Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Right Wing News interview with JD Hayworth asks all the tough questions

John HawkinsAn Interview With The Man Challenging John McCain: J.D. Hayworth

 One of the easier questions -

Last two questions here. John McCain has certainly moved to the right this year compared to where he's been over the last few years. Do you think that's because he expected a strong primary challenge? Put another way, do you think if John McCain won, he'd be working hard with Obama in the next Congress to get legislation passed that conservatives would hate?

Sadly, I believe that although we all, in a sense, welcome conversion experiences and we'd love to see a genuine conversion to conservatism from John McCain, I think it is a campaign year conversion. I believe, quite frankly, that Senator Lindsey Graham is Mr. McCain's proxy and under-study.

Should John McCain prevail, which I don't believe he will -- but worst case scenario, if John McCain is able to fool enough Arizonans to return to the United States Senate, rest assured he will pull out the rhetorical sharp stick and continue to poke conservatives right in the eye. That's why the polls are tightening. It's why I believe I will prevail. I'm not going to let the people of Arizona down. We're going to continue to close this gap and on August 24th we're going to be victorious and then in November, we're going to send a consistent conservative to the United States Senate.

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