Monday, July 2, 2007

AZ Republic article praises school that is failing

The AZ Republic ran a bizarre feature article on its front page on June 24th praising Creighton school, which teaches immigrant children who can't speak English. The article fawns over how wonderful the school is for children who can't speak English, and notes that the AZ Republic has been in a "partnership" with the school, contributing large amounts of money to it. Yet, after 3 years, the majority of students still aren't reading at grade level! The article features a couple of students, and praises one third grader for reading at 94 words per minute - even though third graders should be reading at 120 words per minute. As if featuring a couple of anecdotes about 2 kids somehow provides evidence that the school should be praised? The article says the Republic will continue its "partnership" past the initial 3-year period. This is typical leftist behavior - throw more money at something like a school to solve a problem, and if the school still continues to perform poorly, continue throwing more more money at it! In the real world, a school that is failing its students as Creighton obviously is should be soundly criticized, not praised.

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