Thursday, March 25, 2010

Schweikert: The truth about Mitchell's YES vote

ObamaCare - - The Truth About Mitchell's Vote

Harry Mitchell and his liberal cronies in Washington really want you to believe that their healthcare takeover is good for America.

Here is a very informative table from the Heritage Foundation that shows you the higher taxes that you and your family will be paying because of Mitchell’s YES vote.

These taxes apply to everyone regardless of income. 

 President Obama signed...Reconciliation Act of 2010...
New Tax on Medical Devices$2 billion annually starting in 2010; $3 billion annually after 20172.9% of sales starting in 2013
New Tax on Prescription Drugs$2.3 billion annually starting in 2010$4.8 billion annually starting in 2011
New Tax on Health Insurance$2 billion in 2011, $4 billion in 2010, $7 billion in 2017 and afterDelayed until 2014 with 50% discount for non-profits; total amounts modified "for revenue neutrality"
"Cadillac Tax" on High-premium Health Plans40% of amount over threshold, regardless of the income of the policy holderSame, but with higher thresholds
Threshold for Medical Expense Deduction from Income TaxThreshold raised from 7.5% of income to 10% of income, regardless of tax bracket; a tax increase on everyone with medical expensed over 7.5% of AGISame
Tax on Having Employees from Low-Income Families$3,000 per employee (applies only to employers who DO provide insurance)Same
ObamaCare - The Truth about Mitchell's Note!Source: Heritage Foundation

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