Monday, March 22, 2010

CAP: Legislative bills, Gilbert banning Bible Studies, social harms of porn

March Madness at Capitol!

The state budget was passed last week and the "madness" has begun as both houses work through remaining bills before the session ends. Here's a recap:
  • The Arizona Legislature successfully passed a budget without increasing casino-style gambling. CAP continues to strongly advocate against any increase in gambling because it is not a smart bet for Arizona families or our economy.
  • Three bills on CAP's Legislative Agenda passed the House:  HB 2699 regarding child prostitution and two school choice bills, HB 2664 and HB 2663. HB 2699, strengthening laws against those who engage in child prostitution, passed with wide bipartisan support. One more bill that CAP supports passed the House, HB 2297, which helps the City of Glendale prevent the efforts of the Tohono O'odham Nation to build a casino across the street from a high school. All four of these bills now move to the Senate.
  • Two other CAP-supported bills moved through Senate floor debate and are now ready for final votes:  SB 1309, protecting parents' rights, and SB 1304, requiring reporting on the number of abortions in our state. The House version of the abortion reporting bill, HB 2649, also passed floor debate and is ready for a final vote.
  • HB 2148, Marital Preference for Adoption, passed the Senate Public Safety and Human Services committee. Kay Ekstrom, founder of Christian Family Care Agency, provided excellent testimony about the importance of giving kids a chance for a mom and a dad based on her 50+ years of field experience. 
Keep up on the status of all CAP-supported bills with ourLegislative Action Center.


Religious Freedom; More Important Than Ever!

You may have heard the troubling story that the town of Gilbert was prohibiting home Bible studies. Fortunately, after our friends at the Alliance Defense Fund brought the matter to the city's attention, Gilbert Mayor John Lewis and the City Council quickly recognized that this was a clear violation of the church's religious freedom and are acting to correct the problem. CAP commends Mayor Lewis for correcting the mistake. At CAP we are committed to ensuring that all churches have the freedom to practice and teach their faith. On Monday, March 22, in the Senate Judiciary committee, CAP will be supporting HB 2596 to protect churches from land-use discrimination by government entities. 

Social Harms of Pornography Study Released  

The Witherspoon Institute recently held a seminar on the social harms and costs of pornography. Due to the expansion of the Internet, pornography is an even more serious problem than ever before. Pornography is costing our country money, jobs, and relationships. Be sure to visit their website for more information.

Don't miss your chance to spend the evening with Sarah Palin!

If you are thinking about joining us for our April 24 CAP Family Dinner, don't delay. The evening is sure to be a "don't miss" event as we hear from Gov. Palin, a fearless, resilient, and independent voice who stands firm by her principles. Find out more and secure your reservations online, or call    602.424.2525. 

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