Saturday, March 27, 2010

CAP: Arizona Responds: Your Tax Dollars and Abortion

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard has declined to join other state attorney generals in a challenge to the federal government's takeover of health care. In response, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has called a special session starting Monday to give her authority to sue on behalf of our state. As I watched the U.S. House vote last Sunday, I was so very disappointed and outraged by the betrayal of the pro-life cause by supposedly pro-life legislators who voted yes after President Obama promised to sign an executive order that prohibited federal funding of abortions. Unfortunately, the order is truly meaningless, as groups on both sides of the aisle recognize. Stay tuned. We are working with state legislators to make sure Arizona does not participate in any federal health care program that funds abortions. On another front, SB 1305 sponsored by Sen. Linda Gray and Rep. Nancy Barto will ensure that your state tax dollars do not fund abortion through insurance coverage for government employees. SB 1305 passed the Senate and the House Health committee Wednesday. You can track all our bills on our web site.

They Voted on Sunday; Will We Vote in November?
If one thing is clear from last week's healthcare vote, it is thatelections have serious consequences. The people we put into office, at both the state and federal level, make serious decisions that affect the lives of our families. Our upcoming CAP Family Dinner speaker, Gov. Sarah Palin, urged Americans to consider the healthcare vote as "a clarion call and a spur to action." I couldn't agree more! Today, make a plan of action, starting with holding a voter registration drive. We have somegreat resources to help.
An Ugly Reality But A Bright Hope
In a very moving Senate committee hearing, representatives from Streetlight Phoenix and Phoenix Police vice squad testified Thursday as to the ugly reality of child prostitution in our state. As we've been reporting, Streetlight - a local ministry supported by many evangelical churches is working to raise awareness, rescue these young girls, and strengthen public policy on child prostitution. CAP is working with Streetlight to pass HB 2699 to strengthen criminal penalties for those who engage in child prostitution. The bill passed the House with bipartisan support and should reach the Senate floor for debate next week. VisitStreetlight's web site and make a difference in these precious young girls' lives.
Channel 5 Gets It Wrong
Read about the most outrageous media story to-date on CAP-supported legislation in this CAP blog post. Channel 5 got it wrong - the bill doesn't give churches special protection, just equal protection.
Support CAP's Work!
Our CAP Family Dinner with Sarah Palin on April 24 will be a wonderful opportunity for you to hear a compelling speaker and enjoy a delicious dinner, but more importantly, it's a great way for you to support CAP's work of protecting and defending Arizona families. We hope you already have your seat reserved for this event, but if not, please don't delay. We still have a handful of table sponsorships and individual seats available.Reserve your place at the dinner using our secure online form or call 602.424.2525.

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