Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Arpaio/Salmon: 12 hours to go

Today is a very important day for Vernon Parker, and with your help it can be a great day for America.  We ask you to make a contribution to Vernon’s campaign for Congress by midnight tonight. 
Every day it seems Americans are handed one more false promise from Washington.  The Healthcare bill is just one more example.  Do something about it today.  Elect Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker to Congress!
We can fight back, together.  We can send a message that will be heard throughout the Third Congressional District, Arizona, and across this country.  We can stop the healthcare fiasco and return the power of solutions to the private sector.  That is what Vernon Parker stands for, common sense conservatism.  
Mayor Vernon Parker is running to replace the retiring John Shadegg. His is the most inspirational campaign in recent memory.  And America needs a little inspiration right now.  You can learn more about his life story at  We hope you’ll make an online contribution right now of $25, $50, $100, $200 or up to $2400 to the next Republican Congressman from Arizona.     
Midnight tonight marks the end of the first quarter for political fundraising.  That’s why we ask you to make a contribution by midnight tonight.
With support from us and so many others, Mayor Parker’s campaign will shock the political establishment with the support it has.  Please join us.  Please get involved.  You will never feel so good about supporting a candidate as you will for this compelling person, candidate, father, husband, small businessman and friend who is now inspiring many with his effort to restore faith in America.
Joe Arpaio and Matt Salmon


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