Friday, March 19, 2010

Grover Norquist: What Rep. Harry Mitchell's healthcare bill vote means for his AZ district

There are 19 new tax hikes in the health care bill. But one tax hike is especially important for some of the two-dozen swing Democrats in the House: a new tax on medical device manufacturers. Rep. Harry Mitchell represents the 5th District of Arizona. He voted for the House health care bill last fall, which means he’s already voted for a tax increase on medical device manufacturers. Cayenne Medical in ScottsdaleAriz., employs 45 people. Sensys Medical in ChandlerAriz., employs 40 workers. The average Arizonan working in the medical device industry earns $49,000 annually (compared to the state average of $34,000). In all, 4,500 Arizonans rely on the medical device industry for a paycheck.

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Anonymous said...

Please vote NO on the Health bill &
listen to the American People. Plese don't bankrupt America.
Thank You