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Fifth Graders at Arizona School Provided Shocking Adult Transgender and Gay Curriculum

By RACHEL ALEXANDER Published on December 19, 2018 • 28 Comments

You spend $20,000 annually on tuition for your child to ensure he receives a top education. You choose a private school to escape the indoctrination and political correctness the public schools foist on students. Now, you’re sure, things are great.
Then your expensive private school pushes the exact kind of agenda you thought you were avoiding. You weren’t told about it in advance. Worse, because it’s a private school, state legal protections don’t apply. Your child cannot opt out.
Parents whose children attend Phoenix Country Day School in Arizona recently discovered that the middle school has been grooming their children with curriculum promoting a transgender and gay agenda.

An Endless Array of Genders

The campaign features a “genderbread” character who supposedly represents all the possible “genders.” Although the character seems geared to children, it comes from a website that is clearly meant for adults, or at least older youth. PCDS takes this curriculum from, a site run by the comedian Sam Killermann. He describes himself as a “dedicated ally and advocate for social justice.”
The genderbread curriculum teaches that gender is different from biological sex. There are not two genders, male and female, but rather an endless array of genders. The possibilities include genderqueer, non-binary, pangender, androgyne, neutrois, gender-variant, AG, cyborg, two-spirit, glitterbutch, genderfluid, trigender, stud. It even includes agender and genderless.
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The genderbread character is prominently featured in a large bulletin board display in the halls at the middle school. Children as young as 10 years old—- the school includes fifth graders — walk by it every day.
The website discusses sex toys, a** play and links to a gay hookup app, GROWLr, for men to meet hairy men. On GROWLr’s website it is described as “an app for gay bears.” Killmann writes, “There are even some mobile dating apps for particular subcultures. Are you into bears (heavy-set men, usually hairy-bodied and -faced)? Download Growlr.”
The curriculum promotes “gender fluidity,” but there is no reference to it. “You and Others” is the name of the curriculum. It’s no longer even called sex ed. This may be to disguise the content so it’s not readily apparent.
The curriculum picks out its enemies. Those who disagree with the LBGT agenda are labeled — you guessed it — “oppressive.” The site features an article entitled “30+ Examples of Christian Privilege.” They include such things as “Positive references to your faith are seen dozens of times a day by everyone, regardless of their faith.” 

Adult Education

Clearly, the curriculum is not meant for 10-year-old children. The bulletin board has been up for a year at the middle school, but parents only recently found out about it. Many of the parents were horrified, and expressed their disapproval with the curriculum. But the school refused to acknowledge their concerns.
Then suddenly, within the past couple of weeks, the bulletin board disappeared. Parents were not notified. They have no idea whether or not the curriculum has been permanently removed or not. They do not know how much of it is being taught to their children within the classroom.
This controversy may not be over. It has hurt the reputation of the school as word has circulated. Some parents may pull their children out of the school. On the other hand, this may be a sign of where private schools are going.

Genderbread - Phoenix Country Day School
The Sexualitree
The school did not respond to my questions.
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Monday, December 10, 2018

Piling on Racism Accusations to Take Down a Conservative State Legislator

The left has a bad habit of labeling conservatives racist merely for being politically incorrect. Whereas when someone on the left actuallyisracist, they get a free pass. Hillary Clinton recently joked about how a woman interviewing her confused the two black men Eric Holder and Cory Booker. “Yeah, I know they all look alike," Clinton laughed. Most of the left-leaning media didn’t even bother covering the incident.

Contrast this to what is happening with conservative Arizona State Rep. David Stringer (R-Prescott). Stringer is a culture warrior, who is concerned about illegal immigrants and radical Islamists entering the country and changing the culture. This is a fairly common view, popularized by conservative author and commentator Pat Buchanan.

Once the left realized Stringer had an awkward way of discussing cultural issues, they laid a trap for him. Some Arizona State University students followed Stringer into an elevator with a hidden microphone and asked him gotcha questions. Prescott eNews(disclaimer: Stringer is an investor with the news outlet’s parent company) posted the full transcript the conversation, since other news outlets writing about the incident unfairly cherry picked what to print.

The students tried to goad him into talking about race. At one point, Stringer said, “A lot of problems within our military. Talk to our soldiers. Huge racial conflicts and tensions in our military. Costs a fortune to run our military. Soldiers cost a lot…” One of the students responded, “Because we have black people in our military.” Stringer objected, “No, I didn’t say that. Sir, don’t put words in my mouth now.” But the student kept going, “Well, you implied that.” Stringer strenuously objected, “No, I didn’t imply that.”

The conversation continued like that a little longer. The students finally cajoled him into saying that blacks and certain other racial groups don’t blend in to the U.S. after a couple of generations because they “look different.”

Insensitive? Sure. But racist? Doubtful. Stringer is from Prescott, which has very few minorities. If Stringer was around minorities all the time, he probably would notice skin color a lot less. Regardless, noticing skin color is not racist. It’s treating people differently on account of their skin color that is racist. And that’s what the Democrats do, not Republicans.

During the rest of the secretly taped interview, Stringer made it quite clear he is not racist and treats everyone equally. But news accounts selectively quoted him and took his comments out of context to portray him as offensively as possible.

Smelling blood, his enemies started digging and discovered an article Stringer had written for Prescott eNewslast year entitled “The Third Rail.” He discusses what President Trump calls the “third rail” in politics, immigration and border security. He talks about how the demographics of the U.S. are changing as the country becomes more multicultural. He discusses racial strife and divisions. The Phoenix New Timesrefersto it as a “white nationalist column.” Maybe it was “insensitive” to note that the white population is shrinking and the culture is changing. But to go so far as to call it racist?

The mainstream news articles didn’t bother to tell the story of how Stringer, an attorney, helped a black woman in Prescott with a hate crime — pro bono. She came to him asking for help since a neighbor was harassing her. At first he told her to try and find another attorney, since he wasn’t very qualified in this area of the law. When she was unable to find anyone, he took on her case. He was able to determine that this neighbor had a previous pattern of harassing minority neighbors and obtained a restraining order for her. She was so grateful, she took out a life insurance policy (she was dying of cancer) and named him as the recipient. Does that sound like a racist?

Don’t expect the Phoenix New Timesto report this, because it goes against their untrue stereotype of an old, white racist Republican public official. Instead, due to the Phoenix New Timesarticle, Stringer was removed from two House committees he served on. Sadly, even his own party turned against him. Several elected officials, including, but not limited to, Governor Doug Ducey, State Senate President-Elect Karen Fann, Arizona State Republican Chairman Jonathan Lines, as well as governing boards, including the City of Prescott Council, denounced Stringer’s words and/or called for his resignation. The NAACP called forces resignation or expulsion.

Stringer refuses to resign. House Speaker-elect Rusty Bowers (R) said he will not expel him, saying it would be unconstitutional. Due to the nature of a recall election, it will be very difficultto recall Stringer. So expect the efforts to smear him to continue, in order to try and force him to resign. His House seatmate, Noel Campbell, is standing by Stringer. He said, “...Rep. Stringer retains his constitutional right to express his opinions on immigration, taxes and education.”

Even if you don’t agree with Stringer’s statements, everyone should be concerned about where this is going. If not stopped, pretty soon anyone who comments on racial differences will be labeled a racist. There is a herd mentality that is terrified of being labeled racist, so they pile on others as much as possible in order to appear self-righteous. What used to be merely considered politically incorrect is now becoming career-ending racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. And it’s even more troubling that our own side is leading the charges.  

Monday, December 3, 2018

Maricopa County Treasurer calls to dismantle the mandatory Arizona State Bar

Royce T. Flora – Treasurer
P R E S S  R E L E A S E
December 3, 2018

After a disappointing, but not surprising, response from the State Bar of Arizona regarding a formal complaint against an Arizona attorney, Maricopa County Treasurer Royce T. Flora has announced his support of legislation to eliminate mandatory Bar membership.

In mid-November, Mr. Flora received a letter from an attorney threatening to publicly humiliate the Treasurer’s Office and the Treasurer if Mr. Flora didn’t remove a legally sanctioned fine against his client. Mr. Flora filed a formal ethics complaint with the State Bar of Arizona against the attorney for the threat and for practicing law in an area in which the attorney was unfamiliar.

The response from the Bar was delay and then dismissal.

Mr. Flora passed his concerns regarding the Bar’s lack of action on to the Arizona Supreme Court, which has jurisdiction over the Bar. 

It has become all too obvious that the State Bar of Arizona is being choosey who they decide to discipline and who they do not. It appears that politics is part of that decision. Several years ago, the Bar brought harsh formal charges against former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and several members of his staff. In particular, one of his staff was disciplined despite the fact she was working under the direction of an experienced supervisor. Her license was suspended.

The Bar has a set of Ethics Rules that seem to be applied to some attorneys but not to all. I’m calling on the Legislature to eliminate mandatory membership in the State Bar of Arizona. Clearly they can’t be trusted to apply their rules fairly to all.