Friday, March 19, 2010

House candidate Terri Proud on the State Sovereignty Movement

 I just read an article about a State Sovereignty movement moving across our land. The article stated half of the Legislators are considering or have Representatives preparing to introduce resolutions which strengthens the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.  I am PROUD to say that Arizona is a state that wants to protect our 10th Amendment right!
"The 10th Amendment Movement is an effort to push back against unconstitutional federal laws and regulations on a state level. The principle is known as "nullification," and was advised by many prominent founders." Click here for more information 
But not everyone is PROUD of the10th Amendment right our founding fathers gave us.
My opponent voted against a State Sovereignty bill: (HCR2001 Click here to see the billClick here to see her vote.          

When we are faced with a government trying to infringe on our Constitutional rights it's important to have our State Representatives stand WITH US and not against us! Having a deep love of our Country I will guarantee you this- I will stand WITH YOU to make sure our Sovereignty laws stay protected.
Benjamin Franklin said we gave you a republic "if you can keep it." I am running to keep it and I'm willing to make the sacrifices that it will take, because if its not worth making a sacrifice for - then its not worth keeping and I believe it's worth keeping!
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