Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hayworth Endorses SB1070 - McCain Remains Silent


Phoenix, AZ (March 26) - In striking contrast with Senator John McCain, Republican U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth reaffirmed his support for Arizona State Senate bill 1070.  The bill, authored by State Senator Russell Pearce, empowers local law enforcement officers to identify, detain, and help deport those within the borders of Arizona illegally. 

"Simply stated, we need to give law enforcement officers the tools to do their jobs. Border security is national security and it's time to take handcuffs off law enforcement and put them on criminals who break our laws," Hayworth said.

Hayworth went on to say, "This may be a state bill, but securing our borders is a national issue.  We not only need to address this on a national level, but we need to support measures in our state that effect border security."

Senate bill 1070 empowers state agencies and employees with law enforcement authority to determine the status of illegal aliens, transfer those already determined to exist in the United States illegally to federal custody and arrest anyone believed to have engaged in an offense warranting legal removal from the United States.  Additionally, the bill will prohibit sanctuary city policies that encourage illegal aliens to cross into and remain in Arizona.

"J.D. Hayworth's position demonstrates his continued commitment to doing Whatever It Takes to secure our nation and protect Americans," said David Payne, Hayworth's campaign manager, citing the title of Hayworth's book on border security.  "John McCain's transparent effort to duck this issue is just another reminder of his continuing failure to take seriously our nation's security and the impact of illegal aliens on Arizona taxpayers."

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