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JD Hayworth campaign outpacing McCain in fundraising

McCain has just released his fundraising information, announcing that he has raised $2.2 million in the first three months of 2010. Contrast this with JD Hayworth. Hayworth only officially entered the race Feb. 15, and launched a fundraising effort in March. In that one "Million Dollar March," Hayworth will have raised $1 million (as of this blog post, he's passed $900,000 which is increasing by the thousands every few minutes as it gets close to midnight). Thanks to the grassroots, Tea Party activists, consistent conservatives and principled Republicans who have contributed, realizing that McCain's consistent flip-flopping and voting for the billion dollar TARP pork bailouts are what is ruining this country and need to be voted out this fall.

O'Reilly Factor slams McCain for "Border Reversal;" Dick Morris says McCain switched positions due to JD Hayworth

In a revealing segment tonight, Bill O'Reilly called out McCain for his flip-flopping on illegal immigration. In 2001, McCain was against putting the National Guard on the border. O'Reilly confronted McCain about it then, and McCain said it was because the National Guard doesn't have the proper training to serve on the border. So what changed his mind now? O'Reilly interviewed Dick Morris tonight about McCain's recent flip-flop, and Morris asserted that McCain has changed positions due to his primary challenge from the more conservative JD Hayworth. JD Hayworth demanded that the National Guard be placed on the border a couple of days ago, after the tragic murder of Rob Krentz, a lifelong Arizona rancher who lives on the border. But Arizonans know the real John McCain is the one with a 63 rating from the American Conservative Union in recent years, who co-sponsored an amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy. JD Hayworth has a 97 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union and has ALWAYS voted against amnesty and supported tough border measures against illegal immigration.

McCain’s Election Year Attempt to Close Gaping Holes in Border Security Questioned by Hayworth


McCain’s Election Year Attempt to Close Gaping Holes in Border Security Questioned by Hayworth

U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth (R-Arizona), says border security or a lack there of has been brewing for years.  The most recent firestorm was set off by the shooting death of Rob Krentz, a lifelong rancher in Southeastern Arizona.   

According to Hayworth it is the Federal Government’s responsibility to secure the U.S. border.  
U.S. Senator John McCain and the Washington establishment have failed miserably in this endeavor.  

In the Senate hearing on Feb 24th regarding The Homeland Security Department’s Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2011, Sen. McCain had the opportunity to challenge Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about border security but failed to do so.  McCain and Napolitano merely discussed the “potential of drug related violence spilling over our borders.”

Hayworth said, at this hearing John McCain had the opportunity to call for more troops on the border but failed to do so.

At this same hearing, McCain had the opportunity to call for more funding and failed to do so.

And at the hearing, he had the opportunity to call for the continuation of construction on the border fence and failed to do so.

In fact at this hearing McCain said, “This border fence issue has been a waste of billions of dollars.”

Only as a reaction to the shooting death of Mr. Krentz, did McCain pen a letter to Secretary Napolitano for troops on the border.  And now in an election year conversion, McCain commented to KPNX Channel 12 Phoenix, that he is now calling for the building of a fence, the installation of a virtual fence, increased surveillance as they have in Iraq, and as many troops as are available.  

Hayworth said unfortunately there are two gaping holes in McCain’s new found advocacy for border enforcement – specifically truth and timing. 

McCain has been an unabashed advocate for amnesty. Five years ago he failed to endorse my “Enforcement First Act” while I was serving in the U.S. House of Representatives preferring instead to introduce his ill advised amnesty bill co-sponsored by the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

Arizonans will not be fooled by the Senator’s election year posturing.


For more information, please visit or contact the campaign at

Goldwater Institute: Arizona public pensions underreport funding shortfalls

Arizona Public Pensions Under-report Funding Shortfalls
Retirement pension funds for state employees could need $8,300 from every Arizonan
PHOENIX--Arizona's three pension funds for government employees have predicted they will pay more in benefits to retirees over the next three decades than they will collect from worker paychecks and investments. But a new report from the Goldwater Institute says the size of that funding shortfall could be five times larger than the pension funds have previously reported.

Sam Crump Salutes Veterans!

Sam Crump Salutes Veterans!

Dear Friends,
    What a week!  We've been to rallies and tea parties and held our first-ever "Salute to Veterans" luncheon.  It was a privilege to meet with dozens of military veterans, hearing their concerns and sharing my thoughts on our Nation's proud military heritage.  As a veteran myself, I understand the importance of a strong national defense, and as a Congressman, you can count on me to stand up for our men and women in the Armed Services. 
    The end of March will mark the first financial reporting period for all federal campaigns.  We need your help today so we can make our best showing on this report.

Pam Gorman: Will you help? We have a deadline Wed March 31


Dear Friends:

When Congressman John Shadegg announced that he would not seek reelection in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, I was asked by many people if I would consider running for the seat.

As we’ve seen throughout our community and the country over the last several months, changing the direction of liberal Washington doesn’t happen alone.  I prayed about it.  And, I quickly took to the task of consulting with family, friends, supporters, donors, political professionals and especially those who have dedicated much of their lives to issues that are most important to me -- fighting taxes, smaller government, creating jobs, Second Amendment rights, the right-to-life, and securing our borders in a meaningful way.

With the support and encouragement of those I consulted, I made the decision to run and haven’t looked back.  Since that time, I’ve grown increasingly angry and disappointed about what’s happening in Washington.  But, I’ve also grown excited and energized by the God-fearing, freedom-loving Arizonans and Americans who are committed to reminding Washington that we do not work for them, they work for us -- the People.  I was completely overwhelmed with enthusiasm this weekend when I spoke before 1300 people committed to changing America at the Joint Carefree/Cave Creek Tea Party meeting on Saturday.  And, I’ve been so touched that so many people have worked with our campaign and committed their time, their prayers and their money to working together to take a stand against what we’re having imposed upon us from Washington.

C4L AZ Grassroots Activist Bootcamp Training This Saturday

Dear Fellow Patriots:

Just a reminder that our Grassroots Activist Bootcamp Training in Phoenix is this Saturday, April 3rd.  And tickets are on sale NOW!

Are you ready to effect major political change, to reclaim our natural right to our Liberty?

Are you ready to make the politicians finally listen to us and undo the harm they have done to us over the years?

As Campaign for Liberty believes that greater constituent pressure upon the political class is generally a healthy thing, members of any organization that believes in limited government are welcome.

Daisy Mountain Tea Party event featuring JD Hayworth

Apr.6 (Tuesday), 6:30-8:30pm
Pioneer Restaurant, exit 225 off of I-17 (west of hwy.)
Speakers: JD HAYWORTH / Ed Winkler / Ted Carpenter
(Daisy Mountain is located generally in NW Phoenix)

Click here for more information 


Arpaio/Salmon: 12 hours to go

Today is a very important day for Vernon Parker, and with your help it can be a great day for America.  We ask you to make a contribution to Vernon’s campaign for Congress by midnight tonight. 
Every day it seems Americans are handed one more false promise from Washington.  The Healthcare bill is just one more example.  Do something about it today.  Elect Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker to Congress!
We can fight back, together.  We can send a message that will be heard throughout the Third Congressional District, Arizona, and across this country.  We can stop the healthcare fiasco and return the power of solutions to the private sector.  That is what Vernon Parker stands for, common sense conservatism.  
Mayor Vernon Parker is running to replace the retiring John Shadegg. His is the most inspirational campaign in recent memory.  And America needs a little inspiration right now.  You can learn more about his life story at  We hope you’ll make an online contribution right now of $25, $50, $100, $200 or up to $2400 to the next Republican Congressman from Arizona.     
Midnight tonight marks the end of the first quarter for political fundraising.  That’s why we ask you to make a contribution by midnight tonight.
With support from us and so many others, Mayor Parker’s campaign will shock the political establishment with the support it has.  Please join us.  Please get involved.  You will never feel so good about supporting a candidate as you will for this compelling person, candidate, father, husband, small businessman and friend who is now inspiring many with his effort to restore faith in America.
Joe Arpaio and Matt Salmon


The other McCain on the Hayworth-McCain race: 'Scorched Earth' in Arizona

Some excerpts from Robert Stacy McCain's article profiling JD Hayworth -

Exactly how much the McCain campaign has spent so far won't be known until the first-quarter Federal Election Commission reports are made public in April, but the incumbent ended 2009 with $5 million cash on hand and has invested heavily in attack ads against Hayworth.

"All he has to show for it is a 15-point swing toward me, and we're now down by seven points," says Hayworth, referring to a recent pollby Rasmussen Reports that showed him trailing by a 48-41 margin among likely primary voters -- a surprisingly slender lead for McCain, who was re-elected with 76 percent of the vote in 2004.

But 2010 is not 2004, and in the intervening years, McCain led a legislative push to grant amnesty to illegal aliens -- a very unpopular stance in Arizona, especially with Republican and conservative-leaning independents. (Arizona election law allows registered independents to vote in either party primary.) A Rasmussen poll last year found that Arizona voters considered immigration a more important issue than health-care reform and 65 percent said "enforcing the borders is more important than legalizing the status of those already living here."

The immigration issue has "gotten bigger" in Arizona recently, Hayworth says, after a Cochise County rancher was found shot dead Saturday near the Mexican border, a crime that law-enforcement officials suggest was committed by illegal aliens or smugglers who have made the border an increasingly dangerous place.

The 73-year-old incumbent, however, doesn't seem eager to retire and is wielding all his considerable power to shut down Hayworth's challenge. Taking on the powerful four-term senator (and his wife's influential Republican family) makes fundraising in Arizona a difficult task for Hayworth, as major GOP donors in the state fear the political consequences if it is discovered they have contributed to McCain's opponent.

So far, the most obvious impact of Hayworth's primary challenge has been McCain's election-year rediscovery of conservative rhetoric -- the senator made headlines yesterday by calling for deploying the National Guard to defend the border with Mexico -- but Hayworth suggests Arizonans are suffering from "McCain fatigue."

That may explain why Hayworth is being targeted by what he calls a "scorched earth" campaign from the incumbent. The challenger points out the McCain campaign began slamming him in attack ads even before Hayworth declared his candidacy for the Senate, and contrasts that approach with what he calls McCain's "kid gloves" treatment of Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Goldwater Institute job opening for experienced litigator

The Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute, Arizona’s leading free-market policy organization, has an immediate opening for an experienced litigator in its Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation. The Center litigates a wide range of cases, primarily under the Arizona Constitution, seeking to curb government excesses and protect individual rights. The attorney will take the lead and/or assist in developing and litigating cases, provide litigation support including case filings and managing the litigation calendar, recruit and supervise law clerks, engage in scholarly writing and public speaking, and work as an integral part of the Institute in developing sound public policy ideas.
Qualified candidates will have at least two years active litigation practice and be comfortable working in a fast-paced work environment and have a strong commitment to freedom manifested in writing and/or activism. Candidates must have excellent writing, researching and editing skills and be familiar with the Microsoft Office software suite. Candidates should also have a strong work ethic, a collegial attitude and a good sense of humor.
Individuals interested in applying for the attorney position should submit the following:
Cover letter
At least one legal writing
Policy writing sample if available
Answers to questions below
Please answer the following three questions:
1. Please briefly describe your political/legal philosophy and the greatest influences in developing it.
2. Briefly describe your trial and appellate litigation experience.
3. Recognizing that the transition from private to public interest law is often difficult, please
describe cases or other experiences you have had that would help make you an effective public interest litigator.
Materials may be sent via e-mail to, or via fax to (602) 256-7045. No phone calls please.
Goldwater pays a competitive salary, based on experience, and provides excellent benefits: employer-paid group health insurance, health savings account, 403 (b) employer match, long-term disability insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, life insurance, accrued vacation and sick time, and a voluntary dental plan.
The Goldwater Institute is an equal opportunity employer. The Goldwater Institute was established in 1988 as an independent, non-partisan research and educational organization dedicated to the study of public policy. Through its research and litigation the Institute promotes public policy founded upon the principles of limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty,

Upcoming Federalist Society events

*The Arizona State University Federalist Society is Pleased to Present:

Debate: Christian Legal Society v. Martinez
Jeff Ventrella, Alliance Defense Fund
Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona State Representative
WEDNESDAY, April 7, 2010
6:00 PM-7:00 PM Welcome Reception- Hors d'oeuvres Will Be Served
7:00-8:30 PM Presentation Begins in the Great Hall
Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law is located at the corner of McAllister & Orange Streets, in Tempe, Arizona.
*Earn up to 1.5 hour of CLE credit for this event. CLE Materials $10
RSVP for this Event with Callie Parkinson

*Thursday, April 15th, 2010, 5 P.M.
The Phoenix Student Chapter and Phoenix Lawyer's Chapter welcome Clark Neily, Senior Attorney at the Institute for Justice, for a discussion on McDonald v. City of Chicago

*Friday, April 16th, 2010 12 P.M.
The Phoenix Lawyer's Chapter welcomes former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and Arizona County Attorney candidate Bill Montgomery for a debate on the legalization of Marijuana
Stay tuned for details



J.D. Hayworth stated today that U.S. Senator John McCain’s recent call for troops on the border is yet another election year conversion which only came after the shooting death of Rob Krentz, a lifelong rancher in Southeastern Arizona.  Mr. Krentz was found shot to death after encountering an apparent illegal alien found at one of his cattle watering holes.  

J.D. Hayworth said “I’m glad John McCain has decided to join the effort to secure our borders.  I only wish this same passion and fervor had come sooner.  One day of anger and outrage does not make up for 28 years of inaction.”  

Hayworth has long called for the federal government to act and step up its efforts to secure our borders.  Border security is national security and it is time that we enforce the law.  For Arizonans, border security is also quite literally a matter of personal security. 

Hayworth also supports Arizona SB1070 which empowers local law enforcement officers to identify, detain, and help deport those within the borders of Arizona illegally.

Hayworth is challenging McCain in the Arizona Republican primary August 24th.  One reason Hayworth is challenging McCain is because of McCain’s long-standing commitment to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

Hayworth sponsored the anti-amnesty “Enforcement First Act” during his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives.

For more information, please visit or contact the campaign at

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Washington Post: McCain's star is fading, Palin's is rising

Some excerpts from the article, "McCain Understudy Sarah Palin is now the Star" -

Their national campaign together ended badly for both, topped by a flurry of leaks dumping on the former Alaska governor and, since then, nasty accusations between the senator's camp and hers over the conduct of it. Whatever happens now, the reappearance of McCain and Palin on the same stage illustrates how much things have changed since 2008.
For starters, the understudy is now the star. A majority of Americans may think Palin is not qualified to be president, but the GOP faithful love her, as does cable television. Cable news was fixed on Palin as she delivered her introduction of McCain at a rally in Tucson on Friday afternoon. Minutes after McCain took the microphone, they cut away from the rally for other news.

More important are the forces unleashed since President Obama took office. The Republican Party has begun a comeback after two consecutive defeats, fueled to a great extent by a grass-roots tea party movement. These tea partiers appear determined to deal the president and his Democratic Party a crippling defeat in November. But the movement also threatens to devour some prominent members of the GOP establishment, McCain included.

The Arizona senator has been challenged from the right in the Republican primary by former representative J.D. Hayworth, who is hoping to return to Washington by capitalizing on McCain's long-standing difficulties with the GOP base.

McCain has company in the constellation of threatened GOP elected officials. In Florida, Gov. Charlie Crist, once one of the most popular politicians in his state, has seen his hopes of moving from the governor's mansion to the Senate crumble in the face of a challenge from a young, charismatic conservative named Marco Rubio. Once the clear leader, Crist now trails in the polls.
In Utah, Sen. Robert F. Bennett, a solid conservative who has worked across party lines in his chamber, faces multiple Republican challengers in his reelection bid. Party caucuses last week suggested clear anti-Bennett sentiment, and he is running scared.

McCain, Crist and Bennett are in trouble because in one way or another they have riled the most conservative wing of their party -- either by supporting the bailout of the financial industry, by favoring comprehensive immigration reform, as McCain did, or, in Crist's case, by speaking kindly of Obama's stimulus plan -- and appearing with the new president -- just as it was becoming GOP doctrine to oppose Obama by all means possible.


Monday, March 29, 2010

McCain's long-standing ties and funding by Soros, Arianna Huffington, and Teresa Heinz Kerry

Article from WorldNetDaily exposing McCain's long-standing but little-noticed association with prominent left wing funding.

In 2001, McCain founded the Alexandria, Va.-based Reform Institute as a vehicle to receive funding from George Soros' Open Society Institute and Teresa Heinz Kerry's Tides Foundation and several other prominent non-profit organizations. McCain used the institute to promote his political agenda and provide compensation to key campaign operatives between elections.

Read the rest of the article

Dan Cleary: Sarah Palin's Folly: Stumping For John McCain

Now, Sarah Palin endorsing John McCain per se is understandable. I still don't like it one bit, but I'll cut her some slack. Remember, she threw in with McCain before conservative J.D. Hayworth entered the race. And with McCain expecting only token opposition from the Democrats in the general election, he was for a time the most conservative man in Arizona's U.S. Senate race - if only technically and by default.
BUT...J.D. Hayworth is in the race now. He is a far preferable choice than McCain for conservatives on many issues, particularly immigration. Meanwhile, Palin has transitioned from merely supporting McCain (presumably out of a sense of loyalty) to actively stumping for the guy.
I thought Palin was supposed to be helping elect conservatives - not campaigning against them.

Read the rest of the article


Phoenix, AZ (March 28) – JD Hayworth offers his prayers and  condolences to the wife, family and friends of Cochise County rancher Rob Krentz, who was found shot to death after calling into his brother that he was giving aid to an apparent illegal alien he found at one of his cattle watering holes.

Krentz was a third generation rancher on the border of Southeastern Arizona.   Conservative blogs the Sonoran Alliance report that in the past the Krentz family had received threats from illegal aliens.  In 2002, the family was physically threatened when one of them stumbled upon a group of 39 illegals.

Hayworth said, “We need the federal government to act now and step up its efforts to secure our borders. Border security is national security and it is time that we enforce the law.  For thousands of Arizonans, border security is also quite literally a matter of personal security.” 

Mr. Hayworth also supports Arizona SB1070 which empowers local law enforcement officers to identify, detain, and help deport those within the borders of Arizona illegally.

Hayworth is challenging U.S. Senator John McCain in the Arizona Republican primary August 24 2010.   One of the reasons Hayworth is challenging John McCain, is because of McCain’s past sponsorship of legislation that would grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

Hayworth sponsored the anti-amnesty “Enforcement First Act” during his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives.


For more information, please visit or contact the campaign at

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