Wednesday, March 17, 2010

McCain's Millions Buy Typically Misleading Washington Ad

McCain's Millions Buy Misleading Washington Ad
"Arizonans won't be fooled by Beltway-style drive-by negative campaign tactics"

PHOENIX, AZ (March 17) - J.D. Hayworth's campaign manager, David Payne, today issued the following sharp rebuke of a new television ad by incumbent Senator John McCain attacking Hayworth for supporting the 2005 Highway bill, which included wasteful earmarks like Alaska's "Bridge to Nowhere," but which also included $833 million for border security programs. 

"After 28 years in Washington, John McCain has learned Washington's tricks, raking in millions of dollars to buy typically misleading negative ads that distort the records of his opponents.  Sorry, Senator: Arizonans won't be fooled.  

"Having been a Congressman for 4 years before he began his 24 years in the Senate, McCain knows full well that under House rules - unlike the Senate - individual Members lack the power to amend massive appropriations bills to eliminate individual projects, however wasteful they are. 

"McCain also knows that the 2005 Highway bill included $833 million for badly-needed border security programs. 

"That's probably why McCain's own supporter, conservative Arizona Republican Representative Trent Franks, was compelled to join J.D. Hayworth and 411 other Representatives (including 217 Republicans) in supporting the bill, which was supported by the Bush White House. 

"Now that Rep. Franks has joined J.D. Hayworth as the latest victims of John McCain's Beltway-style drive-by negative campaign tactics, we would welcome his switching his endorsement to support a consistent conservative, J.D. Hayworth."  
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