Friday, March 19, 2010

Los Angeles Times labels McCain one of "vulnerable incumbents"

Remember John McCain? Suddenly he's joined the bipartisan ranks of vulnerable incumbents

Some excerpts -

This isn't an ordinary year -- for incumbents. American voters are feeling...beyond annoyed with anyone perceived as responsible for anything that's happened that wasn't supposed to. And judging by Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, they're looking to take it out on someone familiar.

So while the nation's attention is riveted on Obama's fight for healthcare and his wife's fight for the opposite of obesity, along comes a little-noticed telephone survey of likely Arizona voters from Rasmussen Reports.
And what they found is that after a quarter-century in the Senate and four years in the House, three months into his re-election year the presidential candidate for the Republican ticket in 2008 can't reach the benchmark 50% level for incumbents. Under 50% = vulnerable.

He's being challenged in the Republican primary, which is basically the election, by J.D. Hayworth.
He's another ex-representative who'd like to move into the Senate club. Naturally, Hayworth's coming at McCain from the right, having developed a conservative state following via a talk radio show.
Rasmussen found McCain leading 48-41. Too close for comfort. But here's the bad news for McCain: The numbers are trending the wrong way. Last November the two party pals were essentially tied. In January, McCain lead by 22, 53-31.

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