Saturday, March 27, 2010

Important Message from Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Thank you for all of your support, I would appreciate you joining me at Paradise Mayor Vernon Parker’s home for a small fundraiser to help his campaign for Congress.  
Joe Arpaio

Here are the details:
Who: Sheriff Joe Arpaio
        Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker
When: Tuesday March 30, 2010, 5:00 PM
What: Reception at the Mayor’s House
Cost: $50
To RSVP please email or call Emily at 480-208-4795.


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Patpacer said...

Hope Sheriff Joe comes to visit us soon we have a lot of work for him. Here in Pennsylvania even our union construction workers are laid off work for a very long time now, and we have 424,000 of our own legal children in poverty. That is 15.4 percent of all the children in Pa. Our governor Fast Eddy Rendell’s little city of Philadelphia gave free child birth delivery to a minimum of 1,800 undocumented women in the twelve short months of 2008. At present the lowest estimate of illegal’s State-wide are 3.8 million. Over 60 percent of these illegal aliens are all high school drop outs. Another amnesty would bankrupt many States, and the amount of children who would be eligible for (SCHIP) States Children Health Insurance Program is staggering. Not including undocumented in Pa. there are 1,211,000 legal Pennsylvanian citizens without health insurance.

This area once was coal, garment, mills, shoe factories and steel sustaining our lives. The jobs are long gone, and the number of illegal’s have tripled. We have a high population of Nam vets & many elderly whose life, blood, & sweat built this county, and are now living on a meager $12,000 a year social security, no COLA increase, while paying over 3 thousand in taxes on their old home. Our property taxes were reassessed in this recession doubling many for 2009, and due now 2010 taxes increased another 15%. One elderly person living alone here is also paying over $350 on two different sewer bills, while rental properties harbor 9 to 12 adult illegal border jumpers. All of whom really contribute much to our inadequate sewage treatment facilities. Two County judges busted on federal corruption; they took bribes to send our kids to juvenile detention. A replacement judge sent to hear cases lasted about one week or until he tried to choke his wife. Our still head judge wiped out a few mailboxes on his way home from the bar and left the scene of the accident, but he is such a nice guy of course we all know he wasn’t over the legal driving limit. ALL democrats and that is not half the crap, court house employees, county commissioner same, school board members busted, sewer authority funds and other taxes stolen. Our County prison employees union, court won 17% pay raise was just put on hold until 2012, and unemployment is over 12%, while illegal border jumpers are still working 16 hours a day.

Though this particular region of Luzerne County, Pa. might be a bit more corrupt than most, I needed to mention it first so you can see why hometown people all over the United States of different sex, color, race, religions and politics are seeing Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio as a true American hero. Just as the HOPE of many citizens elected President Obama… Sheriff Arpaio is giving HOPE to many, many citizens all over our Country.

Deportation would sure provide many jobs in every field of employment. While taxes have already greatly increased on the poor, they are only being used to the advantage of this “poor minority” of high school dropout border jumper’s. Our children of many colors are growing up lazy without proper work ethics unemployed because illegal border jumpers are doing the jobs we held at 15 years of age. As a lifelong Catholic here is one Catholic priest who is actually for us poorer hardworking legal citizens of all Color. It is a 10 minute video filmed next door to Pennsylvania in Harlem, N.Y. Every word is so true.
Father Bascio on the immorality of illegal immigration