Friday, March 19, 2010

McCain using John Fund as evidence of his conservatism - but watch this video

H/T Sonoran Alliance. The McCain camp is running an ad featuring positive things Wall Street Journal conservative writer John Fund has said about McCain. That's the BEST they can do? Fund has ripped into McCain for not being very conservative. In this speech, Fund slams McCain's presidential campaign, saying it was all about Washington, and failed to put down strong conservative roots, he lost the base. Fund recalls walking into a restaurant once where McCain was celebrating his birthday, and being surprised to see the attendees - instead of friends and family, it was a bunch of liberal elites from the media; Peter Jennings from ABC, Arthur Sulzberger from the New York Times, etc. You will know someone by their friends. If Fund is the best evidence McCain has that he is conservative, that's no evidence at all.

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Republican said...

McCain does not NEED to, 'use' anyone. The facts remain, the outstanding support McCain has received in comparisson to JD is almost a joke...a joke! JD cannot pull one of his respectable peers out of the woodworks to stand up for him. This is because McCain is the best candidate for this position.