Saturday, September 13, 2014

Support Proposition 122 -- the Arizona State Sovereignty Amendment

Proposition 122 -- the Arizona State Sovereignty Amendment -- will be on the November 4th Arizona statewide ballot. Prop. 122 will provide Arizona with a way to protect its citizens from some of the most abusive overreaches by the federal government. While states cannot prevent the federal government from passing and enforcing bad legislation, they are under no obligation to fund bad federal policy with state money.

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Arizonans understand that much of the legislation coming out of Washington is harmful to quality of life. That's why a bipartisan majority of our state representatives voted to support this important reform. These are some of the positive steps we can take if Proposition 122 is passed by voters:
  • We can protect the financial future of our children and grandchildren by requiring federal government agencies to exhibit greater transparency and efficiency before receiving any state funds.
  • We can prevent federal regulators from imposing many restrictions on the health care choices of patients and businesses.
  • We can stop the federal government from harming citizens by taking land and water away from communities that need it.
Prop. 122 is a rare opportunity for Arizonans to send a BIG message to the federal government: if they want to pass legislation and regulations that hurt our state, they must pay for them with federal dollars, with no assistance from the Arizona Treasury or from local government coffers.

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity strongly endorses Prop. 122, and we consider you to do so, as well!

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Thank you for all your hard work, and thanks for continuing to fight for economic freedom in our great state! AFP-Arizona and our many grassroots activists will be staying at the forefront of the battle for liberty.

For Liberty & Prosperity,
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Tom Jenney
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