Monday, March 22, 2010

David Schweikert: They've done it.

Schweikert for US Congress
They've done it.
Last night after most of you had gone to sleep, the Democrats in Congress turned a blind eye to the wishes of the majority of Americans and passed healthcare legislation that threatens both our current healthcare system and the economic well being of our country.
My opponent Harry Mitchell voted yes for this new entitlement that threatens our freedom. He voted for the healthcare takeover that threatens to burden our children and our grandchildren with the crushing costs of paying for the Democrat's dream of nationalized healthcare.
There is only one way to stop this and turn our country away from this dangerous path of socialism.
We need to defeat the Democrats in November. Here in Arizona, we need to defeat Harry Mitchell and his liberal agenda.
That's why we need your help today.
Make no mistake, this healthcare takeover passed by the Democrats is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress. If we don't take back control of Congress in November, the healthcare takeover will take root and we will have lost any chance of putting things right.
We can do this with your help!
One of the first things I did this year was sign a pledge promising to do everything in my power to repeal this healthcare takeover.
That's what I will do, with your help.
If we don't retire Harry Mitchell this November we will have missed out on a great opportunity to help retake Congress.
We can do it, with a donation from you today.
The fact is that Harry Mitchell's liberal cronies will spend millions trying to fool you this November. They will spend millions attacking me, just as they did in 2008.
You see, they don't want a strong conservative in Congress who believes in freedom and economic prosperity.
They want what they have right now - a liberal lackey who does what he is told. Harry Mitchell was told to vote yes on the healthcare takeover and that is what he did.
But we can send Harry Mitchell home this November, with your support.
Today is a dark day for the freedom and liberty we hold dear.
But there are brighter days ahead. Please help us defeat Harry Mitchell in the fall with a donation today.

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