Wednesday, March 31, 2010

O'Reilly Factor slams McCain for "Border Reversal;" Dick Morris says McCain switched positions due to JD Hayworth

In a revealing segment tonight, Bill O'Reilly called out McCain for his flip-flopping on illegal immigration. In 2001, McCain was against putting the National Guard on the border. O'Reilly confronted McCain about it then, and McCain said it was because the National Guard doesn't have the proper training to serve on the border. So what changed his mind now? O'Reilly interviewed Dick Morris tonight about McCain's recent flip-flop, and Morris asserted that McCain has changed positions due to his primary challenge from the more conservative JD Hayworth. JD Hayworth demanded that the National Guard be placed on the border a couple of days ago, after the tragic murder of Rob Krentz, a lifelong Arizona rancher who lives on the border. But Arizonans know the real John McCain is the one with a 63 rating from the American Conservative Union in recent years, who co-sponsored an amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy. JD Hayworth has a 97 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union and has ALWAYS voted against amnesty and supported tough border measures against illegal immigration.

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