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The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled today that the Governor was not immune to legal action for hiding behind a non-binding legal opinion, issued by Attorney General Terry Goddard, stopping the implementation of the benefits section of Proposition 200, “Protect Arizona Now.” Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen was pleased with the court’s ruling.

“No longer can Janet Napolitano use Attorney General Goddard as a shield as she seeks to skirt the rule of law,” said Pullen. “This court ruling shows that the Governor cannot set state policy based on non-binding legal opinions by the Attorney General, no matter how much she dislikes what the voters have willed.”

This appeal was filed after the trial court ruled that their was no civil recourse regarding the Governor’s Proposition 200 proclamation directing the state executive branch on how to enforce the proposition. The Court of Appeals has now ruled that parties can bring suit against the Governor and state agencies on their failure to enforce Proposition 200.

For more information, please contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770 or at

AZ Taxpayers 2007 Legislative Wrap-up

2007 Arizona Legislative Wrap-Up

(A version of this wrap-up will be published in this week's edition of the Arizona Capitol Times,

Using last year's adopted budget of $10.1 billion as a baseline, this year's budget of $10.6 billion means a five percent increase in spending -- in line with the ten-year average yearly growth of population plus inflation. If we just look at this snapshot (and ignore a "one-time" transportation spending increase of $340 million), this year's budget does not look so bad.

That said, this year's budget comes as a brief rest after a four-year run of fiscal irresponsibility, in which state spending increased by an average of more than 12 percent per year -- more than double the rate of growth of population plus inflation (the conservative upper limit on spending growth). 12 percent is also significantly higher than the average rate of growth of state personal income over the past decade (7.6 percent), which means that state government has been growing much faster than the ability of Arizonans to pay for it.

The trend of overspending is unlikely to reverse itself. The principal drivers of state spending are education (both K12 and higher ed), health care, and transportation, which saw increases this year of at least 10 percent, 6 percent, and 25 percent, respectively. Apologists for runaway spending argue that prices in those sectors are rising more rapidly than prices in other sectors of the economy. But why do prices rise so rapidly in education, health care, and transportation? Answer: Those sectors are dominated by government spending, and the suppliers in those sectors are not forced by competitive market discipline to achieve efficiencies and control costs.

The solution is to move as much of education, health care, and transportation as possible into the private sector. Sadly, almost nothing of significance was achieved in these areas during this legislative session. There was almost no progress whatsoever on school choice this year (other than a tax deduction for contributions to 529 college savings accounts), and there was no forward movement on removing the costly mandates on health insurance that keep many of the uninsured from buying low-premium policies.

In transportation, the solution is not to continue throwing one-time cash at projects, but to rely on the private sector for the financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of new highway capacity. Senators Ron Gould (R-Havasu) and Pamela Gorman (R-Anthem) introduced important legislation to enable private projects to go forward, only to see it shot down by local political interests pushing the creation of new taxing districts.

What we got in the FY 2008 budget was a little more government. What we needed was a lot less government.

Major Progress:

Thanks to pressure from taxpayer activists, the Legislature passed a bipartisan reform that will penalize cities in Maricopa and Pinal Counties that carve out special tax giveaways for politically-connected developers. Kudos to Sen. Ken Cheuvront (D-Phoenix) and Rep. Rick Murphy (R-Glendale), who led the charge.

Some Progress:

The budget agreement included a provision that will allow state tax deductions for families that make donations to 529 educational savings accounts.

The Legislature made some incremental progress on reducing the assessment ratio for taxation of business properties.

No Progress:

No progress on prohibiting governments and government agencies from using taxpayer money to lobby the Legislature ("No Taxpayer Money for Lobbyists").

No progress on giving voters a chance to lower the state's existing constitutional spending limit from 7.41 percent to 6.4 percent of state personal income. Without reform of the state's spending limit, more gigantic budget increases are sure to come.

No progress on allowing private financing, construction, operation and maintenance of new highway capacity.

No progress on permanently zeroing-out the county equalization property tax rate.

No progress on reducing the rate of Arizona's job-killing corporate income tax.

No progress on further reducing Arizona's personal income tax rates.

No progress on vouchers or tax credits, including a tax credit proposal that would have allowed donors until April 15 th to make scholarship donations for the previous tax year, and a proposed "G.I. Jr." program that would have given school-choice grants to children of US Armed Forces personnel.

No progress on reducing mandates on private health insurance plans, which would make premiums more affordable for many of the uninsured. This bill passed the House in March, but was squashed in the Senate.

About Us

About Arizona Federation of Taxpayers

The mission of the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers (AFT) is to expand economic growth and prosperity for all Arizonans. To view AFT's 22nd annual Legislative Scorecard, visit our website. AFT is a state chapter of Americans for Prosperity.


About Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is the nation's premier grassroots organization committed to advancing every individual's right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFP educates and engages citizens in support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to its constitutional limits.



The Democrats’ true colors were shown today at the Greater Phoenix of Chamber of Commerce 13th Annual Legislative Wrap Up Breakfast, where Democrat House Minority Leader Phil Lopes was critical of tax relief for Arizona businesses. Arizona Republican Party chairman Randy Pullen said he was disappointed that Lopes and other Democrats were continuing to reject smart and fiscally sound ideas, instead relying on the failed ideas of the past. “Democrats have welfare and big government down pat, but they simply refuse to understand what our economy needs to create jobs, what business needs to create opportunity, and what families need to prosper,” Pullen said.

“Arizona is the fastest growing state in the country and Phoenix has just passed Philadelphia as the nation’s fifth most populous city,” said Pullen. “Yet Arizona Democrats from Janet Napolitano to Phil Lopes to their rank and file candidates refuse to accept recent decades of proof that lower taxes and limited government create growth and prosperity.

“If Mr. Lopes wants Arizona to mimic other states, where taxes are high, government is big, and the environment is anti-business, then he should continue to advocate tax hikes and more government spending. However, I prefer, and most Arizonans prefer creating a business friendly environment with lower taxes and less regulation that foster job creation and a higher quality of life.

“Today’s Republican Party is working with business, community and political leaders to develop economic policies that will create new jobs, create new growth, increase income, reduce government regulation, reduce taxes, and make this state more business friendly.” concluded Pullen.

For more information, please contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770 or at

Thursday, June 28, 2007

When neither the facts nor the law are on your side, attack the prosecutor, the victims and the family dog.

Arizona Political Heat has posted an amusing rebuttal by Barnett Lotstein from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office regarding Superior Court presiding judge Barbara Mundell's recent op-ed defending her decision not to enforce Prop. 100, no bail for illegal immigrants. Lotstein notes that Mundell runs separate race-based courts for Spanish-speaking defendants who have committed DUIs; this seems to reflect part of a pattern by Mundell which favors certain races over others - and is obviously unconstitutional. He thinks Mundell wrote the op-ed in order to influence other judges.

Time running out today to stop the Kennedy amnesty bill

from the state GOP - we need to stop the Senate from the 2nd cloture vote today


JUNE 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

As you are probably already aware, the Senate was able to pass a vote of cloture by a margin of 64-35 yesterday. Like you, I was very disappointed with allowing the “Kennedy Amnesty Bill” to proceed. It is clear that this legislation is weak, unfair, and expensive. I am still very optimistic about the defeat of this bill as it moves through the legislative process.

We still have ample opportunity to stop the “Kennedy Amnesty Bill,” below you will find a list of the 64 U.S. Senators that voted for cloture yesterday. I urge everyone to call, e-mail, and fax these Senators and urge them to reconsider their vote.

Beyond that, if this bill makes it through the Senate, we still have an opportunity to defeat this bill when it moves to the House. Already a coalition of Republicans, led by Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) and supported by several key Republicans including Arizona’s own John Shadegg and Trent Franks, as well as House Republican Leader John Boehner are working to derail and defeat this bad piece of legislation once and for all. Yesterday, the House Republican Conference voted on a resolution simply stating “Resolved the House Republican Conference disapproves of the Senate immigration bill.” The resolution passed by an overwhelming margin, 114-28. This vote is the first step in having a unified Republican front in the House to stop the Kennedy Amnesty Bill.”

The fight continues and the Arizona Republican Party will remain on the front lines of the immigration debate. Remember, your voice is our voice. It was your voices that rose up and stalled this legislation and now I truly believe it will be your voices heard from coast to coast that will ultimately send the “Kennedy Amnesty Bill” to the ash heap of history.

As always, it is honor to serve as your state chairman.





AK Ted Stevens R 522 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3004; 202-224-2354

AK Lisa Murkowski R 709 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6665; 202-224-5301

AR Blanche Lincoln D 355 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-4843; 202-228-1371

AR Mark Pryor D 257 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2353; 202-228-0908

AZ John McCain R 241 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2235; 202-228-2862

AZ Jon Kyl R 730 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4521; 202-224-2207

CA Dianne Feinstein D 331 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3841; 202-228-3954

CA Barbara Boxer D 112 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3553; 415-956-6701

CO Ken Salazar R 702 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5852 ;202-228-5036

CT Christopher Dodd D 448 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2823 ;202-224-1083

CT Joseph Lieberman D 706 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4041; 202-224-9750

DE Joseph Biden D 201 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5042; 202-224-0139

DE Thomas Carper D 513 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2441; 202-228-2190

FL Bill Nelson D 716 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5274; 202-228-2183

FL Mel Martinez R 317 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3041; 202-228-5171

HI Daniel Inouye D 722 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3934; 202-224-6747

HI Daniel Akaka D 141 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6361 ;202-224-2126

IA Tom Harkin D 731 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3254 ;202-224-9369

ID Larry Craig R 520 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2752 ;202-228-1067

IL Richard Durbin D 332 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2152; 202-228-0400

IL Barack Obama D 713 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2854 ;202-228-1372

IN Richard Lugar R 306 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4814; 202-228-0360

KS Sam Brownback R 303 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6521; 202-228-1265

KY Mitch McConnell R 361A Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2541; 202-224-2499

MA Edward Kennedy D 317 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4543; 202-224-2417

MA John Kerry D 304 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2742; 202-224-8525

MD Barbara Mikulski D 503 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4654 ;202-224-8858

MD Benjamin Cardin D B40B Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-4524 ;202-224-1651

ME Olympia Snowe R 154 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5344; 202-224-1946

ME Susan Collins R 461 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2523; 202-224-2693

MI Carl Levin D 269 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-6221; 202-224-1388

MN Norm Coleman R 320 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5641; 202-224-1152

MN Amy Klobuchar D C4 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3244; 202-228-2186

MO Claire McCaskill D 825A Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6154; 202-228-1518

MS Trent Lott R 487 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-6253; 202-224-2262

NC Richard Burr R 217 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3154;202-228-2981

ND Kent Conrad D 530 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2043 ;202-224-7776

ND Byron Dorgan D 322 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2551; 202-224-1193

NE Charles Hagel R 248 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4224 ;202-224-5213

NE Benjamine Nelson D 720 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6551; 202-228-0012

NH Judd Gregg R 393 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3324; 202-224-4952

NJ Frank Lautenberg D 324 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3224; 202-225-4054

NJ Robert Menendez D 502 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4744 ;202-228-2197

NM Pete Domenici R 328 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6621; 202-228-3261

NM Jeff Bingaman D 703 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5521; 202-224-2852

NV Harry Reid D 528 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3542 ;202-224-7327

NV John Ensign R 356 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-6244 ;202-228-2193

NY Charles Schumer D 313 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6542; 202-228-3027

NY Hillary Clinton D 476 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4451; 202-228-0282

OH George Voinovich R 524 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3353 ;202-228-1382

OH Sherrod Brown D C5 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2315;202-224-6519

OR Ron Wyden D 230 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-5244; 202-228-2717

PA Arlen Specter R 711 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4254 ;202-228-1229

PA Bob Casey D B40C Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-6324; 202-228-0604

RI Jack Reed D 728 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4642; 202-224-4680

RI Sheldon Whitehouse D B40D Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2921 ;202-228-6362

SC Lindsey Graham R 290 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5972; 202-224-3808

SD Tim Johnson D 136 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5842 ;202-228-5765

UT Robert Bennett R 431 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-5444 ;202-228-1168

VA John Warner R 225 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2023; 202-224-6295

VA James Webb D C1 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4024; 202-224-5432

VT Patrick Leahy D 433 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4242; 202-224-3479

WA Patty Murray D 173 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2621; 202-224-0238

WA Maria Cantwell D 717 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3441; 202-228-0514

WI Herb Kohl D 330 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5653;202-224-9787

WI Russell Feingold D 506 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5323 ;202-224-2725

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shadegg sends out strange panicky email with errors

Did anyone else catch the panicky tone and mistakes in the email Congressman Shadegg sent out yesterday? He says he's never heard about a Democrat challenging him this early on in a term, and thinks it's because the Democrat Party has chosen him for targeting. The email text was crossed out at the end, and the body of the email contained two different colored typefaces; it looked like it hadn't been finished editing before it got sent out. (we weren't able to get the email to show up correctly, below, but you get the gist)

Home | About John | Energy Committee | On The Issues | News & Views | Action Center | Events | Contribute | Contact

Dear Shadegg Insider:

Thank you! Your support has been critical to my efforts to promote freedom, free-markets and personal responsibility.

I need your immediate help! As a result of my commitment to freedom and my leadership on the conservative agenda, liberal Democrats have targeted me for defeat next November. This is the earliest I have ever drawn a Democrat opponent and confirms the liberal strategy of targeting key congressional races, early to try to grow the Democrat majority in U.S. House. No doubt he will have help from George Soros and MoveOn. org and others of their ilk ! who are emboldened by their defeat of J.D. Hayworth.

In the first quarter of this year, my opponent raised more money than any previous opponent of mine had done for an entire cycle! Your contribution today of the maximum legal amount of $2,300 per person for the primary and the same for the general, or any amount -- $1,000, $500, $100 or even $35 -- will help me defend against the attacks from liberal groups who despise the values that we share.

Even the New York Times is engaged in helping the Democrats against me. Following the first quarter fundraising report, the New York Time published a story entitled "Democrat Lord's Work at Fundraising Draws Rare Look at Arizona District" in which the Times provides my opponent added credibility to a nationwide fundraising audience in an obvious! attempt to boost his profile and contributions. Here is part of what they wrote, quoting a Democrat insider:

But he added that the Democrats have been emboldened by successes in 2006, which included Democrat Janet Napolitano's easy re-election victory for governor and the party's takeover of two formerly Republican-held House districts: the 5th, where Harry Mitchell unseated six-term Republican Rep. J.D. Hayworth and the 8th, where Gabrielle Giffords won the seat left open by the retirement of 11-term Republican Jim Kolbe.

"Democrats in Arizona are feeling an enormous sense of empowerment and possibility coming off winning two additional seats in the last cycle and a gubernatorial landslide" he said.

To stop the Democrats and their sense of momentum, I need your help today. I am more committed than ever to fighting for the cause of freedom, but I cannot do it alone. I need to raise significant funds immediately to respond to the attacks that are already coming and will continue to come from the ultra-liberal special interest groups. They have made no secret of their desire to defeat me and grow their majority in next year's election. I am on their target list, not only because of my principled stands for freedom, but because my district has the same registration margin as J.D. Hayworth's district, and they think that if they can beat him, they can beat me. And they are pulling out all the stops to do it.

We can continue to fight these frontal assaults on our freedom and security, but I can not do it alone. I need your immediate help today to ! continue to carry the banner of freedom in Congress. Please make your online contribution of $2,300 per person or $1,000, $500, $100, or even $35 at
You can also mail a check today to John Shadegg's Friends at P.O. Box 45444 Phoenix, AZ 85064.

I truly appreciate your continued support as we face this new challenge.


John Shadegg

P.S. Please send whatever you can immediately. It is vital to our continued success!


AZ ACLU free immigration forum tonight

Note there is no one representing the other side on the illegal immigration issue. Guess the ACLU would prefer not to put on a fair and balanced debate.

ACLU of Arizona Central Chapter Presents a community forum entitled:

Immigration: A Civil Liberties Perspective

to raise awareness about state and federal immigration policies that impact the constitutional rights o f immigrants in Arizona.

The event will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 27th at the Grace Lutheran Church, 1124 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit

The following prominent, local immigration advocates will speak on these topics: Prop 100/State Anti-Smuggling Law: Tracy Friddle, a Deputy Public Defender at the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office. Before moving into the trenches of criminal immigration defense at the Maricopa County PD, Friddle worked as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Tucson and Phoenix for over 2.5 years, defending immigrants and others accused of federal crimes, including immigration and alien-smuggling offenses. She is currently challenging the constitutionality of Prop 100 through a petition for special action filed with the Arizona Court of Appeals. Friddle filed the petition on behalf of Melvin Omar Hernandez, who was arrested for an open-container violation, prosecuted for possession of false work documents, and then denied bail because of Prop 100. The new law makes undocumented immigrants who commit certain offenses ineligible for bond. While the referendum was originally approved by voters to deny bond to undocumented immigrants who commit serious felony offenses, people are being denied bond for minor offenses such as forgery. Friddle is arguing Prop 100 violates immigrants due process and equal protection rights under the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions.

Racial Profiling in Immigration Enforcement: Judy Flanagan, an immigration lawyer in Phoenix who represented the "Wilson Four. Flanagan will discuss the cases of four students who were detained in June 2002 by immigration officials at the U.S.-Canada border while on a Wilson Charter High School field trip in Buffalo, N.Y. A judge later threw out their convictions bec ause of racial profiling and coercion. The four students were brought into the United States from Mexico by their undocumented parents. Students Luis Nava and Manuel Espinoza-Vazquez both of whom were victims of racial profiling by police also will attend the forum. Luis was a member of the Wilson Four and Miguel is an Arizona State University who is facing deportation after a Gilbert officer stopped him on March 9th for making an improper right turn. He has lived here for most of his life, never missed a day of high school, earned a scho larship to ASU, and is now being deported to a country he knows nothing about.

Immigration Detention/Conditions of Confinement: Raha Jorjani, Staff Attorney Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project, will discuss issues related to conditions of confinement of immigrants in detention, including lack of medical care, mental health issues and indefinite detention. The event will be moderated by Bob McWhirter, an expert on immigration law and a public defender with the Maricopa Legal Defenders Office.

Following the presentations, there will be a short question-and-answer session with audience members. The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona is freedom's watchdog, working daily in the courts, legislatures and communities to defend individual rights and personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The ACLUs local chapters are often the first line of defense against civil liberties violations. Consisting of volunteers who donate their time and energy to combat civil liberties abuses in their communities, the ACLU of Arizona has active chapters in Phoenix and Tucson, where most of our 8,500 members and supporters reside.


Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, was elated that the entire Republican Conference held together and defeated a cloture vote on the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, which Pullen dubbed “the Democrats egregious anti-business, anti-jobs payback for unions who funded Democrats’ campaigns in 2006.”

“This sends a strong message to the American people that the Republican Party will continue to defend your right to a secret ballot and will continue to protect American workers from union threats and intimidation.”

Pullen continued, “I think that US Senate Republican Leader McConnell along with our own Arizona Senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl, did a tremendous job of derailing this anti-worker and anti-American bill.”

The motion for cloture on the “Employee Free Choice Act” failed in the senate by a vote of 51-48 with all Republicans voting against the measure. The measure had previously been passed by the House of Representatives by a vote 241-185 on March 1, 2007.

During passage in the House, Arizona’s two freshmen Democrat members, Harry Mitchell and Gabrielle Giffords, voted with Nancy Pelosi and the liberal extremist wing of the Democrat Party to approve this anti-jobs legislation.

For more information, please contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770 or at

Reaction from state GOP to Senate voting for cloture on immigration bill

The U.S. Senate today voted 64-35 to invoke cloture on the comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, was disappointed by the Senate’s move. “Anyone who voted yes on cloture on this legislation is essentially voting its final passage,” said Pullen. “It has been shown time and again that this bill is fatally flawed. The latest Rasmussen polling data suggests that only twenty-two percent of the American people support passage of this legislation.

“This is certainly not representative of the will of the people of Arizona, and I don’t believe it is in the best interests of our nation,” concluded Pullen.

The bill is now headed for debate and final vote in the United States Senate.

For more information, please contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770 or at

State GOP Tusk Times


AZGOP - " the news"


Dear Friends,

The first campaign school of the 2007-2008 election cycle was a great success this past weekend, with more than one hundred attendees and guests ranging from candidates to campaign managers to grassroots activists filling the Colter Center at the Community Church of Joy in Glendale.

Our thanks go out to GOPAC, Ed Brookover of Greener and Hook and David Avella of Donatelli-Avella (and GOPAC), Maricopa Treasurer David Schweikert, State Elections Director Joe Kanefield and House Speaker Jim Weiers for their words of wisdom. And, of course, our collective thanks go out to our wonderful staff and amazing volunteers who put together an event that kept growing from 60 students to 85 students to eventually over 100 in just a matter of weeks! Our volunteers are truly the strength of our state party operations and we thank you so very much!

In the political world, much as been dominated of late by the immigration debate, and rightly so. Thanks to the efforts of many Arizonans (Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike), the Senate has yet to take action on the so-called “grand compromise” legislation we’ve simply come to call “the Kennedy Amnesty Bill.” CLICK HERE <> if you haven’t already and sign US Senator Jim Inhofe’s petition for border security (joining tens of thousands of your fellow Americans in this crusade to stop the flow of drugs, guns, criminals and even terrorists from crossing our southern border!).

In addition to the border security/immigration debate, Republicans are making headlines in other important areas: President Bush has garnered the support of 147 House Republicans who have pledged to uphold his vetoes over the Democrats runaway spending bills. And, US Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) has introduced legislation that would allow television coverage of US Supreme Court hearings (just as today there is C-Span coverage of congressional debates), further opening up to our public another great American deliberative body.

Incidentally, for those looking for a chuckle or two, CLICK HERE <> to read the Arizona Report, a new blog we just learned about which pokes fun of, well, just about everyone and is downright hilarious (if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re taking it all too seriously).

As always, it’s a tremendous honor to serve you as chairman.



FROM AZGOP 1st Vice Chairman John Rutledge

Dear Mr. President:

This letter is a plea on behalf of thousands of Republicans not only in Arizona, but across the country. These are the Republicans who worked countless hours on your behalf in 2000 and 2004. These are the same Republican who donated many dollars, made an untold number of phone calls, and knocked on thousands upon thousands of doors so that you might lead our “shining city upon a hill.” Although this letter man not represent all Republicans that fit those descriptions, it does however represent a majority based on the number of phone calls, faxes, e-mails, and conversations that have occurred over the past several weeks.

Many of us support you and our troops in Iraq and the goals of the United States of America overseas. We pray for your continued steadfast leadership and for the success and safety of our troops. As we watch your presidency wind down to its final days, we truly understand your desire to get “something” done on the issue of immigration reform. We also understand that the Democrats have no intention and no desire of securing the border, now or in the future.

We are not “anti-immigrant” Mr. President. My father came to this country in 1926 from Scotland, while my mother was born in Canada. I spent four years in the Navy, fighting for those freedoms of liberty, justice, and the rule of law that make this country great. After that, I dedicated forty years of my life to the Republican Party. In 1988, I was a delegate for your father to the Republican National Convention. In 2004, I was a delegate for you.

The only “fear mongering” I could be accused of in this multi-cultural neighborhood I have called home for the last twenty-five years would be the four foot by eight foot Bush/Cheney signs I proudly displayed on my lawn in both 2000 and 2004. It hurts Mr. President when my high school aged grandchildren ask what I did that caused you to call me names, simply because we disagree on immigration reform.

Our plea, Mr. President is that before you worry about “illegal immigrants” that you consider the hopes and dreams; the opportunities and goals; and the lives and liberties of the legal citizens, the people of this country that gave you the privilege and responsibility to lead our great nation. Please consider the effect that this legislation will have on our sons and daughters, on our nieces and nephews, and on our grandsons and granddaughters. God bless you Mr. President and God bless the United States of America.


John Rutledge
1st Vice Chairman

BEE <>

Legislators kept spending low while addressing public's needs

From the Tuscon Citizen - Published: 06.25.2007

As a third-generation Tucson native, it is easy for me to understand why Arizona has become the fastest-growing state in the nation.

With its beautiful landscapes and variety of housing and business opportunities, there is something for everyone.

However, as we continue to attract people to our state, we must properly address our current and future infrastructure needs.

We began the legislative session with a vision for Arizona's future - where generations to come can enjoy a vibrant economy and an outstanding quality of life.

Our goal for the session was to keep spending low, while at the same time addressing the needs of our growing public.

CLICK HERE <> to read more.

Treasurer Dean Martin Forecasts Historic Increase In Funds For Teachers And Students

Investments Double Money From Education Endowment

(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) –Treasurer Dean Martin announced today that improved investment performance in the education endowment fund is likely to DOUBLE distributions next fiscal year.

These new funds will be available to schools for teacher pay raises, class size reduction, AIMS tutoring, teacher training and insurance, and dropout prevention programs.

“I am excited to announce that due to our investment performance, we are likely to more than DOUBLE the funds distributed for education this year,” Treasurer Dean Martin said. “This landmark increase means good news for teachers and students who are the direct recipients of our investments.”

CLICK HERE <> to read more.



The Arizona Diamondbacks would like to invite you to Maricopa Republican Day at ChaseField!!!

Discounted seating for this game is available in the follow locations

Lower Level, Baseline Reserves, Sections 133-134
Lower Level, Bleacher, Section 103
Diamond Level, Club Box, Section 202


Enter republicans for i.d. and ballgame for password.

Sun, August 26, 2007 1:40 pm Chicago Cubs
*$10 Discount on Baseline Reserve and Diamond Level seats
*10,000 Kids’ Lunchboxes designed by ToddMcFarlane

***Seating is limited. All orders will be filled with the best available seats and mailed back to the address provided.***
***All Kids’ giveaways are for those fans 12 and younger.***

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gingrich <>


“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”
- Newt Gingrich

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New local crime news site - AZNewsRoundup

A local crime news site has just launched, According to an email from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, the site will carry both Maricopa County and Arizona criminal justice news, updated daily. It's about time someone came up with a local alternative to the selection of news provided by the local print media. Between blognetnews (which carries local political blogs), and sites like this and, relying upon the Republic and Tribune for your local news is becoming less and less necessary. AZ News Roundup offers email subscriptions but no RSS feed yet. Let's hope that feature is added, which it probably will be shortly considering the county attorney's other sites (like offer RSS. RSS is the wave of the future for news on the internet.

Federalist Society happy hour this Thursday

The Federalist Society For Law and Public Policy Studies Phoenix Lawyers Chapter
Invites you to join other Federalist Society members and invited guests. With Presidential politics getting off to such an early start, there is plenty to discuss! Please feel free to invite your summer clerks along to join us.

When: 5:30-7:30pm, Thursday, June 28, 2007
Where: Rula Bula in Tempe (on Mill Ave. between 3rd and 5th on the east side of Mill)
What: Social happy hour-we’ll provide the snacks, you’ll provide the drinks

Feel free to pass this email along to family, friends and colleagues, this is a great opportunity to meet some of the other local Federalist Society members as well as students and summer law clerks who will join us.

Contact Jennifer Perkins (; 480-557-8316) with any questions.


Upcoming Events

Annual Lawyer-Student Mixer
When: 5:30-7:30pm, Thursday, August 30, 2007
Where: Home of Mark Brnovich, Phoenix Lawyers Chapter Executive Board member.*
Who: This event is not restricted to Federalist Society members, and is intended to be an opportunity for lawyers, judges and students in our legal community to meet and mingle. Feel free to pass the invitation along.

What: The Federalist Society Phoenix Lawyers Chapter, and the Student Chapters at ASU, U of A, and Phoenix School of Law welcome Chief Justice Ruth McGregor as our Special Guest. Chief Justice McGregor will share brief comments with us, over light appetizers and drinks generously provided by our host, Mark Brnovich.

* Please RSVP to Jennifer Perkins ( or 480-557-8316) by Tuesday, August 28, and she will provide directions to the Brnovich residence. Your courtesy in responding to Ms. Perkins if you plan to attend is greatly appreciated.

Look for future announcements on the Phoenix Lawyers Chapter’s fall CLE opportunity, and consider attending this year’s National Lawyers Convention in Washington D.C.–this will be the Federalist Society’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, one you don’t want to miss (November 15-17, 2007).


GOPAC holds training seminar for a standing room only crowd

The Arizona Republican Party held a successful campaign school on Saturday, presented by the nationally acclaimed Republican training program, GOPAC. It was a full house, packed with Republican candidates, elected officials, campaign managers, party faithful, and staff as the AZGOP hosted veteran Republican operatives, Ed Brookover, David Avella, and Kevin McNeill. Arizona House Speaker Jim Weiers and Maricopa County Treasurer David Schweikert also spoke.

The in depth training program included detailed presentations on developing a campaign plan, fundraising, communication and media strategies, election law, and pro-business issues.

“This is the first step for our candidates and grassroots as we move forward to win back control of Congress, win a veto proof majority in both houses of the state legislature, keep a Republican residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and when we’re done, we’ll be in a position to reclaim the Governor’s mansion, er, Governor’s condo, as our own in 2010,” said Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

Pullen continued, “We’re going to be running aggressive campaigns across Arizona in 2008 and we will utilize every tool at our disposal to roll back the Democrats’ 2006 gains. I hope the Democrats are prepared for the Republican tsunami that’s about to hit them.”

“The Arizona Republican Party is providing an invaluable resource to its candidates with this early training on how to run for office,” said David Avella, Senior Advisor to GOPAC. “These early efforts will prove a major boost to electing Republicans across the state.”

GOPAC is the premier Republican Education and Training Center. Chairman Michael Steele is focusing the resources of GOPAC to build a farm team of state and local candidates across the country.

For more information, contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770 or at

Monday, June 25, 2007

AZ GOP to drop the G

A new local political satire site has popped up, The Arizona Report. This is really, really funny, quoting Brett on a plane Mecum. Pullen must be running for governor -
In a surprise move, the Arizona Republican Party announced today that they would be dropping the letter G from their traditional name and going with the new name “Rand Old Party.” This move is an attempt to draw a closer connection between the Arizona Republican Party and its current chairman Randy Pullen.

“Chairman Pullen is the face of the Arizona Republican Party,” said Brett Mecum, AZ ROP Communications Director, “It’s a simple move that brings the connection even closer together. His name is all over all of our press releases, website, and everything else we are putting out. Why not have the party start with the first four letters of his name?”

The general reaction from the party faithful has been very positive. James Sweetwater, 62, of Sun City said, “Personally, I had hoped that they would go with the RAND OLD PARTY to emulate the way Chairman Pullen always puts his name in capital letters at the end of everything he writes.”

“I think that the term ‘Rand’ is also an old German phrase meaning against illegal immigration,” explained Susan Timmins, 75, of Scottsdale, “At least, it should mean something like that.”

The party also announced that it would be releasing a new mascot to coincide with their strategic shift. Their logo (pictured) will contain more references to Chairman Pullen and will be featured on all of their materials for the upcoming 2008 election.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Darcy Olsen to debate Kyrsten Sinema & Howie Fischer on Sunday's Square-Off

Goldwater Institute President Darcy Olsen will be debating Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the most liberal AZ legislator, and Howie Fischer, local leftist reporter, this Sunday on KPNX-NBC's Square-Off at 8:00am (channel 12 on Cox). They'll be discussing the just-passed state budget and APS rate hike (note which ones of your "GOP" Corporation Commissioners voted yes). Should be interesting, Sinema is ok at discussing issues on the surface because she talks fast so she puts up a good fake show, but she is short on substance, so if Darcy gets a little into facts and figures Sinema will flounder.

Pullen asking to support State GOP for efforts against Senate immigration bill

Dear Friends,

In 96 hours, the Senate is due to take up the comprehensive immigration reform bill again. Two weeks ago, because of your calls, emails, faxes and letters, two things happened:

First, our collective voices were heard and we won the first round by stopping passage of this bill in the Democrat-controlled US Senate. Second, we demonstrated to ourselves, to other state Republican parties, to our national party and to the rest of the nation that we are strongest when we unite behind the will of the American people, behind the rule of law, behind the promises we have already made and must now keep. Today, we are a stronger party than before because our voice has grown with new Arizona Republican voters, new donors and new activists within our ranks!

Please, call (202) 224-3121 and tell Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Trent Lott, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the US Senate that we need real border security and real immigration reform… but this bill just isn’t it.

Then, please CLICK HERE and send a make a secure online donation today to YOUR ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PARTY. To keep our voices heard loud and clear, YOUR party needs YOUR support today. Your contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even $150 today. This is our party, our state and our nation – and all three are worth fighting for.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!


In Arizona, Bloomberg Would Have Stayed

Nationally, Republicans are going through something of an identity crisis. President Bush (43)’s attempt to seem bipartisan led not to greater enmity with Democrats and Independents (Dubya is, today, the most unpopular president of the modern era among “middle of the road” voters and moderates, and is near-uniformly despised by Democrats across the board).

Nationally, Republicans took a balanced budget left them by the likes of Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey and John Kasich and once again racked up giant budget deficits and more than a $9 trillion national debt.

Nationally, Republicans stood by while President Bush created vast new Medicare entitlements over prescription drugs, oversaw a federal takeover of education with No Child Left Behind, and watched ineffectually while our brave men and women in uniform overthrew a Mid-East tyrant but neglected to bring along diplomats with an exit strategy.

Nationally, Republicans deserved to lose the majority. Certainly, the Democrats seem almost intent on giving it back – what with Harry Reid surrendering in Iraq every 96 hours, Nancy Pelosi negotiating with state-sponsors of terrorism, and the Democrat Congress passing the largest tax hikes in American history. It’s almost enough to make you imagine Democrat and Republican leaders playing “hot potato” with the Speaker’s Gavel, determined not to get burned (or burdened) with actually having to govern in these trying times.

Looking at the national landscape, it’s no wonder New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has embraced NON-partisanship and left the Republican Party for, well, no one.

There’s a saying that floats around the Arizona Republican Party these days I’ve heard on more than one occasion: “We need a lot less Washington in Arizona and a lot more Arizona in Washington.”

If that sentiment were actually true, and not just for Arizona but for the rest of America, Mr. Bloomberg might not be jumping ship. Look at the lessons of Arizona and ponder how they might play out on a national stage:

House Speaker Jim Weiers and Senate President Tim Bee passed a massive $500 million tax cut last year and augmented it with targeted cuts while holding the governor’s spending-spree in relative check in the budget this year. Legislative Republicans railed against sex-offenders, stood up for police and fire fighters, and fought hard to deliver new tools to the men and women of law enforcement on the front lines of our war against meth and other terrible drugs.

Weiers, Bee and the Republicans raised teacher pay, created new jobs and set the stage for another round of needed tax cuts next year – a classic election-year showdown with Arizona’s “tax and spend” Democrats who will surely try to block Republican efforts at reducing the size of government.

Oh, and between the legislative Republican leadership and the state Republican Party, Arizona is one of a handful of states in the nation where its not “un-American” to oppose a bad immigration bill. In fact, it’s downright patriotic – because in Arizona, right is right, wrong is wrong, and the rule of law is important. Arizona Republicans have become national leaders in the fight for border security – and Republicans like Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater would be proud.

Yes, in Arizona, Michael Bloomberg would have stayed.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fred Thompson not so conservative on abortion?

According to an article in Newsmax, GOP presidential candidate (supposed to officially enter the race July 4) Fred Thompson has made a few pro-abortion statements in past political surveys:
On a 1994 Eagle Forum survey, Thompson said he opposed criminalizing abortion. Two years later, on a Christian Coalition questionnaire, he checked "opposed" to a proposed constitutional amendment protecting the sanctity of human life. In a campaign policy statement filed in the archives, he also said he believes "the decision to have an early term abortion is a moral issue and should not be a legal one subject to the dictates of the government." During an interview with the Conservative Spectator, a Tennessee newspaper, he claimed to be pro-life but also said that, "The ultimate decision on abortion should be left with the woman and not the government."
His voting record on life issues is ok; although he voted pro-life on most issues that came up involving abortion, he has supported campaign finance restrictions, which earned him an 87% score from National Right to Life in '98-99, 78% in 2000-01, and 33% rating in 2002-03.


AZGOP chief addresses “Monday Meeting” in New York City

Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, brought the fight to win back Congressional District 5 and Congressional District 8 to New York as he told major donors and contributors of the Republican Party that now is the time to start funding efforts to retake Congress in 2008.

To the crowd of more than 100 businessman and women of “The Monday Meeting,” Pullen said, “Tonight, I am reaffirming the Republican Party’s commitment to the business community. Because of you, America is the greatest nation in the world, and through your efforts we serve as a beacon of hope, liberty, and prosperity across the globe.”

Pullen continued, “The battle to retake the House of Representatives starts in Arizona. We have two of the ten top targeted seats ripe for pickup. We are already interviewing and screening candidates and gearing up our election operations. Together, with your help, we can fight and win back Congress and put far more responsible people in charge in 2008.”

The Monday Meeting was founded by Mallory Factor and James Higgins in February of 2002 and has grown rapidly over the past five years. The Monday Meeting is the premier forum of political discussion for the center-right coalition in the New York area. Regular participants in The Monday Meeting include major donors to candidates and causes, leaders in the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement, media, authors, representatives of think tanks, political clubs, and public policy groups. The Monday Meeting takes place once a month from 6:00PM to 7:30 PM in midtown Manhattan and attendance is by invitation only.

For more information contact, Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770