Thursday, March 18, 2010

McCain dropping in polls to JD Hayworth


"Pollster Show GOP Primary Tightening - McCain 48%, Hayworth 41%"
PHOENIX, AZ (March 18) - The latest survey by the respected independent polling firmRasmussen Reports shows the Republican Arizona Senate Primary tightening sharply, withincumbent Senator John McCain's 22-point lead evaporating to just 7 points just since January, when Rasmussen showed McCain with a 53%-31% lead.    
"When we announced our campaign just over a month ago, we knew we were taking on the candidate of the Washington Establishment and the Washington special interests - the insiders who benefited from the incumbent's bailout votes for runaway bankers and shady mortgage lenders," said Hayworth.  "Fortunately, those insiders don't vote in the Arizona Republican Primary, and now's the time the people get to weigh in."
The results show an overall 15-point swing since Rasmussen's January survey of the race, despite the 28-year Congressman, Senator and former Presidential candidate spending $1.14 million on negative ads."
 "Despite throwing nearly $1 million into radio in the past month alone, Senator McCain's 22-point lead has now sunk to just 7 points," said Hayworth campaign manager David Payne.  "He's a lot like Washington - the more money he throws at something, the less impact it has."
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