Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Statement of JD Hayworth Concerning the Health Care Bill

"Arizonans across the state have spoken, and the overwhelming message is that you do not want the health care bill that was passed last night.  
"Devoted to your concerns, I have already pledged to do everything in my power to repeal a federal health care takeover by signing the 'Repeal It!' Pledge issued by the Club for Growth.  I urge my opponent to do so as well.

"From the onset, I have opposed a federal health care takeover.  On my radio program, I regularly spoke with Arizonans about the disastrous effects the proposed, and now passed, health care legislation could have on Arizonans.  As a broadcaster, my role was simply to engage in dialogue.  As a U.S. Senator, I will be duty bound to act.  Had I been serving in the U.S. Senate in December when the Senate voted on this bill, I would have done everything in my power to stop it.  Unlike my opponent, I would have demanded the bill be read in its entirety, even though it would have meant keeping the Senate in session over Christmas.    

"The health care bill is estimated to cost Arizona taxpayers $4 billion in unfunded mandates, while making $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and massive reductions in Veterans' health care.  Furthermore, the legislation creates an avalanche of new agencies, rules and regulations that will vastly expand federal power over the most intimate aspects of each of our lives.  It also contains unsustainable, unconstitutional and unaffordable mandates on the states and on individuals alike, including an unprecedented requirement that citizens buy private insurance policies.

"I support legal challenges to the health care bill's enforcement as well as legislative efforts toward its repeal." 

For more information, please visit http://www.JDforSenate.com or contact the campaign at info@jdforsenate.com

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