Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rep. Ben Miranda compares illegal immigration hotline to Nazi Germany

In a disrespectful analogy, Rep. Ben Miranda (D) compared a hotline Sheriff Joe Arpaio had set up for reporting illegal immigration related crimes to Nazi Germany on Horizon Monday night. Remarks like this serve no purpose but to belittle the tragedy of the Holocaust and discredit whoever is rude enough to make them. Horizon had a segment Monday on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new hotline for reporting illegal immigrants violating Arizona's human smuggling statute. Miranda and Arpaio were both interviewed. Miranda attacked the hotline and deputizing of 160 sheriff deputies as ICE officers, and speculated that there could be racial profiling used to enforce the law. Arpaio pointed out that 727 smugglers and their smugglees have been locked up so far under Arizona's anti-human smuggling statute, with no problems. He assured viewers that calls to the hotline will only result in investigations if probable cause is found. When asked about the second hotline being set up by opponents for reporting false accusations to Arpaio's hotline, Arpaio said that the Sheriff's Office receives crank calls all the time to their other hotlines, like fake animal abuse calls, and they're all dealt with appropriately. Arpaio pleaded to just be given a chance - "don't criticize us until you can show we've actually done something wrong." Uh yeah, it would be nice to give the hotline a chance before comparing it to Nazi Germany. Where is the Democrat leadership denouncing this hate speech?

Recap of Horizon's One on One: Olsen v. Grossfield

Darcy Olsen=1 Bob Grossfeld=0

Last night's One on One segment on Horizon featured Darcy Olsen, CEO and president of the Goldwater Institute, debating Bob Grossfeld, a Democratic campaign consultant and advisor from NPR's KJZZ affiliate. The topic was municipal (sales) tax incentives. Olsen easily won the debate, and refused to let Grossfeld talk over her, the only way he could have won. In Grossfeld's defense, there is really no way anyone can win an argument defending millions of taxpayer dollars going as subsidies to large wealthy corporations - corporations that will probably go ahead and build in your city anyway if you refuse to give them the subsidies.

Olsen described one wealthy out of state developer who was going to get $100 million from Phoenix taxpayers to build a high end shopping mall near Desert Ridge. Fortunately, the legislature finally passed a bill to stop cities from giving away these subsidies (although it only applies to 2 counties). Grossfeld tried to argue that some tax incentives are used for good things, but couldn't come up with any examples. Olsen pointed out an outrageous subsidy in Scottsdale where auto dealers were given taxpayers' money for their ad campaigns. Grossfeld made a weak attempt to accuse the Goldwater Institute of being hypocrites, since they receive tax breaks as a nonprofit organization. That kind of argument is absurd - I'm sure many libertarians at the Goldwater Institute believe philosophically that government shouldn't be taxing businesses anyways, other than say a small 1% across the board sales tax on products they sell - which would still not even apply to a nonprofit organization which doesn't "sell" anything.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Recap of Horizon's Journalists' Roundtable last night

By request from Mr. D., here is a write up of last night's Journalists' Roundtable. It wasn't worth watching, because all four journalists were on the left, which really inhibits any serious discussion of the issues - too many important details are purposely left out. They began discussing the federal judge's decision in Pennsylvania striking down the town of Hazleton's ordinances against illegal immigration, and how that ruling might affect Arizona's employer sanctions law. The ordinances were struck down by a liberal Clinton appointee, Judge James Munley. The Horizon comrades failed to point out that Arizona's law is substantially different, and was carefully drafted to avoid running into the issues the Hazleton ordinances ran into. Most scholars generally agree that the states may regulate illegal immigration where the federal government has not preempted them. It has been established in case law going back to a 1976 Supreme Court decision as well as a 1986 federal statute that states may regulate businesses through licensing in regards to illegal immigration. Arizona's law was narrowly tailored to pertain only to this licensing aspect. The Hazleton ordinances went beyond this and imposed fines on the businesses as well as the illegal immigrants, and included a second component which prohibited landlords from renting to illegal immigrants.

Kris Kobach, the brilliant law professor representing the town of Hazleton, is appealing the decision to the 3rd circuit. What will certainly be reversed is the federal judge's decision to permit the plaintiffs - illegal immigrants - to sue the city anonymously. Even ordinary citizens are not permitted to sue the government anonymously; the only exceptions to this have been minors or women who have had abortions for privacy reasons. Allowing people who have committed the crime of entering the country illegally to be given this extra right won't stand. Since the plaintiffs were anonymous, Kobach wasn't even permitted to cross-examine them.

Journalist Matt Benson made the wry observation that Attorney General Terry Goddard will defend the employer sanctions law against lawsuits the same way he has duplicitously defended the state from the English Language Learners lawsuits.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new hotline for reporting illegal immigrant smuggling was discussed, and the hotline was criticized for being unnecessary since it's no different than calling 911. Since there was no conservative on the show, no one pointed out that unlike the Sheriff, the Phoenix Police Department isn't enforcing laws against illegal immigration, no doubt due to instruction from Mayor Phil Gordon. So any calls to 911 regarding human smuggling that are directed to the police instead of the sheriff probably aren't going anywhere.

It was mentioned that foes of the Sheriff's hotline are in the process of setting up their own hotline for people who believe they've been unfairly reported to the Sheriff's hotline. The number hasn't been set up yet - we have a suggestion - why don't they just direct it straight to the ACLU?

Friday, July 27, 2007

GOP chair Pullen likes Kyl's latest border bill

Good to see the state GOP and Senator Kyl agreeing on this important bill.

Pullen = 1 Nathan Sproul & his McCain/RINO troublemakers = 0.


Kyl co-sponsors amendment for 3 Billion in Border Security

Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party expressed his gratitude and support of United States Senator Jon Kyl for his efforts to secure the border with the Border Security First Act as an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security Appropriation Act, 2008.
“I commend Senator Kyl for working towards a more safe and secure border. The Border Security First Act is a positive first step in gaining operation control of our southern border. A vast majority of Arizona Republicans want their state’s southern border secured. They want the drugs and guns which plague our schools to stop flowing across the border. They want their children safe. Senator Kyl hasn’t just rejoined that debate, he’s taken the lead in a very meaningful way.

“Once we have achieved this goal of a secure border, protecting our families and communities, our job will not be complete – but an important and historic step will have been taken and we will have the leadership of Senator Kyl to thank for it. Together we can then address issues important to our economy, such as a common sense guest worker program, with the security of knowing who is coming over our border, when, and why,” Pullen said.

“This border security amendment passed almost unanimously today in a Democrat Senate because of Jon Kyl’s leadership and the will of the American people. When those two powerful forces work together, great things can be accomplished,” Pullen concluded.

Top AZ officials to fight appointment of former county attorney Romley to Veterans post

This was just posted on Mary Jo Pitzl's blog, the AZ Republic's lead reporter for the state legislature. Looks like former liberal anti-2nd amendment "Republican" Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley (who has been criticized even more lately for his liberal ties, which include working for liberal Democrat AG Terry Goddard and endorsing Democrats like Chris Cummisky for Secretary of State over Jan Brewer) is not going to have a smooth sailing into the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sonoran Alliance has something up about it as well.

Ripping Romley

Many members of Arizona's congressional delegation think former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley would make a fine secretary of Veterans Affairs. But not current county attorney Andy Thomas, nor Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Thomas called the Insider voicemail box this week to explain why he feels it's important to speak out about why Romley should NOT take over the post that Jim Nicholson gave up when he resigned last week.

Thomas cited many shortcomings in what he saw as Romley's qualifications, ranging frm his lavish spending on an annual report in his last year as county attorney to the lack of voicemail in the office during Romley's 16-year reign to the fact that "he has been both publicly and privately critical of me."

Asked what that had to do with overseeing the Veterans Affairs Department, Thomas noted the agency's well-publicized travails.

"I think the next person to take that position should have a strong and unblemished track record of management and treatment of subordinates," he said. To that point, Thomas noted a retaliation claim filed against Romley that was paid by the county, even as a related harrassment complaint filed against his deputy (Barnett Lotstein, whom Thomas kept on) was dismissed.

Romley, a Vietnam vet, was recommended for Nicholson's old post by U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl and Rep. Harry Mitchell, although there is no word on whether he is a candidate for the federal post.

If that happens, look for more criticism coming from county headquarters

"Arpaio may be ready to testify in Washington," Thomas said. "I don't think I'm ready to go that far."

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Goldwater Institute movie night...Mr. Conservative

8/16/2007 to 7/16/2007

Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Goldwater Institute
500 E. Coronado Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Event Schedule:
5:00 Doors open
5:30 Screening of Mr. Conservative
7:00 Refreshments and discussion featuring CC Goldwater and Barry Goldwater, Jr.

This event is free of charge. CC Goldwater will also be available to sign copies of
Mr. Conservative and her new edition of The Conscience of a Conservative.

To RSVP email us at rsvp@goldwaterinstitute.org or call (602) 462-500 ext. 243, or fax (602) 256-7045 by 5:00pm on Tuesday, August 14.

Victory! U.S. Department of Education Rejects Arizona’s Grounds for Charter School Regulation

Big preliminary win for Clint Bolick, who only filed the lawsuit a few weeks ago. When the big government U.S. Dept. of Ed. is telling Arizona that it's regulating schools too much, that's sending a pretty strong message. Not sure why Superintendent of Schools Tom Horne has turned out to be so pro-big government and squelching out competition to our failing public schools. Probably still has Democratic views leftover from his party switch.

The U.S. Department of Education (USDoE) yesterday rejected a critical argument made by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) in forcing charter schools to align their curricula to state edicts, a policy under court challenge by the Goldwater Institute Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation.

ADE is arguing that failure to align the curricula of all public schools in the state, including charter schools, would jeopardize federal public school funding. But, the USDoE says this is not the case.

In a July 24 letter to Clint Bolick, the Goldwater Institute’s litigation director, USDoE’s legal counsel Kent Talbert stated that nothing in federal law “mandates a state to align its social studies curriculum on a grade-by-grade basis to state standards,” and therefore, “any non-alignment of such curriculum to state standards would not be grounds for withholding Federal funds.”

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Miles will hear oral arguments on August 6 at 11:00 a.m. on the schools’ motion for a preliminary injunction against the curriculum alignment mandate, which is slated to take effect this school year.

Information on Charter Schools v. Horne is available online at http://www.goldwaterinstitute.org/litigation/cases.aspx.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Recap of Horizon's One on One - Molera v. Chermy

Molera=0 Chermy=0

Horizon's One on One this week (which can be watched online here) featured former state Superintendent of Schools Jaime Molera debating Andrei Cherny, a former speechwriter for Al Gore and a John Kerry senior advisor. A google search also reveals that he writes for the Huffington Post, a far left extremist blog, which tells you all you need to know about him. Cherny, who looks about 18, was clearly in over his head debating Molera, who must be in his mid 30's. However, since Molera focused on bashing the Republican Party, stating that it was "in chaos" and that leaders like Weiers and Shadegg need to come in and take over, Cherny didn't really have to think too much except nod in agreement. Molera said that the GOP is finding it "very very difficult" to raise money and organize the grassroots. That's a funny statement, considering the grassroots is finally supporting the party again now that Pullen has been elected chair. Chermy ended the show with the meaningless phrase, "You can't just make a bright line distinction, you have to actually figure out what the right answer is."

Yeah, if you missed this one, it's not worth catching it in the archives. The problem with the show is that Horizon is run by the left - they pick and choose which guests are going to represent the right, and so of course they pick someone like Molera, who lost the race for Superintendent of Schools to Tom Horne because of his advocacy for bilingual education - something even most moderate Dems don't support. Horizon also picks and chooses which issues are going to be discussed - Monday night's topics were the "political fallout from the war" and the the floundering McCain campaign, both issues that hurt Republicans. There is a niche for another political show to emerge in the Valley that will do a better, fair job (and it's not Channel 12's Sunday early morning Square Off, which suffers from similar problems and is on at a time when no one is watching TV).

Property Taxpayers: Help is Coming!

The Golden Bullet for Property Tax Reform

Given the structure of the Arizona property tax system, a levy limitation initiative is a “golden bullet” for property tax reform. Although taxpayers have naturally fixated on the huge growth in their assessed values, the determining factor in the Arizona property tax equation is the amount of money levied by local taxing districts:

Levy = Assessed Value x Rate

If an effective limit is placed on levies, assessed values can increase without doing great harm to taxpayers, because rates will have to fall to compensate. The problem in Arizona has been the absence of effective limits on levies. Prop 101, which was referred to the November 2006 ballot by the Arizona Legislature and approved by the voters, did a good job of limiting the primary property tax levies for counties, cities/towns, and community colleges. Under Prop 101, the tax levies for those taxing districts will increase by only two percent per year going forward. But there may be a dozen taxing districts on a typical taxpayer’s property tax bill—and most of those districts are not subject to Prop 101’s two percent levy limit.

Two weeks ago, the Mohave County-based Arizona Tax Revolt committee filed its levy limitation initiative with the Arizona Secretary of State. The Arizona Tax Revolt initiative would broaden the two percent limit for levy increases to include all taxing districts. It would also roll many levies back to 2005 levels, and require a two-thirds majority for voter approval to raise future levies higher than the two percent cap.

If the ATR levy limit initiative reaches the ballot, and if it is approved by Arizona voters, its features would result in significant tax relief for all Arizona home and business property owners. By limiting yearly property tax levy increases to reasonable amounts, the initiative would help to restrain the kind of outrageous overspending seen around the state in recent years.

To get involved with the Arizona Tax Revolt committee, contact Marc Goldstone at

Chairman@ArizonaTAXRevolt.org or (602) 388-8833.

Silver Bullet(s) Coming Soon

In Arizona, limits on assessed valuation are of secondary importance to the objective of reducing overall tax burdens on home and business property owners. Without an effective levy limitation, taxing districts can compensate for low assessed values by raising rates to get the levies they want (there are some hurdles to raising rates, but they have proven to be of limited effectiveness).

That said, a limit on assessed valuation is important because it would affect the distribution of tax relief within the tax base for a given district. Property tax activists in Maricopa County are exploring the possibility of sending to the ballot an assessed valuation limit that includes a rollback in assessed values to 2003 levels, and a two percent limit on future increases in assessed value for all taxing districts and all classes of property. The two percent limit is based on SCR 1025, a legislative referendum bill introduced in the 2006 and 2007 sessions by Sen. Ron Gould (R-Lake Havasu City). Gould’s referendum passed the Senate in 2006, but was stifled in the House by the former chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

A valuation rollback would serve as a backup measure for the Arizona Tax Revolt levy rollback, ensuring relief for property owners who have suffered from large increases in assessed valuation in recent years. Going forward, the two percent limit on value increases would provide protections for all property taxpayers, but greater protection for home and business owners located in areas subject to rapid increases in market value.

To get involved with the valuation rollback and increase cap, contact Tom Jenney at vc@aztaxpayers.org.

Local Taxing Districts Out-of-Control

The failure of taxing district officials in recent years to restrain budget growth and to reduce property tax levies has fueled the outrage of Arizona home and business owners. If voters end up passing serious property tax reform measures in November 2008, the fiscal irresponsibility of Arizona’s local governments will have been a major contributing factor.

In response to populist property tax reform initiatives, local taxing district officials and their beneficiaries have begun to send out cries of alarm about supposed cuts in vital services. But voters have become accustomed to the cries of “wolf” on the part of taxing district officials, and will likely discount them. For many taxing districts, property tax revenue is already a minor component. In a typical Arizona city, property taxes account for less than ten percent of city revenues, and the net effect of the levy and assessed valuation limits would be slight reductions in their dependence on property tax revenues. (Some jurisdictions—such as the City of Mesa—manage to spend a great deal of money without any property tax revenue at all.)

Support tax cuts by contributing to the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers and Americans for Prosperity. You can make a PayPal donation here: http://www.aztaxpayers.org/afta_join.htm. Or email vc@aztaxpayers.org for a mail-in membership form.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

AZ Right to Life annual conference approaching

Arizona Right to Life
29th Annual Pro-Life Conference

* Featured Speakers

* Conference Registration

* Speaker Spotlight: Mark Crutcher

Featured Speakers
Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc. and founder of the Life Activist Seminar
Ken Blackwell, Family Research Council
Janet Folger, president of Faith2Action; renowned author and strategist
Karen Cross, National Right to Life
Dr. Carolyn Gerster, Arizona Right to Life Chairman and long time Arizona Physician.

$100 - Friday Night Tickets
$65 - Conference General Admission
$50 - Conference Student & Clergy
$155 - Whole weekend (must register by 8/31)
$140 - Whole weekend, Students & Clergy (must register by 8/31)

Register by phone or online

Arizona Right to Life
3700 North 24th Street
Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

"Building a Legacy of Life... Meeting New Challenges through Education"

AZRTL 29th annual pro-life conference, September 7-8, Chaparral Suites Resort, Scottsdale AZ:

This year's conference theme, "Building a Legacy of Life... Meeting New Challenges through Education" is vital to the continued progress of the pro-life movement.

Our culture is under attack. Everyday, pro-abortion advocates and promoters of the culture of death push an ever more radical agenda of abortion on demand, human cloning and embryo destruction for research, and euthanasia of the elderly, sick, and dying. We truly are facing new challenges in the fight for life, and we must be prepared to meet them with the latest, most accurate and effective information and arguments.

This conference will give you the opportunity to learn from the nation's best pro-life educators and activists. It is so important - and it's such a great opportunity - that you will want to bring your friends. Who do you know that could benefit from the knowledge and motivation gained by attending the Arizona Right to Life Pro-Life Conference? A pastor, friend, co-worker, family member, teenager, someone who could support the pro-life movement financially or by volunteering and just needs a cause to put their time and money into - this conference could change their lives, and their participation might just change the face of the pro-life movement for years to come. But they need to be invited. They need you to encourage them to take the first step.
Speaker Spotlight: Mark Crutcher
Mark CrutcherMark Crutcher is the founder and president of Life Dynamics, Inc. Under Mark's direction, LDI has done groundbreaking research on the abortion industry and has conducted several unique undercover investigations that have exposed scandalous and illegal activities at abortion clinics. From documenting how Planned Parenthood and NAF clinics are concealing child rape, to exposing the practice of abortion clinics selling the body parts of aborted babies, LDI leaves no stone unturned in it's fight to return full legal protection to every child - born and pre-born.

Life Dynamics was launched by Mark in 1991, and has since become an innovative leader in the pro-life movement with its unique Abortion Malpractice Program, a pro-life Direct Mail Program, and breakthrough pro-life undercover investigations into the abortion industry.

Mark has been a recognized leader in the pro-life movement for many years and was the winner of both the Cardinal Von Galen Award presented by Human Life International, and the Cardinal O'Connor Pro-Life Hall of Fame Award presented by Letatus. In 1987, Mark developed the Life Activist seminar and has since personally trained more than 15,000 pro-life activists. Mark has spoken before numerous right to life groups, and pro-life events, and he is frequently asked to appear on TV and radio programs to comment on the pro-life, pro-choice debate or to defend the right to life position.

On Message - The Pro-Life Handbook is Mark's latest book. Mark is also the author of Lime 5, a shocking expose of legal abortion in America, and the pro-life strategy manual, Access: the key to pro-life victory. He has also written articles for Focus on the Family's Citizen magazine, The Christian American, All About Issues, and many other pro-life publications. Mark is currently the co-host of the pro-life television talk show, Life Talk. He lives in Denton, Texas, with his wife of over 30 years, Tulane, and their adopted daughter, Sheila.

Quick Links...

Conference Page AZTRL Home

Registration Sponsorships

For more information on registration and sponsorship opportunities, including table sponsorships, program advertisements, and exhibitor booths, please contact Christopher at 602-285-0063, chris@arizonarighttolife,org; or visit www.azrtl.org

Stacey O'Connell for Phoenix City Council urging you to vote


Mark Your Calendars To Vote For Stacey O'Connell On September 11th, 2007



Please click here to play the Video

Contributions are limited to $780 for couples (joint account), $390 for individuals. All donations must be from personal accounts. No corporate donations can be accepted.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Former State Superintendents File Court Documents against AZ Dept.of Education

GI logo
News Release

Former Superintendents File Court Documents against AZ Dept. of Education
Bishop, Keegan, Molera oppose new curriculum mandate

Contact: Starlee Rhoades
(602) 462-5000 x 226

Phoenix--Three previous Superintendents of Public Instruction, who served consecutively from 1987 to 2003, have filed court documents in support of a Goldwater Institute lawsuit against a new Arizona Department of Education curriculum alignment mandate. The Superintendent of Public Instruction is the top elected education official in Arizona.

"It is highly unusual for former government officials to question the regulatory authority of their successor, which underscores how far the ADE has overstepped its bounds," said Clint Bolick, director of the Goldwater Institute Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation, which is suing the ADE on behalf of five charter schools.

The Arizona Legislature created charter schools in 1994 to provide "alternatives to traditional public schools." In 2003, ADE began requiring charter schools to align their curricula to state prescribed curriculum, despite its lack of regulatory authority. In 2007, ADE further mandated that all schools teach U.S. History in the seventh and eighth grades, compromising the curricular integrity of Arizona's most successful charter schools, leading to today's lawsuit.

"I am alarmed, both procedurally and substantively, over ADE's efforts to impose curriculum alignment upon charter schools," wrote C. Dianne Bishop (R), Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1987-1995.

Lisa Graham Keegan (R), Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1995-2001, writes, "The imposition of grade-by-grade curriculum alignment on schools that were meant to have distinctive educational programs is an egregious regulatory overreach."

Jaime Molera (R), Superintendent of Public Instruction immediately preceding the current Superintendent Tom Horne (R), said "I do not believe that the Superintendent or the ADE possesses the authority to lock schools into a curriculum methodology that does not meet the needs of their students. The requirement of grade-by-grade curriculum alignment focuses on process rather than outcomes, which is contrary to the concept of charter schools."

Charter schools are governed by an independent regulatory agency called the State Board of Charter Schools (SBCS). Charter schools must be authorized by the SBCS before they can open. During the authorization process, the school must demonstrate that its planned curriculum will meet the state academic standards measured by the AIMS test. Like traditional public school students, charter students are required to pass the AIMS test.

The Declarations of Ms. Bishop, Ms. Keegan and Mr. Molera, and other case documents, are available online. The Goldwater Institute will present its arguments for a preliminary injunction on August 6 before Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Miles.

The Goldwater Institute's public policy research and litigation work is made possible by the generosity of our supporters. Please click here to make a tax- deductible contribution.

Starlee Rhoades
Director of Communications
(602) 462-5000 x 226
Clint Bolick
Goldwater Institute Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation
(602) 462-5000

Sunday, July 22, 2007

AZ conservative blogs more popular than liberal blogs

It isn't surprising that the most popular political blogs in Arizona are conservative. Blognetnews.com/arizona, which ranks political blogs according to how influential they are, ranks them currently as follows (my comments are added in parentheses). The top 3 are conservative, and 7 out of the top 10 are conservative. Even though liberals run half of the 20 blogs listed below, the libs round out the bottom half in popularity.

Rank Blog
1 The Sonoran Alliance (conservative)
2 Seeing Red AZ (conservative)
3 Espresso Pundit (conservative)
4 Arizona Congress Watch (liberal)
5 AZ Political Intel (conservative)
6 Politico Mafioso (conservative but run by nude elephants)
7 ThinkRight Arizona (conservative)
8 AZPoliticalNews (probably moderate, maybe somewhat liberal)
9 Sustainability, Equity, Development (liberal)
10 Arizona Political Heat (conservative)
11 Red State Arizona (conservative)
12 Arizona 8th (conservative)
13 Blog For Arizona (liberal)
14 Spidelblog (liberal)
15 Political Insider* (liberal media)
16 The Arizona Report (probably conservative)
17 BorderReporter.com (moderate, possibly liberal)
18 Man Eegee (liberal)
19 Random Musings (liberal)
20 AZplace (liberal)

*Sorry, we can't link to the Political Insider, since none of the links work. Not sure how it can be ranked as high as #15 when no one can get to the articles

Friday, July 20, 2007


from the State GOP -

Press conference on fiscal responsibility postponed for third time

“Gabrielle Giffords and her Democrat comrades talking about fiscal responsibility is like Hugo Chavez extolling the virtues of capitalism,” said Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

Pullen’s comments were in response to news that Gabrielle Giffords and fellow members of the so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats had postponed a press conference on fiscal responsibility for the third consecutive time.

Pullen continued, “This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. How can the American people trust Gabrielle Giffords and the Democrats to lead in Congress when they can’t even agree to hold a press conference?

“Beyond that, what kind of fiscally responsible record has Gabrielle Giffords or any Democrat had since taking control of Congress in January? They supported the largest tax increase in U.S. history. They proposed record amounts in pork barrel spending (which Giffords and other tried to keep secret.) It’s no wonder why the polls show that the Democrats have taken Congress to historic lows.

“When it comes to Giffords and the Democrats on fiscal responsibility, it’s three strikes and you’re out,” concluded Pullen.


Bruce Ash on Gabby Giffords' Secret Earmark Problem


Republican National Committeeman from Arizona, Bruce Ash, tackles the pressing issues of the day.

This week's commentary:
More on Gabrielle Giffords and her secret earmarks

Click to listen

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


from the State GOP -

The FBI is investigating a human smuggling ring that is bringing Iraqis and other middle easterners into the United States by crossing the Rio Grande into New Mexico.

From ABC News: "An FBI intelligence report distributed by the Washington, D.C. Joint Terrorism Task Force, obtained by the Blotter on ABCNews.com, says the illegal ring has been bringing Iraqis across the border illegally for more than a year."

Many of us have been warning of this problem for years, Democrats continue to deny it. Now here is proof positive that our concerns are justified. The United States Border Patrol has been finding middle east paraphernalia for at border crossing locations for years. Now isn't it time to secure our borders?

CLICK HERE to read the entire ABC report.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NEW FEATURE: Who won Horizon's Monday night debate

Loredo=0 Mecum=1

Beginning with last night's show we are going to start analyzing Horizon's Monday night political debates. Yesterday's debate was between John Loredo, former Democrat state legislator, and Brett Mecum, state GOP communications director. They discussed the newly passed employer sanctions bill, John McCain's failing presidential campaign, and Congress's low approval rating of 14%. Loredo is somewhat of a slow, non captivating speaker, and was no match for the energetic, fact-spewing Mecum. Loredo tried to trap Mecum into discussing why the business community has remained silent for so long on employer sanctions. Mecum responded pointing out that the legislature - including Dems in the legislature - & governor support the bill, and that the bill is a lot better for the business community than what is being proposed by Don Goldwater and others for the ballot.

Loredo had nothing to counter Mecum when he noted that Congress's approval ratings are down to 12% according to a recent Gallup poll. Loredo admitted that the Democrats have done a poor job since they took over the majority in Congress last fall, and rambled on about how they've also failed on Iraq and immigration. Loredo insisted that the voters want immigration reform, and Mecum countered that they do only after securing the borders first.

When Loredo tried to criticize John McCain and the current administration's efforts in Iraq, Mecum retorted that the Democrat leaders are worse than McCain. Pelosi went over to the Middle East to negotiate with our enemies and Harry Reid is calling for U.S. surrender in Iraq. Hillary and her disastrous universal healthcare proposal. At least McCain is funding his own campaign, unlike John Edwards who spends $1,250 everytime he gets his hair cut.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Take our Poll - When will McCain drop out of the race?

See poll on right side of website

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why I am a Republican, Part II

Second half from Pullen is up -

My fellow Arizonans, my fellow Americans, I believe our state and our nation stand today at a crossroads in history. The rhetoric in the media of recent years describes us as a politically divided nation, almost equal in number of Republicans and Democrats, with our party nominees (and in fact our parties themselves) competing for those few undecided voters remaining in the middle.

Today I reject that notion because two very important things have happened.

First, our next generation of Republican leadership from city halls to court houses to state houses to the White House has largely united in one voice behind our belief in both America and the American people. We have shown our faith in the American dream for all, and we are putting forth real, common-sense ideas on how to transform those dreams into reality.

Though our Democrat opponents and many of our liberal friends in the media often ballyhoo when Republicans disagree, this much is true: today’s Republican Party has refocused itself as the party of ideas and courage, and as the party of a bright future for Arizona and for America.

Here in Arizona, our leaders have said with unwavering resolve that it is no longer acceptable for our state’s brave veterans to suffer under a system of neglect and incompetence. We have not just exposed the wrongs of our government but are busy crafting solutions to protect our veterans and honor their past service.

Our Republican leaders have identified the failings of our state’s bureaucracy charged with protecting our most vulnerable children. We have confronted an unwieldy and defensive bureaucracy and demanded accountability and change – which now seems clear will come because of the resolve of our Republican lawmakers here in Arizona.

We have, and continue to, reach out to community leaders and business organizations to seek real-world ideas and innovative means with which to further spur Arizona’s economy to create new jobs, new opportunities and new futures for families in every county and corner of our state. We confront head-on the environmental challenges of water, effective land use, and responsible growth to protect the natural wonders of our state and the quality of life of our neighbors and friends.

And our Republican elected officials at the local and state level are leaders in education, seeking to transform our schools to places of true learning where the hopes and dreams of children may be nurtured. Arizona is a leader in education innovation with charter schools, performance testing, and tax credits; all Republican ideas. Each step we take for education reform promises a brighter future not just for our state, but for each individual child whom we are determined to serve as if he or she were our own.

Our Republican leaders today do these things not simply because of the jobs they have been elected to, or the oaths of office they have taken, but because of the tremendous dedication they have for the positions they have been elected to hold and the commitment they share to the people they serve. They are men and women with ideas working closely with doctors and teachers, parents and small businesspeople, senior citizens, veterans, families and individuals from every walk of life in a great partnership toward a stronger Arizona.

Second, I reject the equally divided notion put forth because of the direction taken by today’s Democrat Party. Special interests and 15-second sound bytes now take precedent over governing, where politics impedes progress at almost every turn for Democrats.

A recent Gallup Poll showed the Democrat majority in Congress has now driven public confidence in Congress to an all-time low of just 14-percent – lower than before Republicans wrested Congress from the Democrats in 1994 and lower than during the Watergate era. One would have to go back to the Continental Congress in 1780 to find a lower confidence level.

Today, the Democrats in Congress have no charismatic president to lead them off on quixotic journeys into misguided domestic policy. Today, they have achieved their 14-percent approval rating all by themselves. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proudly negotiates with state-sponsors of terrorism, placing in jeopardy not only Israel (our closest democratic ally in the region), but undermining nearly single handedly America’s diplomatic efforts in the Middle East in our crusade to stamp our terror. Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid routinely declares that America has lost it’s war against terror in Iraq, giving aid and comfort to the enemy while our brave men and women in uniform fight to protect a fledgling democracy from brutal Islamic fascists and keep their reach from extending to America’s shores once again.

The new Democrat Congress has already called for the largest tax hike in American history, has broken it’s promise on ending the secrecy behind the practice of spending billions of dollars on “earmarked” pork-barrel projects, is set to repeal the Bush tax cuts (that have spurred strong economic growth for six years), have broken their promise to address skyrocketing gas prices, and are set to introduce massive new tax hikes that will reduce investment and cost thousands upon thousands of jobs across America.

While Republicans have learned the lessons of mistakes made in the majority (and, mind you, there were many, many victories and achievements to be proud of, as well), Democrats have reaffirmed their allegiance to the Liberal Left. Not only in matters of Iraq and the war on terror, but in domestic and economic policy, as well. Those who bought and paid for their campaigns and election efforts in 2006 are being handsomely rewarded – only it isn’t the American people, it’s the liberal special interests, which will ultimately reap the benefits.

The Democrat leaders in Congress are banking their entire political fortunes on the defeat of their own nation, and the Democrat candidates for President have become pessimistic naysayers with poll-tested scripts and no original ideas. Republicans, on the other hand, continue to show why we are the party of ideas and principles. We offer better choices to a greater number of voters – a majority of whom we believe will find a home within our ranks.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS - McCain's entire media team rumored to resign Monday

Have just heard a rumor that that McCain's campaign media team is going to put in their resignations Monday....you heard it here first (yes we scooped drudge).

Friday, July 13, 2007


Yesterday, just hours after the White House released an interim assessment report on the situation in Iraqi, Democrats in Congress, including Arizona’s four Democrat U.S. House Members, voted to pull U.S. troops from their war against terror by spring. According to Arizona Republican Party chairman Randy Pullen, the vote put American troops and American lives at risk.

“History will show that at 6:12 (EDT) in the evening on July 12, 2007, Harry Mitchell, Gabrielle Giffords, Raul Grijalva and Ed Pastor voted to surrender the nation of Iraq to the terrorists,” said Pullen. “On November 4, 2008, the voters will have their chance to say exactly how they feel about Arizona Democrats who surrender to anyone.

“The report these representatives got from the White House talked about eighty Syrian suicide bombers entering Iraq each month. Is the answer to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq when the Iraqi government has provided the three brigades of troops they fulfilled their commitment to provide? Certainly the answer wasn’t to defy the U.S. State Department and stab Israel in the back by negotiating directly with state sponsors of terrorism in Syria, but we couldn’t stop Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from doing exactly that. Her reward was the votes of Mitchell, Giffords, Grijalva and Pastor yet again,” Pullen said.

“How many times do Democrat U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democrat US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have to call for our surrender to terrorists before Mitchell, Giffords and others figure out that Congress should not be trying to run the war? Their job is to support our troops,” Pullen said. “This isn’t just a do-nothing Congress, it’s a stop-trying Congress, and that’s more than just cowardly. It’s the reason why only 14-percent of American voters approve of the job this Democrat-controlled Congress is doing, and it’s the reason next year’s elections couldn’t come soon enough.”

For more information, please contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770 or at bmecum@azgop.org

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Pullen: “It’s time for all earmark requests to come out of the shadows”

Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, chided freshmen members of Congress, Gabrielle Giffords and Harry Mitchell for keeping their earmark requests secret and hiding them from the public.

When both Mr. Mitchell and Ms. Giffords campaigned last year on a platform of transparency and accountability, it seems appalling and hypocritical that now they seem to want to keep secret how they plan to spend taxpayer money,” said Pullen.

Pullen continued, “Those that have the privilege and honor to serve to serve in the United State Congress should strive to make government more efficient, more open, and more transparent. Harry Mitchell and Gabrielle Giffords seem to have forgotten that they work for their constituents and not the CIA. Keeping secrets like this is just bad public policy.”

“It’s time for all earmark requests to come out of the shadows,” concluded Pullen.

For more information, please contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770 or at bmecum@azgop.org.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

County Attorney Dismisses Prop 100 Special Actions

Good news since the governor was forced to sign the Prop. 100 bill -

Victories in Court and at Capitol Eliminate Need for Continued Litigation

In the wake of new legislation signed by the governor and new rules governing Proposition 100 issued by the state’s highest court, the County Attorney’s Office has dismissed special actions filed with the Arizona Supreme Court and the Arizona Court of Appeals. County Attorney Andrew Thomas expressed his confidence that the legislation and court rules should bring Maricopa County courts into compliance with Proposition 100, eliminating the need for the special actions. As a result, it is anticipated that illegal immigrants accused of serious felonies in Maricopa County now will be held without bond.

On July 2, Governor Janet Napolitano signed Senate Bill 1265. This new law established probable cause as the standard for determining a defendant’s immigration status. The bill also mandated that eligibility for bail be determined at the time of the defendant’s initial appearance. This legislation was designed to ensure full judicial compliance with Proposition 100, which was approved by 78 percent of Arizona voters in 2006 and which ended the right to bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious felonies.

On July 3, the Arizona Supreme Court announced modifications the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. These changes, made effective immediately, implemented the probable cause standard and initial appearance requirements of Senate Bill 1265. The new rules ended the so-called Simpson hearings, which were previously held to determine a defendant’s release status under Proposition 100. A recent study by the County Attorney’s Office under the old rules showed that 94 percent of illegal immigrants were being granted bail or release at Simpson hearings by Maricopa County judges and judicial officers.

The new legislation and the supreme court rule changes ensure a probable cause standard applies when determining a defendant’s immigration status. Previously, the courts applied a standard of “proof evident or presumption great.” County courts were interpreting this standard so narrowly that confessions from illegal immigrant defendants were not considered sufficient evidence for these defendants to be denied bail or release.

“By dismissing our special action requests, I am expressing hope and confidence that Prop 100 now will become a reality in our county court system,” said Thomas. “Given the recent actions by all three branches of state government to address these matters, I do not see the need to burden the Arizona Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals with litigation prompted by the county courts’ former noncompliance.”

For more information contact:
Mike Anthony Scerbo, Public Information Officer
(602) 506-3170 (office) or (602) 489-6913 (cell)

AZ Right to Life conference Sept. 7-8

Arizona Right to Life
29th Annual Pro-Life Conference

* Featured Speakers
* Conference Registration
* Speaker Spotlight: Ken Blackwell

Featured Speakers

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc. and founder of the Life Activist Seminar

Ken Blackwell, Family Research Council

Janet Folger, president of Faith2Action; renowned author and strategist

Nikolas T. Nikas, president and general council of the Bioethics Defense Fund

Karen Cross, National Right to Life


$100 - Friday Night Tickets

$65 - Conference General Admission

$50 - Conference Student & Clergy
$150 - Whole weekend (must register by 8/31)

$140 - Whole weekend, Students & Clergy (must register by 8/31)

Register by phone or online


"Building a Legacy of Life... Meeting New Challenges through Education"

Arizona Right to Life's 29th annual pro-life conference will be held September 7-8 at the Chaparral Suites Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. With world-class speakers from around the country presenting on issues like abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research and bioethics, post-abortion healing, and the vital roles of the crisis pregnancy centers - this conference may be the best ever!

It is important that adults and youth alike stay informed, motivated, and active in defending life, because we can only be truly successful if we are prepared. Featuring renowned speakers like Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, Inc., Janet Folger of Faith2Action, and many, many more - this conference will help you develop the tools and techniques that are vital to defending life.

The conference's break-out format means there's never a dull moment - and you can learn about the topics that matter most to you.

A special Friday Night engagement includes a speakers' roundtable discussion and dinner with keynote speaker Ken Blackwell. Admission for Saturday's conference includes a continental breakfast, plated lunch, and an afternoon dessert reception.

If you've never been to one of our conferences before, you need to be at this one!

Speaker Spotlight: Ken Blackwell
Ken BlackwellKen Blackwell's public service includes terms as mayor of Cincinnati, and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. In 1994, he became the first African-American elected to a statewide executive office in Ohio when he was elected treasurer of state. He subsequently was elected to two terms as secretary of state.

Mr. Blackwell is a member of the Arlington Group, an influential national coalition of pro-life, pro-family and religious leaders and organizations. He is the senior fellow for family empowerment at the prestigious Family Research Council, an organization that champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization and works to shape public debate and form public policy that values human life and upholds the institutions of marriage and the family.

In 1998, Mr. Blackwell delivered the Becket Lecture on Religious Liberty at OxfordUniversity. He has lectured at Harvard, the University of New Castle in England, the Moscow State Institute for International Relations in Russia, and the International Academy of Public Administration in Paris.

His commentaries have been carried in major newspapers across the United States, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, as well as all major newspapers in Ohio. He has also been a frequent guest on network and cable news and public affairs programs, including Fox News' the O'Reilly Factor, CNN's Crossfire and Inside Politics, MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, and PBS's The Jim Lehrer Newshour and Tavis Smiley Late Night.

Ken and his wife of 39 years, Rosa, who currently serves as superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools, have three adult children, Kimberly, Rahshann, and Kristin. In 1996, Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell together received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Dreamkeeper Award from the Cincinnati Historical Society.


For more information on registration and sponsorship opportunities, including table sponsorships, program advertisements, and exhibitor booths, please contact Christopher at 602-285-0063, chris@arizonarighttolife,org; or visit www.azrtl.org

Arizona Right to Life
3700 North 24th Street
Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

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Monday, July 9, 2007

AZGOP Tusk Times for July 11

Attention Republican Clubs and Organizations - Submit your events to events@azgop.org

Help us elect more Republicans in Arizona. Make your donation today.

Don't forget to check out "Pullen for the Party," for your daily dose of Republican politics.

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AZGOP - "...in the news"


Dear Friends,

What a weekend! You know, there are lots of things that separate Republicans from Democrats. Having spent part of my weekend discussing some of these things with a Democrat friend of mine, I thought I would focus not on our differences, but on a few of the things which make me proud to be an Arizona Republican:


Arizona Republicans tend to be true conservatives: As true conservative leaders, most Arizona Republican elected officials and candidates work tirelessly to represent the values you and I hold so dear. Pro-life and pro-Second Amendment, they also work to balance budgets, cut fiscal spending, waste and fraud, and their efforts have created a period of explosive growth all across Arizona.


Arizona Republicans have unique experience: Arizona Republicans aren’t your typical career politicians and bureaucrats. They are often businessmen and women, doctors, teachers, parents and community leaders. Many are entrepreneurs who have started new businesses in Arizona, creating literally thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic growth. We work with businesses leaders to make Arizona business friendly, and we work to get government out of the way so more jobs come to Arizona. Above everything, we care about our families and our state – and we work to get the job done.


Arizona Republicans are strong leaders: Our Arizona Republican leaders today continue Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater’s tradition of principled leadership in public service by working to rein in spending, balance local, state and federal budgets, and reduce taxes on families and job providers. It’s important to us to secure the border and enforce tough immigration laws, work to improve our schools, and continue promoting economic growth here in Arizona. As I’ve said many times when talking about successes of recent years in and around Phoenix, “It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we work together.” That’s the sort of leader we look to recruit and elect in the Arizona Republican Party.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to sign up as a volunteer, or make a generous contribution, on our website. Your help will make a tremendous impact!

And, as always, it’s a pleasure to serve you as chairman.



Julie is a single mother, who was brought to America by her father when she was eight years old. She married young and worked to make her life better. She had two little girls, then found herself a divorced, single mom who wanted a better life for her children. She is their sole support as the lead manicurist for Saigon Nails in Green Valley and is buying her first home. She has not taken aid and proudly is head of her household.

Last year, Julie mentioned to LD 30 Republican Chairman Patti O'Berry that she was longing to be an American citizen. She knew that Patti was a Republican, as they had many political discussions. Julie had been waiting a very long time and was getting anxious and worried about the length of time involved in the citizenship process. Patti offered to call and write Senator Kyl on her behalf. She did so and his staff responded. They did what they could, but as the months continued to go by, it still did not seem like Julie was any closer to fulfilling her dream.

One day, when Julie was doing Patti's nails, they were discussing the Immigration Bill. Julie expressed her fears that "all the citizenships would be given away to illegals", before she could get hers. Patti assured her that would not happen and that she would again contact Senator Kyl on Julie's behalf. Patti made the call to Senator Kyl in early May, with wonderful results in June.

In the middle of June, Julie was notified that she would be taking the oath of citizenship on June 29th at 1p.m. Julie invited Patti to attend. Patti had become, what Julie dubbed, her "American Mom." To make the event even sweeter, Julie's mother Ni arrived in Tucson for a two month visit with her daughter. Ni did not know until she arrived that she would witness her daughter become a United States citizen.

Following her oath of allegiance and the signing of her citizenship papers, Julie's first act as an American, was to register to vote, yes, as a Republican....



By Andrew Thomas, Maricopa County Attorney

The new anti-illegal-immigration laws signed by Governor Janet Napolitano covering employer sanctions and Prop. 100 are a "victory for the people," and I intend to move swiftly to implement them.

Last week, the governor signed House Bill 2779 and Senate Bill 1265. House Bill 2779 creates a regime for sanctioning companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. The new law provides that county attorneys are the chief law enforcement officers responsible for implementing employer sanctions. It is expected that because of the population of Maricopa County, the vast
majority of potential employer-sanctions cases in Arizona will originate here.

Senate Bill 1265 establishes probable cause as the standard of proof for determining if defendants accused of serious felonies are illegal immigrants and, as such, not entitled to bail or release under Proposition 100. This legislation was passed in response to protracted difficulties in obtaining full enforcement of Proposition 100 in the Maricopa County Superior Courts.

Shortly after the governor signed Senate Bill 1265, the Arizona Supreme Court issued new rules governing Proposition 100 cases, which repealed the so-called Simpson hearings previously created
for these defendants. I'd recently complained that 94 percent of illegal immigrants were being granted bail or release at Simpson hearings by Maricopa County judges and judicial officers. The Simpson hearings were rescinded immediately, and those scheduled were vacated by court decree.

When I ran for county attorney on a platform of stopping illegal immigration, many questioned what state and local governments could do to combat this problem. These new laws are the latest answer to this question. We do not have to rely on a broken federal bureaucracy to secure our borders. The County Attorney's Office helped draft and lobbied in favor of both new laws.

These new laws are also the latest evidence that this is still a democracy. The people have the final say on how our government operates. Their voice was heard loud and clear.

I have begun to set up an internal committee to prepare to implement the new employer sanctions law. I will reach out to the business community and other critics of the law so their concerns can be heard. However, the law is the law, and it will be enforced.

As the County Attorney's Office begins to enforce the new law next year, the office will provide updates on progress made in preparation for this event. I pledge to apply the law fairly and equitably.


Here is my son Sam, painting citrus trees in our neighborhood this summer to earn money. He has quite a business going. And guess what? He is making a lot more money than working at a local fast food restaurant. Once again proving that Americans will do the work if the pay is good.





"Arizona Republicans have a proven track record of great leadership and continue to work to make our state special."

~Randy Pullen

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Why is Politico Mafioso and his McCain henchman attacking the state GOP so much?

I can't figure out why Politico Mafioso (or the nude elephants as some like to call them) and his friends posting comments on Sonoran Alliance continue to take pot shots at the State Republican Party. Moderates like Politico Mafioso and his McCain cronies are always preaching about how the GOP should be a big tent. If so, then why won't they give the state GOP a chance under its new leadership? Pullen has clearly made an effort to bring the party together, forging a path that adheres to conservative principles while trying to get along with Sen. Kyl and others who haven't always agreed with the conservative base. Are McCain's staffers stirring up Politico Mafioso and the blogs? Or is it someone with a vendetta or something to hide? Much of what they're posting isn't even correct (e.g. there are 4 on staff at party headquarters, not 2 - which sort of discredits the theory that the party isn't doing well because of a lack of contributions). This will be interesting to follow. The State GOP has done pretty well since the new leadership took office in February, raising large amounts of money from voters fed up with illegal immigration. McCain's presidential campaign, on the other hand, has gone downhill. It looks like these blog posts are part of a last gasp effort by the McCainiacs to retain some power. Will keep an eye on this.

Monday, July 2, 2007

AZ Republic article praises school that is failing

The AZ Republic ran a bizarre feature article on its front page on June 24th praising Creighton school, which teaches immigrant children who can't speak English. The article fawns over how wonderful the school is for children who can't speak English, and notes that the AZ Republic has been in a "partnership" with the school, contributing large amounts of money to it. Yet, after 3 years, the majority of students still aren't reading at grade level! The article features a couple of students, and praises one third grader for reading at 94 words per minute - even though third graders should be reading at 120 words per minute. As if featuring a couple of anecdotes about 2 kids somehow provides evidence that the school should be praised? The article says the Republic will continue its "partnership" past the initial 3-year period. This is typical leftist behavior - throw more money at something like a school to solve a problem, and if the school still continues to perform poorly, continue throwing more more money at it! In the real world, a school that is failing its students as Creighton obviously is should be soundly criticized, not praised.