Thursday, May 5, 2016

Introducing the Candidates: Chip Davis for LD 1

Arizona will have some competitive primaries this summer, meaning that there won't be hardly any "dog days of summer" for campaigns and for voters doing their homework. One of the most intriguing primaries will definitely be the Republican primary for Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 1, which covers Yavapai County and the northern portion of Maricopa County. Right now, there is one open seat - due to Representative Karen Fann's  decision to run for the open Senate seat. Representative Noel Campbell is the incumbent, and David Stringer and Chip Davis are running for one of the two available seats.

Representative Campbell, a one-term legislator, is again running with public financing. David Stringer is financing his own campaign (due to financial reports at the beginning of the year). Chip Davis is running with private financing.

Out of all three candidates, Chip Davis is, by far, the most experienced and impressive - and as it stands right now, he appears to have the most support from voters in the district.

He is currently serving his 20th year as a Yavapai County Supervisor (stretching over five consecutive terms). Throughout his tenure as Supervisor, he has a record of putting his constituents first and ensuring that he is available to listen to and help people. He has made many tough decisions over his career as Supervisor, and he has been willing to make stands whenever those stands were right to make for the benefit of the people he served.

As Chip Davis points out on his website, he understands "how to balance a budget, how to create partnerships, and how to leverage assets." Someone of his conservative and principled caliber would be a welcome sight at the Arizona Capitol, and would shed a lot of sorely-needed light in the Arizona House of Representatives on how to effectively and efficiently represent constituents.

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