Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Robert Graham: "Is Trump a Modern-Day Reagan?"

In one of the strongest showings of support for Donald Trump's inevitable nomination shown by a Republican Party leader, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham penned an op-ed on Townhall that examined the striking similarities between the candidacies of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

It was the worst-kept secret in Arizona for the past year that Graham had his eyes on the RNC chairmanship, and the cat was let out of the national bag at the end of March. Graham played his cards perfectly in front of all of the national candidates from day one - even with Trump. He did not play favorites with any particular candidate, and he was welcoming and helpful to all the candidates who frequented Arizona throughout the past year of rigid campaigning. He even attended the last Trump rally in Fountain Hills.

Graham's political capital is growing within the Trump hierarchy, and his support for the next Republican nominee for President bodes very well for a looming RNC chairman's bid. Time will tell, but Robert Graham's abilities to grow and to unite the Republican Party (as evidenced, in part, by his treatment of Trump's candidacy and nomination) are sorely needed on the national scene. Republicans would be wise to throw their support behind Graham when the vote for RNC Chair occurs.

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