Friday, June 29, 2007


The Democrats’ true colors were shown today at the Greater Phoenix of Chamber of Commerce 13th Annual Legislative Wrap Up Breakfast, where Democrat House Minority Leader Phil Lopes was critical of tax relief for Arizona businesses. Arizona Republican Party chairman Randy Pullen said he was disappointed that Lopes and other Democrats were continuing to reject smart and fiscally sound ideas, instead relying on the failed ideas of the past. “Democrats have welfare and big government down pat, but they simply refuse to understand what our economy needs to create jobs, what business needs to create opportunity, and what families need to prosper,” Pullen said.

“Arizona is the fastest growing state in the country and Phoenix has just passed Philadelphia as the nation’s fifth most populous city,” said Pullen. “Yet Arizona Democrats from Janet Napolitano to Phil Lopes to their rank and file candidates refuse to accept recent decades of proof that lower taxes and limited government create growth and prosperity.

“If Mr. Lopes wants Arizona to mimic other states, where taxes are high, government is big, and the environment is anti-business, then he should continue to advocate tax hikes and more government spending. However, I prefer, and most Arizonans prefer creating a business friendly environment with lower taxes and less regulation that foster job creation and a higher quality of life.

“Today’s Republican Party is working with business, community and political leaders to develop economic policies that will create new jobs, create new growth, increase income, reduce government regulation, reduce taxes, and make this state more business friendly.” concluded Pullen.

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