear of retaliation and losing their bar licenses. It is no coincidence that at least a couple of the attorneys who dared to testify to the legislature supporting the bill now have the Bar investigating them over bogus things. 

The bill will be brought back next year, and hopefully with the appointment of respected, ethical attorney Clint Bolick to the Arizona Supreme Court, and (if Governor Ducey signs the bill), two more judges that Ducey will appoint so they will likely be ethical and trustworthy, the court, which oversees the Bar, can implement reforms. 

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Signs Legislation Defunding $200,000 From Planned Parenthood

Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey, who has championed conservative causes since entering office in 2015, signed a budget bill this week that eliminates $200,000 in spending for Planned Parenthood.

The provision will end abortion providers’ practice of charging the government up to ten times the actual cost for reimbursement of the cost of medications provided to Medicaid recipients.

Read the rest of the article at The Stream

Friday, May 13, 2016

Is Donald Trump Considering Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for VP?

The former governor of Arizona said she would consider being his running mate if asked.

Donald Trump hinted during an interview on Fox News Wednesday night that former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer may be on his short list for vice president. When asked by Greta Van Susteren, host of On the Record, whether he was considering Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, whom Brewer had recommended, he responded and implied he was also considering Brewer.
“Well also Jan. Jan Brewer has been fantastic,” Trump said. “She has been so fantastic. You know I won so big, her territory, and we won so big. And she is a fabulous woman. And I agree with you, the governor of Oklahoma — fabulous person.”

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Consultant Chatter: Sean Noble

IC Arizona will be running a series of posts entitled "Consultant Chatter," bringing you the history of some of the most prominent political operatives in Arizona. 

Our first Consultant Chatter features Sean Noble - President of American Encore, Co-Founder of DC London, and Partner at Axiom Public Affairs.

How many years have you been involved in politics?

23 years - all in Arizona

What Arizona projects have you been involved with? 

Matt Salmon for Congress Exploratory (1993) 
John Shadegg for Congress (1994-2008) 
Matt Salmon for Gov (2002) 
Tom Coburn for US Senate (2004) 
Len Munsil for Gov (2006) 
GOP Party Victory Chairman (2006) 
Yes for Marriage (2008) 
Ducey for Treasurer (2010) 
IE work for Schweikert, Gosar (2010)
Flake for Senate (2012)
No on 204 (tax increase) (2012) 
No on 121 (top two primary) (2012) 
Conservative Leadership for AZ (Gov race IE) (2014) 

Short summary of how you got involved in politics: 

As a 10 year-old kid, my mom sat me down and gave me a list of people to call and ask them to vote for Ronald Reagan. It was Republicans in Navajo County, and it didn’t take me very long, since there were so few Republicans. So then I started calling the Democrats and learned witnessed first-hand the beginning of the Reagan Democrats. 

What issue(s) got you involved in politics?

The issue that started my engagement in politics was the fight against communism and the Soviet Union. The Miracle on Ice was the precursor to Reagan’s victory over Carter and our eventual victory over the Soviets. 

Who was your political hero growing up?

I am a Reagan baby in the truest sense of the phrase – I came of age during his Presidency. I also idolized Barry Goldwater, Margaret Thatcher, and William F. Buckley. 

Has that hero changed since you were involved in politics?


Why are you still involved in politics? 

Because we still have a nation to save, freedom to protect, and a future to secure for our children and grandchildren. 

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5-10 years?

Find a way to inject free-market philosophy back into the health care system. Continue to protect the First Amendment from leftists zealots who want to stifle conservative speech. 

What do you hope your Arizona legacy is when all is said and done?

That I always fought for freedom, and that I was a friendly guy. 

What episode in your political journey has taught you the most?

Being attacked by the left and the liberal media has been interesting (and to some degree satisfying) but understanding that petty jealousy among people who are on your side or supposed to be your friend reminds me that not everyone is involved in politics for the right reasons. 

Summarize your most memorable moment in Arizona politics: 

There are a bunch, but one that stands out (because I was so young and impressionable) was when I met William F Buckley who appeared at an event with Barry Goldwater to support John Shadegg in his first run for Congress. That was pretty awesome. 

Who’s your favorite Arizona elected official? 

Fomer elected officials would include: Barry Goldwater, Jon Kyl, and John Shadegg. I also think former Democratic Congressman Ed Pastor is one of the nicest humans on the planet. Among current elected officials, Gov. Doug Ducey. 

What was your favorite campaign and why?

I think my favorite campaign was when Tom Coburn ran for the U.S. Senate the first time in 2004. At Labor Day he was done 11 points in the polls and I flew out a couple days later and stayed the next 70-some nights in a Holiday Inn Express in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It was my favorite, because it was completely consuming and his 12-point victory in November made it incredibly satisfying. Besides, he was one hell of a Senator. 

Favorite TV show?

I have a lot. I would say my favorite shows of all time have been Friday Night Lights, Lost, Mad Men, Californication, and the Wire. 

Favorite writer(s): 

Mark Steyn and Jonah Goldberg 

Favorite hobby: 

The Bar Method exercise. I’m addicted.

Catholic School Teacher in Phoenix Under Fire for Handout on Abortion’s Black Genocide

Although black babies are aborted at five times the rate of whites, there are calls to oust a Catholic high school theology teacher for informing his students of this.

Gavin Ahern teaches theology at the Catholic girls’ high school Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix. He is under fire from critics for handing out a flyer (pictured below) to students that discusses how abortion is genocide against blacks. A former alum has started a petition to fire him, calling the flyer hate speech, “women-shaming,” sexist and race-baiting.
According to the site Jezebel, a student complained to her mother about the flyer, who then went public about it. Her mother said in an email to Jezebel that it is “propaganda that demeans a particular race.”
The flyer refers to and draws material from an an organization called Black Genocide, which was founded by a black pastor in New Jersey. 
Read the rest of the article at The Stream

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Earned Respect: Andy Biggs Leaves the Arizona Legislature

It's no secret that Senate President Andy Biggs will be greatly missed inn the Arizona Legislature when he departs at the end of this year for the U.S. House of Representatives. IC Arizona recently asked some of his Senate colleague to give their parting thoughts of President Biggs at the end of his final regular session. Here are the responses from Senators Donahue, Lesko, and Shooter:
"As a rookie in the Senate, I was fortunate to have the guidance and support of President Biggs. He is a strong Republican conservative. His door was always open and he always had his focus on the budget and bills coming before the members. He has my full support in his run for Congress." - Sen Sue Donahue 
"Andy Biggs is a man of integrity.  He is a true conservative that stands up for what he believes in. I will miss his leadership in the Senate." - Sen Debbie Lesko
"Andy Biggs, much like Winston Churchill, was the right man at the right time.  The State of Arizona was in dire financial straits.  The political landscape was in disarray.  People were looking for a strong leader to lead Arizona back from the abyss.  Andy had the kind of conservative philosophical foundation and the iron will personality needed to stand in the gap.  Over the four years of his Presidency, Arizona went from billions of dollars in deficits to a structurally balanced budget and money in the rainy day fund.  In addition, he always protected rights of the unborn, the second amendment and common decency. As we say in Yuma,  'I rode with him, I got no complaints.'" - Sen Don Shooter 
President Biggs has gone above and beyond to earn the unwavering respect of many of his legislative colleagues and of the voters in his district. He will undoubtedly carry those traits and actions over to the U.S. House of Representatives when CD 5 voters select him to replace retiring Congressman Matt Salmon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

False Cries of Voter Suppression in Arizona and Other GOP Primaries

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell and her elections director Karen Osborne
After a few state presidential primary elections took place this spring, there were cries of voter disenfranchisement due to the surprisingly long lines some voters encountered at the polls. Now there is an outcry that voters were deliberately disenfranchised, with calls for election officials to resign, including hearings taking place in the Arizona State Legislature.

But was there really voter suppression? And why would elected officials, under intense scrutiny with all the media today, risk something this illegal? Many of the accusations are from Donald Trump supporters, and since it is generally Democrats who are accused of voter fraud (hence their insistence on not requiring ID to vote), it makes no sense why Republican elected officials with long-standing reputations would risk their careers, reputations and prosecution in order to illegally interfere with an election — a felony that would likely result in prison time.

Some of the loudest protests are taking place where I live, in Maricopa County, Arizona. I was the elections attorney for Maricopa County a few years ago, so I have a thorough understanding of the dilemmas that department faces, which the general public does not know about. It frustrates me greatly how this fiasco is being portrayed by the mainstream media. Helen Purcell, the county recorder who oversees elections, is a moderate Republican with an impeccable reputation who has held that position since 1988. I disagree with her on issues like abortion, so believe me, she holds no favoritism toward Cruz — not that she would ever do anything unethical to affect an election anyway.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Remember When.....Everyone Pledged to Support the Republican Nominee

The people across the nation have spoken - Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party.

The Party continues to unite and to heal after the conclusion of a bitterly-fought primary campaign - on all sides. All of the candidates were in the race to win the race, and their actions and rhetoric proved just that throughout the past year of campaigning. Time heals many wounds - no matter how deep those wounds may be.

There are some former candidates, though - and party power brokers - who are sticking their feet in the ground and refusing to lend their support to Donald Trump's eventual nomination. The most prominent of these former candidates and power brokers being Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Lindsey Graham.

Trump rightly took heat when he refused to pledge his support for the eventual nominee. That same heat should be consistently spread to others who have previously made that pledge, yet are not honoring their word. It's important that our Republican Party supports the nominee for President. When we do not all come on board to support the nominee, we end up with someone like Barack Obama (as evidenced by the fractured party costing both McCain and Romney the 2008 and 2012 elections, respectively).

(All candidates on main stage - except Trump - pledge to support eventual nominee.)
LINDSEY GRAHAM: I'm going to support the Republican nominee, whoever that would be...Though, like Bob Dole, I may sleep late that day if it's Trump. But if it's Trump, So be it. That's who I'll support. 

Rick Renzi's former staffers do not believe the criminal convictions were valid

Since I began writing about the wrongful prosecution and imprisonment of former Arizona Republican Congressman Rick Renzi last July, I've gotten to know a few of his former staffers. Not a SINGLE ONE has ever said anything negative about him, in fact many of them appear to really respect and like Renzi. What does that tell you about the politically motivated DOJ prosecution against him?

One of his former staffers, Teri Antkowiak Grier, is now running for office in the Oregon House, and had nothing but good things to say about him recently. Grier told The World that "his indictment came after she was no longer working for him, and she found it surprising, as she'd been impressed by Renzi's insistence on adherence to both the spirit and the letter of ethics laws."

See the previous seven articles I have written exposing the corruption in the prosecution of Renzi, to the right of this article. He WILL be vindicated eventually, it's just taking longer because anyone involved in the legal system is terrified of the consequences. Here in Arizona, the State Bar prohibits attorneys from publicly criticizing judges or elected officials. Obama controls the DOJ, and everyone is terrified of the DOJ and its politically motivated prosecutions, which are almost impossible to fight back against due to its unlimited resources from us taxpayers. Stay tuned, his case is the worst I've ever looked into in my life for corrupt political prosecutions of conservatives, and I've looked into many and written about many ever since it happened to me too.

Andy Biggs Says "Sine Die" to the Arizona Legislature

Just as the sun started to peek over the horizon this morning, sine die happened for the Arizona Legislature. Most likely, the end of this regular session marked the last time that Senate President Andy Biggs would be active during a state legislative floor session after and impressively consistent and faithful 14 years of service to his district and to Arizona.

President Biggs' exit from the State Legislature has been marked with sadness and tremendous appreciation from those of his colleagues who have known him best. Not only was he a strong and respected leader, but he was a friend to many of his colleagues in the Legislature - in both bodies, on both sides of the aisle. What people working with him on a daily basis thought about him as a person speaks volumes to what kind of U.S. Representative Andy Biggs will be in Congress.

See some of the reaction on social media from President Biggs' colleagues:

McCain and Ward Qualify for August Primary

The race for U.S. Senate in Arizona has entered its next stage with both the incumbent Senator, John McCain, and the challenger, Kelli Ward, filing more than enough signatures to qualify for the August Primary ballot.

Senator McCain filed 20,213 signatures.

Kelli Ward filed 19,967 signatures.

(The minimum was 5,790 signatures for a statewide candidate.)

Buckle your seatbelts and start counting down the days until August 30th!

Why KidsCare is Wrong for Arizona

The Arizona Legislature is expected to sine die today, and there is no doubt that KidsCare, which was passed by both houses, was the highlight of the issues that were debated at the end of a belabored session.

Reopening KidsCare was not expected to be a hot topic this legislative session, but became just that when Senate President Andy Biggs refused to allow the issue to be heard in his body after the Arizona House had overwhelmingly passed it with bipartisan support. This started a crescendo of disingenuous and manipulative outcries against President Biggs from many on the outside looking in.

Though President Biggs and other conservative warriors in the Senate stood tall and firm against KidsCare, enough Senators were able to band together in order to force the Senate to consider and to vote on KidsCare earlier yesterday morning.

Andy Biggs and a coalition of Arizona Senators stood against KidsCare because they understood that it had similar issues they faced with Medicaid Expansion just a few years ago. They were not willing to risk the future of Arizona’s financial security by renewing a program that is becoming too big and too sure to fail.

KidsCare builds more dependence on the government, which is something that conservatives should fight against no matter how hard the strings to their hearts are pulled. Yes, Arizonans should take pride in taking care of the least among us and ensuring that our children have the best starts possible; however, where does one draw the line on handing out free (or government-subsidized) care? If conservatives cannot hold the line on the expansion of government programs, then who will?

There will soon come a time when Arizona attempts to figure out how to dig out of financial holes caused by government programs gone wild and the enticement of immediate satisfaction brought on by incremental government assistance. On that day – when programs like KidsCare are seen as the problem and not the solution to the issues that Arizona will face – it will be remembered that Senators Allen, Barto, Burges, Farnsworth, Griffin, Kavanagh, Lesko, Shooter, Smith, Yarbrough, Yee, and Biggs did what they knew was right and voted no on a program that promised serious repercussions to Arizona’s future.