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Dinesh D’Souza Criminally Sentenced While John Edwards and Other Liberals Skated

John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter
Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, one of the most brilliant conservative political writers of the modern era, was sentenced by a judge last week to eight months in a halfway house and probation. He was also ordered to pay a $30,000 fine within 45 days. His alleged crime? He made two contributions to a losing political campaign under the names of friends. D’Souza accepted a plea agreement admitting he used straw donors to donate $20,000 to the U.S. Senate campaign of Wendy Long, a friend of his. Federal campaign law limits contributors to U.S. Senate campaigns to $5,000 each.

At first glance one is inclined to think, “you commit a crime, you deserve the punishment.” But a closer look reveals that he is not being punished equally compared to others who did the same thing - in fact he is being punished much more severely than Democrats who did much worse. There are myriads of campaign laws the average person has no idea exist. The laws have become so complex, vast - and there are multiple layers: federal, state, local laws and regulations. Many conservative intellectuals like D’Souza are vastly experienced with policy - but not campaigns/elections, which are a completely different world.

This incident reminds me of one of my favorite books, Three Felonies a Day, written by Harvey Silverglate, a criminal defense attorney, who explains how the average American unknowingly commits three felonies a day. As bright as D’Souza is, I guarantee you he did not realize there was a severe penalty for merely giving money to two friends, who then donated it to an obviously losing political campaign. 

Read the rest of the article at Townhall

What do Eric Holder and State Rep. Eric Meyer (D) have in common? Dennis Burke's Fast & Furious

Look at page six of Meyers' campaign finance report - none other than Dennis Burke of Fast & Furious has contributed to his campaign. If you are looking for the House candidate in District 28 supported by those behind Fast & Furious, Meyer is your man. If you would prefer someone without Fast & Furious support, vote for Shawnna Bolick (R) instead.
Eric Holder with Dennis Burke

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Just another day at work

At my favorite gun range in the whole world, Kitsap County Rifle & Revolver Club

Ahem, I will not reveal how far away this target was.

The full writeup on the Personal Protection class KRRC offers will be featured in our October issue of Western Shooting Journal, where I explain what kinds of things are taught in a class like that, some of the most interesting things I learned, the applicable law and more. Marcus Carter, who teaches the class and runs the club, may be the best firearms instructor in the country. 

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Gilbertwatch: The Loathsome Phoenix New Times - 6,690 Hate-Filled Articles Against Russell Pearce

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There is far more that the public needs to know than has been reported about Russell Pearce's so-called "insensitive comments," and I intend to report it.  Then, and only then, will I "move on."  
It wasn’t the "mainstream" media that originally published the misleading story about Russell Pearce’s comments.  It was Stephen Lemons of the tabloid Phoenix New Times.  It’s important that Republicans know about Lemons, who calls himself the “feathered bastard,” and about the Phoenix New Times.  Both are infamous for their venomous articles against Republicans and, in particular, conservatives.  Stephen Lemons has made a career out of stalking Russell Pearce, trolling for anything that can be turned into dirt, attaching a lurid title and publishing it.  To say that the man is merely obsessed with destroying Pearce and his livelihood assumes that Lemons is sane. 
Don’t you think that 6,690 hate-filled articles against one person is a tad suspect? I wouldn’t give the Phoenix New Times or any of its shiftless, creepy writers the time of day, much less an interview.  (I’d have to take a shower afterward to wash off the slime.)
Here’s a link to those (at last count) 6,690 articles.  That's 690 pages of titles, 10 to a page.  

LD30 Sen. Robert Meza out of touch with constituents, allegations of corruption

Robert Meza, Democratic member of the Arizona State Senate from LD30, has a history of questionable campaign finance actions and conflicts of interest within the Isaac School District. Even many of his democrat constituents are clamoring for change and calling for new leadership. 

Performance of schools in LD30 are suffering and there is still job loss while many Arizona voting districts are benefiting from job growth. Some residents describe Meza as arrogant and others say he has done nothing for citizens for many years. He is so comfortable in his position that he is not campaigning and has not put up any signs. 

Meza has demonstrated a dismal voting record that is in conflict with many of the core values of families in Arizona. He is not helping families in LD30 to be able to enjoy a better quality of life.

Arizona's economy is growing and helping families begin to recover from the economic downturn, but Meza has voted against the very things that have been helping drive our economy forward. Many of his votes have hurt Arizona families.

Sen. Meza  has been on the wrong side of many legislative issues:
  • Voted in favor of excessive government control of our educational system  (SB 1310)
  • Voted against allowing individuals the right to litigate for violation of their religious  freedom (SB 1178)
  • Voted against job creating legislation  (HB 2815)
  • Voted to allow late term partial birth abortion (SB 1048)
  • Voted against gun owners’ rights  (HB 2389)
  • Voted against a State spending freeze  (HB 2857)
  • Voted against Physicians informing women of fetal pain  (HB 2254)
  • Voted against allowing religious objections by Medical Professionals  (SB 1365)
  • Voted in favor of criminals who commit Felony Offenses (SCR 1020)
  • Voted in favor of Temporary Sales Tax Increase (SCR 1011)
  • Voted against the Student's Religious Liberties Act (HB 2713)
The challenger is Republican Gary Cox, a local business owner and strong fiscal conservative who believes Arizona's State Legislators must absolutely protect future generations from the excessive tax burdens being placed on the youth of America by an out of control government.  Gary believes it is vital that Arizona legislators work hard to prevent adding to the already heavy tax burden that future generations are being handicapped with by the federal government. Gary has extensive information and commentary on the many issues affecting Arizona's families on his site,

Meza ran unopposed in 2012 after an ugly primary battle with Raquel Teran during which he filed a complaint with the Secretary of State against a group of students volunteering for Teran. He filed three complaints up to that point.

The irony of Meza filing those complaints is that he has been investigated for campaign finance violations and some allegedly corrupt activities including funneling almost $15,000 into what appears to be a family slush fund, away from the Isaac School District where his sister and brother-in-law work. This all started in 2006 and unfortunately the man who was documenting this has since passed away and his files are missing.

The following information is believed to expose corruption, conflicts of interest, and possible illegal activities in late 2006, 2007, 2008, and perhaps even later, by individuals connected with the Administration of the ISAAC School District.

This information appears to expose possible corrupt activities, specifically by the former Communications Director for ISAAC, Mr. Abedon Fimbres, who is now the Director of Safety for the ISAAC School Administration. These allegations also include potential conflicts of interest by Mr. Fimbres wife, Liz Meza-Fimbres, the Sister of Senator Robert Meza who is also listed on Senator Meza’s campaign organizational statement as Treasurer of his campaign committee. Of note also is the fact that Liz Meza-Fimbres ran for and was elected to the Phoenix Elementary School Governing Board in 2008. Ms. Fimbres chose not to use the Fimbres name in her effort to win the Board seat but instead chose to run under the name of ‘Liz Meza’. These allegations further include the daughter of Liz Meza-Fimbres, Desirae Evans, and the Son of Abedon and Liz Meza-Fimbres, Troy Evans. 

In late 2006, the ISAAC School Board authorized a bond override election and Abedon Fimbres allegedly used his position as the ISAAC Communications Director to solicit funds from existing and pending vendors who had contracts with the ISAAC School District. Those funds were purportedly to be used for the bond override election but the Fimbres family became the apparent benefactor of the majority of the money raised by Abedon Fimbres.

It is believed Mr. Abedon Fimbres coordinated with his wife, Liz Meza-Fimbres, and her daughter, Desirae, to file in Maricopa County, a political committee statement of organization forming a committee by the name of ‘EXCELLENCE IN ISAAC’. Liz Meza-Fimbres was identified as the Treasurer of the committee and their daughter, Desirae Evans, was identified as the Chairman of the committee. The address given for this particular political committee was 1833 W. Lewis Ave, Phoenix, AZ., the address of Mr. Abedon and Liz-Meza Fimbres. This address is outside of the ISAAC School District. It is believed that override committees and activities were supposed to be managed by residents in the community of the ISAAC District.

It is also apparent that Abedon and Liz-Meza Fimbres coordinated with their son, Troy Evans, a 23 year old college dropout at the time, to form a political consulting LLC by the name of T.A.E. Consulting LLC. It is believed the acronym T.A.E. was a composite of the initials of the first names of Troy, Abedon, and Elizabeth (Liz). Of interest also is the fact that at that time, Troy had no previous experience doing political consulting or running a campaign. It is believed T.A.E. Consulting was established for the sole purpose of funneling money from Vendors contracted with ISAAC back to the Fimbres family.

As Director of Communications, Mr. Abedon Fimbres had access to businesses and individuals who were contracted Vendors with the ISAAC District and used his position at ISAAC to raise funds from the following contracted vendors and individuals:

1. Joe Zavislak – Marketing $5,000.00
2. Allied Waste - $3,000.00
3. Hewlitt Packard - $1,000.00
4. Hillyard Company - $1,000.00
5. Orcott Winslow Company - $1,000.00
6. Tolin Mechanical - $3,000.00
7. 21st Century Security, Inc. - $250.00
8. Bonds Alarm, Inc. - $500.00

Because of the fact the bond override election in 2007 was lost; another override was done in 2008. In September 2008, another political committee and statement of organization was created and a filing done in Maricopa County. The name of that committee was ‘Vote Yes for ISAAC Students Committee’. The Chairman of this committee was an individual by the name of Sammy Leyvas and the address of record for this committee was 2653 N. 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ., the address of Mr. Leyvas. Mr. Leyvas is the Cousin of the Superintendent of ISAAC School District, Mr. Carlos Bejarano. The Treasurer of this Committee was an individual by the name of Sylvia Yamasaki.

It is purported that Mr. Leyvas operated under the direction of Mr. Carlos Bejarano and Mr. Abedon Fimbres as to how to run the bond override election. Since Abedon had previously solicited vendors in the 2007 override, it is believed Mr. Bejarano requested that Mr. Fimbres supervise his Cousin, Mr. Leyvas, relative to the activities of the Political Committee for the bond override. It was decided that Abedon Fimbres would again solicit funds from School vendors in support of the override election.

Funds obtained from Vendors for the 2008 Bond Override were as follows:

1. Joe Zavislak - $5,000.00
2. Orcott Winslow - $1,000.00
3. Tolin Mechanical Systems - $1,000.00
4. Sunland Asphalt - $250.00
5. Hillyard of AZ - $500.00

The funds obtained from Vendors who had contracts or pending contracts with the ISAAC District were controlled by Mr. Abedon Fimbres, who at that time was still the Director of Communications. Reportedly, Sammy Leyvas, as Committee Chairman, requested receipts and an accounting of the disbursements of the funds collected by Mr. Fimbres on behalf of the committee, but was refused. It has also been reported that Abedon Fimbres informed Mr. Leyvas that where those funds went was ‘none of his business’. Campaign finance reports appear to be totally inadequate, incomplete, and are not supported with proper documentation.

All companies, from whom funds were solicited by Mr. Abedon Fimbres, were doing business with ISAAC and, it is reported that Mr. Joe Zavislak was waiting for approval on a pending contract with ISAAC.

A total of $14,750.00 was solicited from vendors for the 2007 override. Of the $14,750.00 raised, $13,764.76 was paid to T.A.E. Consulting of Arizona, the LLC owned by Troy Evans, Abedon and Liz-Meza Fimbres son.

Additionally $541.24 was paid to Abedon and Liz Fimbres. The total amount of the solicited funds raised from ISAAC School District Vendors paid to the Fimbres Family was $ 14,306.00 out of the total amount of $14,750.00.
It appears Liz Meza-Fimbres filed campaign finance reports which are totally inadequate, incomplete, and misleading. There was no listing of a banking institution on the finance reports.There appears to be conclusive information that the Fimbres family set up this scheme to benefit themselves and their 23 yr. old son who had no experience as a political consultant or been previously involved in any kind of business. The Fimbres family appears to have taken money designated to benefit the children of the ISAAC School District and put it in their own pocket.

More recently, in 2012, Sen. Meza was investigated by the Secretary of State's office because he appeared to use money for personal use and collected illegal campaign contributions.

Campaign Finance reports for Senator Robert Meza from 2012, show that campaign expenses were paid to Abedon Fimbres, Communications Director for ISAAC School District for ‘Professional Services’ on multiple occasions. There is no indication what those ‘Professional Services’ were, nor was there disclosure that the funds were being paid to a close family member of Robert Meza. Abedon Fimbres is Robert Meza's Brother-in-Law. It is important to also restate the fact that Liz-Meza Fimbres is Senator Robert Meza’s Campaign Treasurer. Given the history and background related to Liz Meza-Fimbres and the entanglement of family members related to the disbursement of those funds; a closer look at her management of the campaign funds for Robert Meza may be in order.

There are many other allegations that are not alluded to in this article; however, it is believed that a more thorough investigation will uncover numerous other irregularities, conflicts of interest, and other potentially corrupt activities.

This is a friendly word of advice to those Democrats who will be crossing party lines and voting for Gary Cox: When Sen. Meza comes around to collect ballots in your neighborhood, decline to give it to him. Bring it to the post office or ballot drop-off locations yourself.

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Protesters of Russell Pearce outside County Treasurer's office admit they were paid $50, apologize for protesting

The truth comes out. Read Maricopa County Treasurer Hos Hoskins' email to a City of Phoenix employee who questioned him about having conservative Russell Pearce as an employee. Leftist agitators with an agenda paid people - which apparently included Hispanic women, likely targeted because they were Hispanic - to protest outside the Treasurer's office, who felt bad about it afterwards when the truth came out. Horribly dishonest. Who do you believe, a leftist rag that makes its living from sleazy advertising, or Hos Hoskins, a former combat pilot who flew 274 combat missions in Vietnam and was awarded 13 Air medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross?

From: Charles Hoskins - TREASX <hoskinsc000@mail.maricopa.go>
To: 'Marshall Pimentel'
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 11:12:31
Subject: RE: Russell Pearce
Dear Mr. Pimentel:
Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding one of my employees. I can assure you that the circumstances are not as dire as the media portrays it to be.
This entire issue comes from a blog written by a New Times reporter that refers to himself as the "Feathered Bastard" (FB). I have attached an excerpt from that blog and you can read the full version at:
As you probably know, blogs are not the most reliable source for factual information. They attract readers by offering links to other services such as dating services and providing a controversial slant on current issues. The more readers they attract the more they can charge for their advertising.
In this blog the FB provided a "quote" from something Russell Pearce said on his talk radio show, and is highlighted in the attached blog excerpt. Mr. Pearce was, in fact, quoting from an email sent to him by someone using the name "WaderWoman. A copy of that email (which has been on the internet for several years) is attached and, as you can see, the highlighted portion closely matches what is in the FB's blog. However, the FB presented it in such a way that it would lead you to believe that Mr. Pearce was stating his opinion instead of quoting from something that has been around for years. While it appears that it was sent by a woman, it was written by a man. You can find more at: fact-check-rant-welfare-abuse-hits-home-internet-admirers
The FB blog was picked up by the broadcast and print media, and demonstrations were organized at the county treasurer's office. Following one of the demonstrations two of the lady protestors came back into the office and apologized to our employees. They said they only did it because they were paid fifty dollars per day. We watched them, and others of the group, drive off in cars with mostly out-of-state license plates.
It is mystifying why reasonably intelligent people give so much creditability to a blog written by a reporter that, with some degree of pride, refers to himself as the Feathered Bastard. What is even more disturbing is that the main stream media that we depend upon for factual information was so quick to act on something that has a creditability level equivalent to a political attack ad or a checkout counter tabloid.
As to Mr. Pearce's employment, it is solely dependent upon how well he performs his duties as a division manager which has been remarkable considering his short tenure. I will not dismiss him for exercising his right as a citizen to express himself, or pursue whatever interest he might choose on his own time. He's a military veteran and a highly decorated former police officer that was critically wounded in the line of duty. He has paid a price to protect the right for everyone to speak their mind...
Please let me know if I can provide any further information.
Charles "Hos" Hoskins, Maricopa County Treasurer

Brnovich leading in latest poll; Ducey also ahead of Democrat

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today released our latest poll for the general election, focusing on the Governor’s and Attorney General Race. The Club’s in depth poll, conducted by the Tarrance Group, shows Doug Ducey opening up a lead over Democrat Fred Duval. Among likely voters, Ducey is currently leading Duval 44% to 38%. Both Ducey and Duval are receiving strong support from their respective party, with 78% of Republicans supporting Ducey and 75% of Democrats supporting Duval. Additionally, Ducey has a small lead (36% to 34%) among independent voters.  Libertarian Barry Hess is receiving 13% support among independents.
In the Attorney General Race, Republican Mark Brnovich has a slight lead over Felicia Rotellini, 43% to 40%. This race is wide open as there is still a large segment of the voting public undecided. In fact, fully 28% of independent voters are still undecided in the AG race.
The live telephone poll of 500 respondents was conducted September 15th through the 17th and has a 4.5% margin of error.

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PLEA upset with Phoenix Chief of Police restrictions placed on officers attending radical Islam informational seminar

Understanding the Threat?

On Sept 19, 2014, Law Enforcement officials from around the Valley and the State gathered in Tempe to attend a law enforcement seminar hosted by the Maricopa County Attorneys Office titled Understanding the Threat to America (AZPOST approved). The seminar covered the important and pressing topic of how radical Islam is infiltrating America and the burgeoning threat of Sharia Law and how it currently is and will continue to impact America. Not unexpectedly, when it became known that this training was to take place, the usual suspects surfaced and began exerting pressure to shut the training down.
Unlike the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, sadly the management of the Phoenix Police Department caved to pressure exerted by groups such as the ACLU and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).
Chief Garcia put the word out internally that Phoenix Officers were not to attend on duty or in uniform. How do we know this? Members of PLEA who were invited to the seminar were met by PSB personnel at the door who informed us that Phoenix Police personnel were not allowed to be on duty, in uniform or have any PD identification displayed. One PLEA member who was in plainclothes and wearing his sidearm, magazine and cuff case was told he had to remove his badge from his belt and to take off his official Phoenix PD ID card to eliminate any links to the Phoenix PD. This despite the fact that there were several police and military personnel from other agencies in attendance that were in uniform as well as many others who were in civilian attire wearing agency ID cards and badges. Why would a police officer attending law enforcement training, wearing a firearm and other police equipment be told the cannot wear their badge and ID?
In addition, PLEA was told that a member of upper level PD management had called the County Attorney’s office prior to the training and asked for a list of all the seminar attendees. The request was denied.
Perhaps the bigger questions are these:
When so many in law enforcement and the military understand the very real threat facing our country and cities and want increased education on the topic, why is it that the Chief of the sixth largest city in America places greater value on political correctness than allowing officers to attend carefully vetted training that educates them on legitimate threats facing them?
More importantly, why does the Chief seemed to be more concerned with catering to groups like CAIR and the ACLU than looking out for potential threats facing Phoenix?
Why are we wasting taxpayer money having two Sergeants and a Lieutenant from PSB at the seminar to play the role of hall monitor?
Why is the Chief focusing his efforts on obtaining attendance rosters and censoring information flow by trying to prevent personnel from attending AZPOST approved training?
Hundreds of law enforcement officials attended the seminar in an effort to become better educated on understanding the threat posed to America and its cities by radical Islam. It would appear that Chief Garcia is not interested in understanding the threat. More concerning are the efforts to deter officers from attending.
Ironically the Chief fell prey to one of the key elements in the play book of the radical Islamists; that of forcing organizations to capitulate to political pressure. Score: Phoenix PD 0, Radical Islamists 1. Nice job Chief!
CLICK HERE to read the response from the Maricopa County Attorneys Office re: the complaint from the ACLU.
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Mark Brnovich proposes legislative fix to close Revolving Door loophole

Rotellini leaves regulator’s post to profit off insider knowledge
The State of Arizona and more than 31 fellow states have passed laws to prohibit public officials from leaving elected office and immediately lobbying the government body they just departed.

The reason for these so-called “cooling off” periods is simple: Elected officials shouldn’t see their time in public service as the setup for a private-sector payday. And taxpayers should have confidence that elected officials are representing the public’s interest while in office, not special interests.

In Arizona, State law prohibits legislators and public officers from lobbying for at least one year after leaving elected office. For at least two years, public officers may not disclose for personal gain any confidential information.

But there’s a gaping loophole in the law: The statute doesn’t apply to State regulators, the very individuals perhaps best positioned to game the system.

Once elected Attorney General, Mark Brnovich will propose legislation to extend the State “cooling off” statute for elected officials to top State regulators who serve in a supervisory and decision-making capacity.

Take the case of Felecia Rotellini. From 2006 to 2009, she was Superintendent of the State Banking Department (subsequently renamed the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions). According to the AZDFI website, the agency “is statutorily charged with licensing, supervision and regulation of State-chartered financial institutions and enterprises,” and ensures “the safety and soundness of the financial services industry in Arizona.”

Yet, after heading this organization for the better part of four years, Rotellini left in August 2009 and immediately went to work for local law firm Zwillinger, Greek & Knecht. The firm says it represents a range of “Fortune 100 and multinational corporations.” Rotellini promotes her services to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions this way:

“Ms. Rotellini is an expert in administrative law with her background as both a lawyer for state agencies and as the ultimate decision maker when she was the Superintendent of the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions. She provides advice and counsel to businesses and individuals regarding regulatory and administrative issues in a myriad of situations. She leads the firm’s administrative law practice and regularly guides businesses through licensing processes with state agencies and how to best respond to government examinations and inquiries.
“Ms. Rotellini brings her perspective as a former prosecutor and regulator to the representation of her clients, such as community banks and credit unions, mortgage and other financial services companies, and individual licensed professionals.  She is currently representing clients before professional licensing boards, in administrative disciplinary proceedings, and during investigations and enforcement actions by agencies such as the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (ADFI), the Arizona Board of Appraisal, the Arizona Board of Accountancy and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.
In other words, Rotellini was Arizona’s top regulator with the sole duty to serve as a watchdog over the banking industry and safeguard consumers. But she left State government in order to cash-in on that knowledge – immediately going to work for the very same banks and credit unions she had been entrusted to watch over.

“Arizona taxpayers are right to be sick of this kind of Revolving Door political gamesmanship. As a State regulator, Felecia Rotellini was entrusted to look after Arizona consumers. But now she uses her insider knowledge to help big banks cheat the system,” Brnovich said. “When I’m Attorney General, I’ll work with legislators and the Governor to close this loophole and make certain the lobbying ‘cooling off’ period for legislators is applied to top State regulators, as well.”

Come meet Anita MonCrief, the ACORN Whistleblower!

anite moncrief

Join the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity on October 1 in Tempe and/or October 2 in Tucson to hear this fabulous freedom fighter talk about "Lessons from the Left."

Anita MonCrief is a grassroots trainer and curriculum consultant for Americans for Prosperity's Grassroots Education Institute.  She has previously served as a senior advisor and trainer for True the Vote, and was an advisory board member of the Black Conservatives Fund. 

In 2008, Anita bravely came forward as the confidential source of the New York Times to expose the damage that ACORN had done to impoverished and marginalized communities and to expose massive voter fraud perpetrated by the Left. 

Anita has over 14 years of experience in advocacy and community organizing, and a very detailed understanding of the progressive movement and Alinsky-style organizing.

Please join us at one of our scheduled events with Anita!

Date : October 1, 2014 - Tempe Arizona
Speaker: Anita MonCrief, the ACORN Whistleblower
Topic: Lessons from the Left
Time:  6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Four Points by Sheraton, 1333 South Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85281
RSVP:  Please click on EventBrite Link to RSVP
Contact :  Leslie D. White (480) 290-2286 or

Date: October 2, 2014 - Tucson Arizona 
Speaker: Anita MonCrief, the ACORN Whistleblower
Topic: Lessons from the Left
Time:  6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Marriott Tucson University Park, 880 East 2nd Street, Tucson, AZ 85719
RSVP:   Please click on EventBrite Link to RSVP
Contact:  Leslie D. White (480) 290-2286 or

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Rep. Steve Montenegro: Passing citizenship test should be required for graduation

This legislation will ensure students graduate with the tools they need to become informed and engaged citizens; it's about patriotism.

Arizona high school students might soon have to pass the same 100-question U.S. Citizenship Civics Test administered to immigrants under a new proposal by State Rep. Steve Montenegro, R-Litchfield.
Rep. Montenegro is currently crafting the legislation that will be addressed in the legislature during the next session, starting in January. Under the proposed legislation, students would be allowed to take the test any time during their high-school careers and as many times as necessary to pass. By using this existing and well-established test and its study materials that are already available for free online, the cost would be minimal.

 The proposed legislation is part of a nationwide movement to boost civics education sponsored by the Joe Foss Institute, a Scottsdale, Ariz. based nonprofit that promotes teaching about public service and patriotism. The legislation is labeled the Civics Education Initiative and is being introduced in six other states.

 The goal is for all 50 states to pass such legislation by Sept. 17, 2017 — the 230th anniversary of the Constitution.

 Arizona's legislation was unveiled Wednesday on the 227th anniversary of the majority of the delegates signing the U.S. Constitution. But Lucia Spataro, president of the Civics Education Initiative, said the problem it seeks to address has been a long time coming in what he called the “perfect storm of changing academic emphasis.”

  Read the rest of the article at

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Russell Pearce responds to mainstream media frenzy

Russell Pearce is interviewed by IC Arizona. Get his side of the story without the spin and theatrics of the biased local media.

Q. What happened that caused this media fury?

A. During The Russell Pearce Show on KKNT radio 960 The Patriot, on September 6th, I read a “rant” by a lady from Texas about the abuse of the welfare state we have become. It is a “rant” that has been around for several years. I do not agree with all of her solutions to the problem, but did understand her anger and frustration of the abuse. However, apparently I did not make it crystal clear that it was a “rant” and not my own words. For that I apologize. Anyone can go to google and type in “put me in charge of welfare” and pull up her rant.

Q. What was your intent in reading it?

A. The purpose of radio is to push debate and have meaningful conversations about what is right with America and what needs to be fixed. This was an example of the frustrations felt by many Americans and to what extent they would go to fix the problem.

Q. Explain again why you did not make it clear it was a rant?

A. Simply, I moved on too quickly. I have one hour for the radio show, and it never seems to be enough time to get through all of what needs to be discussed. I simply realized after it was too late that I had neglected to mention it as a “rant” from a lady in Texas. As I ended the show, I asked Ashley who takes the callers for me, if I had failed to mention the author of the rant. She indicated I had.

Q. Do you advocate for, or have you ever advocated for the “sterilization” for women?

A. Certainly not. I have six sisters and six brothers; my wife is one of seven children, and we have five children and 18 grandchildren. We love children and large families. It was an attempt to show the frustration of Americans who observe abuse by those on socialist programs across this nation, where hard-working Americans are overtaxed to pay for those who take advantage. Just like Ronald Reagan said, “the best solution … is a job.”

Q. Where do you stand on welfare or entitlement programs?

A. I believe that responsibility should be with family, church and community, not with government programs of redistribution of other people’s property. Welfare programs should never be a way of life.

Q. Why did you resign after this happened as 1st Vice Chair State GOP?

A. As an unapologetic conservative, I've stood up for the rule of law and our constitutional freedoms. I love this great Republic, and have loved serving Arizona and my service with the Republican Party. However, because of the liberal media’s attempt to take what was not my comments, and use them inappropriately against Republican candidates, I thought it best to step down and do what is right for the party. I was elected twice as 1st Vice Chair of the state GOP by overwhelming numbers. I have great support by party faithful, but because I shared comments written by someone else and failed to attribute them to the author immediately, that was a mistake. This mistake has been run with by the liberal media and the Democrats in an attempt hurt our Republican candidates. I do not want the progressive left and the liberal media to take a misstatement from my show and use it to attack our candidates. I care about the Republican Party and its conservative platform too much to let them do that. Yet I have to recognize that hosting a radio show and the nature of the debates that we have had and will continue to have are incompatible with what our party needs from its leadership team. For that reason, I submitted my resignation as a vice chairman of the Republican Party.

I want to make this perfectly clear: I will never back down from standing up for what I believe is right, and I will continue to fight for the principles that our Founding Fathers and others have committed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for, and in many, many cases paid the ultimate price with their lives. But I have no intention of being used as a distraction by the Democrats looking to escape responsibility for their failed policies. It is time to return the focus to where it belongs, and that is the direction that our state and country should be headed towards.

I fight every single day for the preservation of this Republic, stopping the gangster government in D.C. and here in Arizona, defending the unborn, property rights, the Second Amendment, secure borders, strict enforcement of our immigration laws (attrition by enforcement), school choice, parental rights, lower taxes, reduced regulation, our God-given Freedoms and state sovereignty as intended by our Founders.
I have spent my whole life defending this Constitutional Republic and make no apologies for it. I pray for the vigilant few who continue to stand for freedom and moral values. As an Arizona State Legislator and president of the Arizona State Senate, I have been able to write and get passed some of the most sweeping and comprehensive legislation in the nation to stop illegal hiring (worksite enforcement and protecting American jobs and the honest employer), no public benefits for illegals, and the first state to require proof of citizenship to register to vote. I am the proud sponsor of SB1070, Employer Sanctions, The Freedom To Carry Act, Castle Doctrine, Self-Defense Display, Proposition 107 to stop government discrimination by eliminating affirmative action in Arizona, just to name a few. I believe that is why I am attacked by the left and open border pro-amnesty crowd with such anger and vigilance.

I have tried to serve my country honorably my entire life. I am a veteran with a honorable discharge from the Army National Guard. I served 23 years with Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s chief deputy; In fact, I spent most of my career in law enforcement and as a judge. I have been shot at and missed, and shot at and hit, and in fact was critically wounded in the line of duty. I have two sons in law enforcement, and one of them also has been critically wounded in the line of duty (shot by an illegal immigrant). Enough is enough.

Q. What is your personal position on welfare?

A. Again, there is no place in the Constitution for the redistribution of wealth. I understand the challenges out there, and I know we are a good and generous people, but citizens have a constitutional right to keep their own property. At a minimum, it should not be a way of life.

Q. How are things going in your new job at the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office helping senior citizens?

A. I am blessed to work with such a wonderful group of folks who actually care about the taxpayer and work hard to make sure their money is safe. We all understand that we as Americans are over taxed. Like Ronald Reagan said, to paraphrase, “The problem is not that Americans live to well, but government is living too well.” I actually enjoy my work and am spending considerable time helping senior citizens on limited and fixed incomes stay in their homes through a program sponsored by the Treasurer to help them pay property tax through an Elder Assistance Program, as property taxes continue to rise through overrides and special taxing districts, putting our seniors who are low income at risk of losing their homes.

Q. What do you see for the future of the Republican Party?

A. I love this party and what it stands for. The problem is the politicians who break our hearts. This is the party of the people. This is the party of traditional values and constitutional freedoms. However, we elect those that run as Ronald Reagan conservatives and then vote like Jimmy Carter liberals. If you run as a Republican, you should be required to vote like a Republican. 80 percent of our party are real patriots. For the first time I can recall, we just “censured” a sitting U.S. Senator for ignoring our party principles, and that vote was at a mandatory meeting where 90 percent of the elected state committeemen voted to censure him. We often have great disdain for our elected officials, and that is because they fail to keep their promises. That is divisive and destructive to this party. We have some of our solid conservative patriots leaving the party and looking for a more conservative party, or just going independent because of these “RINOs” if you will. We must take back our party and make our folks and America proud. I am proud to be an American and will continue to work to strengthen this party and hold elected officials accountable to our platform. If we don’t, we will destroy this party from within. I call on all constitution loving Americans to join me in keeping this party the party of Reagan and one that we can count on.

Proposition 122 restores Arizona's authority to reject federal mandates

When Arizona voters cast their ballots in November, they will have the chance to restore state sovereignty by voting yes on Proposition 122. This would allow Arizona to ban the use of any state money or resources to implement a federal law that they deem inconsistent with the Constitution.

The ballot measure was enacted after the Arizona state legislature passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1016 (SCR1016) last year. The state Senate passed it by a 16-12 margin, and then in the state House approved it 36-23. Now it is up to the voters in Arizona.

“It empowers the citizens of Arizona to decide, as new laws come up, whether they are a benefit to Arizona or not,” said former state lawmaker Jonathan Paton, a political consultant who is helping pass the measure. “We should have checks and balances and this is a simple, straightforward way of doing that.”

“Politicians in Washington are fond of passing far-reaching laws, but more often than not they depend on state and local governments – and state and local taxpayers – to implement them. This means that not only is Congress making life harder for Arizonans, they’re asking us to pay the bill,” according to the Yes on 122 website. “That’s why a bipartisan majority of the Arizona Legislature came together to pass Prop 122.”

When the federal government assumes powers not explicitly granted to it in the Constitution, it puts the states on the road to ruin and creates a citizenry of dependents. The benefits of passing Prop. 122 include:
  • Protecting the financial future of our children and grandchildren by requiring federal government agencies to exhibit greater transparency and efficiency before receiving any state funds.
  • Preventing federal regulators from imposing many restrictions on the health care choices of patients and businesses.
  • Stopping the federal government from harming citizens by taking land and water away from communities that need it.
This ballot initiative coincides with the words of James Madison, who wrote in Federalist #46:
Should an unwarrantable measure of the federal government be unpopular in particular States, which would seldom fail to be the case, or even a warrantable measure be so, which may sometimes be the case, the means of opposition to it are powerful and at hand. The disquietude of the people; their repugnance and, perhaps, refusal to co-operate with the officers of the Union; the frowns of the executive magistracy of the State; the embarrassments created by legislative devices, which would often be added on such occasions, would oppose, in any State, difficulties not to be despised; would form, in a large State, very serious impediments; and where the sentiments of several adjoining States happened to be in unison, would present obstructions which the federal government would hardly be willing to encounter.     
If passed, Proposition 122 will send a clear message to the federal government: if they want to pass legislation and regulations that damage Arizona, they must pay for them with federal money with no assistance from the Arizona Treasury or from local government funds.

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