Monday, March 29, 2010

Coalition for a Conservative Majority meeting: Choose an AZ Governor

Host: Robert Zuluaga   Change Organizer
Denny's (Northern E of I-17)
2360 W Northern Ave
Phoenix, AZ US
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When: Monday, April 12, 6:30PM    Add to my Outlook Calendar
Phone: 602-692-8100 
Mark your calendar for 4/12/10 for our upcoming meeting. 
Are you concerned about the future for Arizonans?
Who do we want to represent us? 

The Federal government is promising Americans the moon, healthcare, a "chicken in every pot", and jobs for everyone willing to work for change we can believe in. (even though that change may be an increase in unemployment in the private sector whilst we increase the number of non productive government employees)
What say do we have in our States destiny and fiscal solvency in the face of federal government mandates?
Do we have to give up all our individuality as a State and fall into line with federal irresponsible, out of control spending and borrowing that places an unconscionable burden upon the backs of our children and grandchildren?
This month we will look at the office of governor.
Is the Governor of Arizona doing a good job?  There are 18 other hopefuls vying for her position.  9 fellow Republicans, 1 Democrat, 3 Libertarians and 5 Independents.
What vision do you hope for our state?
What future can we expect from the political landscape that greets us each day on the morning and evening news that is filled with brokered political deals from public servants with compromised values? 
Is Arizona also caught up in such shady Chicago styled politics?

Come join us for a constitutional look and bring your questions.  We have invited Dean Martin, the governor and all prospective candidates. 
RSVP & forward this to a friend. To learn more about CCM Click here. Happy Easter.

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