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United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally at the border - August 15

We are excited to Announce:

United We Stand For Americans and The Patriot Caucus will be hosting our first Arizona Border Tea Party Rally as the “United Border Coalition"

united border coalition supports arizona
This Tea Party Rally is to show support for Arizona, and it’s rights to enforce the Immigration Laws that the Federal Government won’t!
The United Border Coalition Tea Party will be held on the AZ border on August 15th 2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM.
The rally location to be disclosed over the next few days.

We are inviting everyone who wishes to support Arizona, and SB1070 to attend in person or online.
This Border Tea Party Rally will be broadcast live on and all Production Sites.
We are negotiating to have local and, or national news coverage as well.

United Border Coalition Tea Party Participants and or Sponsors.
UWSFA Productions including Grassroots Interviews, Round Table Politics, and JBYP Radio.
GROUPS: Goooh, Tenth Ammendment Center, AZ Patriot Caucus, The-912-Project

Confirmed Speakers: J.D. Hayworth, Sheriff Joe, Nancy Huzar, , Rachel Alexander, James Allen, Keith Sipmann, Jack Harper, Marcus Kelly, Steven Tucker.
Possible Speakers: Chuck Norris, AZ State Senator Russel Pearce, Marco Rubio, Dean Martin, Andrew Thomas.

More details about participating organizations and guest speakers will be released over the next several days as we receive invitation replies.
Help with Advertising: We are asking for people to share this post to help us advertise this event through Email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
Here is Direct link to our Ustream show page:
If you want to participate or support our efforts for this event please contact us at
Please consider donating $10.00 to help the United Border Coalition hold this rally in support of Arizona. Thank you!

You can also use the donate link to found on the top right hand side of every page on to contribute more than $10.00 to support this event.
This is a list of what we already have.
1. location: We have procured  a secure location on the border to hold this Tea Party event. Rally Location To be announced.

2. Security:American Border  Patrol American Border Patrol has graciously agreed to attend the event.
3. Equipment: We have already obtained the stage and PA equipment.
4. Refreshments: Beverages and food will be available for sale by vendors.
5. RV hookups: RV hookups will be available on a first come first serve basis.
6. Helicopter: Possible helicopter rides

This is a list of what is still needed.
RVs: We need a few RVs for the day to offer cool off  and refresher spots for people attending. Satellite Internet is a big plus!

Porta Potties: We need to rent or have donated at least 20-30 porta potties minimum for this event.
We have $1,000 committed to porta-potties so far.
We need another $2,000 in donations to cover rental.

less Like These! :(

more like These! :)

We are looking for more sponsors and participants for this event.
All Tea Party related groups, candidates, and supportive individuals from across America are welcome to attend or sponsor this Border Tea Party Event.

If you are an entertainer and would like to perform at this event please contact us at
If you want to participate or support our efforts in any capacity for this event,  please contact us at
The Federal Government has ignored, disregarded, turned a blind eye, and otherwise acted as though this invasion isn’t happening. Arizona is tired of it! While California and Texas have a great fence to keep Citizens safe and illegals out, Arizona bears the burden and cost of all these illegals.  The promised border fence doesn’t exist here.

Arizonans are entirely sick of the garbage, vandalism, lack of respect for property, our Citizen’s rights to feel safe and secure in their homes and possessions for which the Constitution guarantees us but which the federal government utterly ignores.
We certainly gave the feds every opportunity in the past 10 years to enforce federal laws before doing anything for ourselves.  Ignoring this situation hasn’t made it go away. What happened to all that money supposed to go to build an impenetrable fence across the border?  It certainly wasn’t used in Arizona!
Update: U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has blocked the key provisions of SB 1070!!
We must stand up for Arizona Now before it’s too late!

Do you believe Arizona has the right to defend it’s borders?
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The invasion of the Arizona border from illegal immigrants has hastened with the Obama administration attempting to sue Arizona and talking about granting Amnesty to millions of illegals in America.
We need less of this! :(
Arizona illegals jump border fence
and more of this! :)

Help us to support Arizona in their fight to secure it’s borders from invasion.
Please share this page, or this link United Border Coalition with all your friends!

Below are a few ads resources that you can use to help us promote this Rally.
United Border Coalition

United Boarder Coalition Rally
Here are a few other resources for sharing and advertising the live broadcast of our Border Tea Party Rally.
Direct link to our show page:
Here is the live embed code for the show to place on your website:
Live streaming video by Ustream

Thank You for your contributions and support.
Nancy Huzar: President/Co-Founder
Tim Selaty Sr: Vice President/Co-Founder

Add to Buzz Add to Add to digg Add to Facebook Add to Google Bookmarks Add to LinkedIn Add to reddit Add to Stumble Upon Add to Twitter United Border Coalition Tea Party Participants and or Sponsors.UWSFA Productions including Grassroots Interviews, Round Table Politics, and JBYP Radio.Confirmed Speakers: J.D. Hayworth, Sheriff Joe, Nancy Huzar, Rachel Alexander, James Allen, Keith Sipmann, Jack Harper, Marcus Kelly, Steven Tucker. Possible Speakers: Chuck Norris, AZ State Senator Russell Pearce, Marco Rubio, Dean Martin, Andrew Thomas.

Polling looking good for David Schweikert for Congress

Our nightly tracking polling tells us that our lead continues to grow in this race. Our grassroots momentum and support would not be happening without you.
Thank you!
We cannot win this critical fight without your valuable help and feedback.
Early ballots will be mailed this afternoon. You will be receiving them tomorrow and Saturday.
I am counting on you to return your early ballot as soon as it arrives. This will save our campaign valuable resources.
Our grassroots team is unbelievable: To date, we have over 3,500 yard signs around the district, over 2,000 bumper stickers, and over 3,800 individual donors to the campaign.
This campaign is about you.
Together we can take back our government and defeat the extreme left this fall.
Again, let me say thank you – thank you for your outstanding support.
We’re going to win this together.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Video of AZ Latino GOP at press conference denouncing Bolton's decision on SB1070

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jim Ward attempt at improving hit piece on David Schweikert = #FAIL!

From espressopundit -

Where Do I send the Bill?

Last week, I pointed out the amateur and desperate nature of Jim Ward's hit piece on David Schweikert.  If you haven't read that post, scroll down, and read what I said and then check out the new version.  (Click to enlarge)
Jim ward flier This piece is better and I thought I would take the time to point out some of the improvements.
The first thing to notice is that Ward has abandoned the false claim that the Wall Street Journal and Fox News called him "an anti-establishment outsider."  He still uses that phrase, but he no longer uses the mocked up Wall Street Journal and Fox News logo. 
Next, he's still using that same great picture of Schweikert, but at least he has a better picture of himself.   Well, that's a start. 
He's also rewritten the headings so that he is the "Yes" candidate.  The last piece had "No" under Ward's name and the voters were going to get the impression that they were to vote NO on Ward.
Ward has also downplayed the John Shadegg endorsement.  Now it's safely tucked away at the bottom--high enough not to tick off Shadegg, but low enough so that people aren't wondering why the "anti-establishment" guy is being endorsed by the, well...establishment guy.
Ward still makes the false claim that Schweikert is a "20-year Career Politician" but at least he no longer lists years (all 7 of them) that make the statement such an obvious lie. 
This is a much better effort.  Some of the obvious lies have been removed; the connections to Shadegg have been downplayed; the photograph is better and he has shifted the piece so that he is the "yes" candidate.
So ward is left with a piece that at its core is still a 500-word effort to paint Schweikert as a big spending career politician--using statistics that (as I pointed out in the prior post) are bogus on their face. 
What does Schweikert do to respond?  The sucker play would be to debate the piece and talk about how he is not a big spender, not a career politician and how he can beat Mitchell.  But why let your opponent pick the battle field?  Besides, no one who reads Ward's hit piece is going to believe it.  It's too full of weasel words and funny "facts"--and anyone who sees the two pieces side-by-side will see the changes and realize how bogus the first piece was.  It's also possible that the mainstream media guys will point out that Ward has dropped the Wall Street Journal Claim.
To respond, Schweikert will simply print and mail copies of the documents that show how Ward moved to Arizona from San Francisco in late 2008, hired a campaign consultant in January of 2009, registered to vote in February of 2009 and announced for Congress later that year.
If there's anything voters can't stand, it's district shopping.  And when a guy from San Francisco moves to Arizona and hires a campaign consultant before the boxes are unpacked and even before he registers to vote...well, that's a egregious case of district shopping.
My guess is that District 5 voters would even support a guy like Mitchell over the San Fransisco Newby.

Mary Hayworth talks to Smart Girl Politics

Red State: The Failure of John McCain

Some excerpts -

The rather sad history of John McCain’s political trajectory, from his younger heroic Navy days wearing the white hat among a sea of black caps, ending in these latter days with a hat so gray it might as well be black, has roots in his history, his character, and his choices.

In his history since 1986 in the Senate of the United States, one only need recall the travesty of hand holding across the aisle in the most recent couple of senate terms (accelerated after the 2000 election cycle by his bitterness about President Bush’s victory) to assemble a list of ill conceived projects which have contributed to the degradation of personal liberty and of the principles put forward in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: weakening the legal back bench and SCOTUS with his “Gang of 14″ interference in the appointment of conservative judges to protect the original meaning of the Constitution; McCain-Feingold interference in the clear intent of the First Amendment, and his support for regulation of the internet; McCain-Kennedy interference in immigration and defending our borders and nation, opposed official English language then changed his mind, supporting barely disguised amnesty; called water boarding torture and gave away the farm on coercive questioning of terrorists, wants to close Guantanamo Bay and give the terrorist citizen’s rights in civilian courts; voted for the Kyoto treaty, shilled for man made global warming, in favor of cap and trade, and against drilling in ANWR; and has leaned further progressive as he has courted the press and done anything he can to tweak the GOP, conservatives, and solidify his reputation as the ‘maverick’. Unfortunately he hasn’t recognized that ‘his’ side can’t count on him, and ‘their’ side uses him to their advantage. Sad to see him so proudly self deluded, and so ‘progressively’ Republican.

Choosing to emphasize ‘character’ as key in his senate primary race against JD Hayworth is the height of irony. Character does matter; whether one takes the broader definition of “qualities that distinguish one person from another” or the more focused “moral or ethical strength” or even “reputation”, or becomes the embodiment of “an eccentric person” or “a person portrayed in a drama or novel” (The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Ed, 1992), Senator McCain has grabbed the extreme end of the tiger’s tail! His sneering, mud-slinging, truth twisting campaign against JD Hayworth certainly highlights some lack in moral and ethical strength. If he has done such a great job in his senate career, why doesn’t he step up to the plate and make that case to the people? Truthfully, his career has not been such a faithful representation of the state of Arizona and her citizens’ needs and benefit, so he chooses the easy and low road in his campaign now. What character? Not so much.

Read the rest of the article 

AZ Latino GOP holding press conference today on SB1070

The Arizona Latino Republican Association, which has joined the SB1070 suit on the side of Arizona, will be holding a press conference today at 2pm to comment on Judge Bolton’s ruling against Arizona. Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (P.L.E.A.) Headquarters -1102 West Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007.
Below is a statement from their attorney, Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch.
Outrageous Decision of Judge Bolten Gutting the Law Not Surprising Given Her
Appointment by a Democratic Administration
The People Come Second to the Judge’s Career Prospects
(Phoenix, Arizona, July 29, 2010). Today, federal judge Susan R. Bolten issued a preliminary injunction in effect gutting Arizona’s new law designed to stop or at least curtain the massive flow of illegal immigrants into the state, and its attendant costs and risks to the citizens.
Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch issued this statement:
“After many years of legal practice, I had no difficulty predicting the result. Judge Bolten, who was appointed to the court during the Clinton administration, knows that if she is ever to be nominated to a higher post – perhaps at the Ninth Circuit – that she better not rule against her benefactor, the Democratic establishment now lead by President Barack Obama.
Regrettably in her zeal to cover her own political flanks, the people of Arizona and the nation have been treated as unimportant. This is just another example of the judiciary feathering its own nest, at the expense of the people.
Judge Bolten’s decision ruling unconstitutional the questioning under AZ SB 1070 of persons who are stopped for ‘probable cause’ – to determine if they are in Arizona legally – is not only outrageous,  it also conflicts with established law that police officers can probe into such matters once “probable cause exists.” Now, it is even unclear, given the judge’s politically motivated ruling, that they can even follow the law that existed before AZ SB 1070. Judge Bolten in her zeal to bow down to and further the pre-election strategy of President Obama and the Democrat establishment, has subverted legitimate law enforcement and endangered the citizens of Arizona.
Freedom Watch, which represents the Arizona Latino Republican Association and its CEO, Jesse Fernandez, both of whom support AZ SB 1070, will take this matter to the U.S. Supreme Court for redress. My clients intervened in this case to tell the American people that Latinos also respect the law and are proud to be part of this country, and want to play a major role in solving the illegal immigration problem. The rich Latin culture has added greatly to our nation and its values.
This country is on the verge of revolution, as we were in 1776, because the sovereign and its court system refuse to address the people’s grievances. I hope to avert this by using peaceful means to ‘overthrow’ the establishment, which is destroying our nation.”
For more information contact 310-595-0800.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas On Today’s Illegal Immigration Ruling

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. July 28, 2010.  Former Maricopa County Attorney and current Attorney General candidate Andrew Thomas issued the following statement in regard to today’s court decision on Arizona’s SB 1070 legislation.
“Judge Bolton’s decision to largely eliminate a key tool in our fight against illegal immigration was wrong and must be vigorously appealed.  As Attorney General I will fight for SB 1070 all the way to our top courts, just as I have done with other measures to reduce crime and illegal immigration.” 
Thomas has been endorsed by notable Arizona law enforcement leaders including Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh, Mohave County Attorney Matthew Smith, Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Arizona Police Association and former Arizona Attorney General and NRA President Bob Corbin.  Former Arizona State Senator Jonathan Paton and Arizona Right to Life endorsed Thomas as well.
During Thomas' time in office, crime rates plummeted.  The 19 percent drop is more than twice the national rate of decline, in despite of an 11 percent increase in the county's population during that time.  The illegal immigrant population has dropped by anywhere from 18 percent (Dept. of Homeland Security estimate) to 30 percent (Center for Immigration Studies estimate). Like the fall in crime rates, this dramatic decline in illegal immigration is far greater than the average in the rest of the nation. 
Thomas has a track record of successfully defending illegal immigration crackdowns in our courts, including his successful efforts to prosecute illegal immigrants for conspiring to violate the state's human-smuggling law and to defend Prop 200's voter ID requirements and the employer-sanctions law, which he defended along with the Attorney General's Office.
If elected Attorney General Thomas has pledged to expand that office's prosecutions of illegal immigrants under the state's human smuggling laws. The office is not currently pursuing such prosecutions.
Thomas is married with four children.  He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.  Prior to serving as Maricopa County Attorney, Thomas served as an assistant attorney general for Arizona, deputy counsel and criminal justice policy advisor to the Governor, special assistant to the Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, and a deputy county attorney.   
For more information about Andrew Thomas, please go to


Can YOU make the coolest web video for JD Hayworth?

If you've ever thought about creating your own web video, now is the time! Create a video to help JD Hayworth in his race for the U.S. Senate against liberal Republican John McCain. They are easy to make nowadays, with programs like Windows MovieMaker which comes free bundled with Windows 7, or you can buy a relatively inexpensive program like Corel Video Studio. Check out these two videos below - you too can create one like them. The best videos will be featured by the JD Hayworth campaign! Please post your video on youtube and notify the campaign at

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and JD Hayworth guest host fundraising dinner for Janet Contreras for Congress


JD Logo

Phoenix, AZ (JULY 28) - Statement from U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) regarding judicial ruling:
"Judge Bolton has gutted the Arizona law. She has put a hold on major sections of SB 1070 designed to eradicate sanctuary cities and require law enforcement officers to determine the immigration status of those who commit crimes in our state.

"The vast majority of Americans and Arizonans want this law implemented and the judge's action simply circumvents the people's will.

"Laws are made by citizens who are elected to serve in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress, and should not be made by federal judges who are appointed. In order to succeed in the battle over illegal aliens, Arizona needs a United States Senator who will fight amnesty and work at the national level for strict anti-illegal alien laws. They are not getting that from Sen. John McCain and he must be replaced in the Republican Primary on Aug. 24."

For more information, please visit or contact

 Paid for by JD HAYWORTH 2010, Inc. 

Mary Hayworth speaking to Smart Girl Politics tonight

Mary Hayworth to speak at Smart Girl Politics Meeting at Scottsdale Plaza Resort

Speaker: Mary Hayworth at the JD's Restaurant
Wed Jul 28 7pm – 8pm Mountain Time - Arizona
7200 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 (map)

Sheriff Arpaio: I'll jail SB1070 protesters

From Newsmax -

The sheriff of the most populous county in Arizona says he's "not going to put up with any civil disobedience" when the state's new immigration law takes effect.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says that if protesters want to block his jail, he'll put them in it.

The Arizona law, which takes effect Thursday, requires officers enforcing other laws to check a person's immigration status if they suspect the person is in the country illegally.

Arpaio told ABC's "Good Morning America" he doesn't know "what the big hype is."

He says it's "a crime to be here illegally and everyone should enforce" the law.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

McCain Spends Over $100k per Day to Fight J.D. Hayworth Yet Poll Shows McCain Still Around 50%

JD LogoContribute 

McCain Spends Over $100k per Day
to Fight J.D. Hayworth
Yet Poll Shows McCain Still Around 50%
"McCain's Amnesty" AdMcCain had to spend a lot of money last quarter - mostly on character attacks against J.D. Hayworth - to get just over 50% in the polls.  While it is a sad reality, campaigns are won or lost on contributions.  Your financial support is the key to a conservative victory in August - so please donate TODAY.  

On Monday, Rasmussen Reports released the latest poll between the consistent conservative J.D. Hayworth and liberal Sen. John McCain.  It's no surprise that after spending over $10 million in three months, or roughly $100,000 per day, and over $16 million overall, McCain is ahead.

But there is good news - this poll was done prior to J.D. running any television advertisements about McCain's support for amnesty.  J.D. has been holding out on television advertising to save money for when there is most bang for the buck.  Accordingly, because of contributions from patriots like you, J.D. launched his first major statewide television advertisement last Friday and will continue to run ads through the primary election on August 24th.

Mounting an attack against an incumbent is always an uphill battle; and McCain has tipped the scales by raiding his presidential campaign fund last quarter of over $4.65 million just to mount his campaign against J.D. Hayworth.  That's nearly twice as much as McCain raised in donations during the same time period!  While McCain should have spent that money on defeating Obama in 2008, instead he used it in a Republican primary to smear the reputation of consistent conservative J.D. Hayworth in 2010!

What you need to know is this: McCain has another $17 million left from his presidential fund that he could tap into over the next 30 days.  That's why your help is needed TODAY.  A contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more will allow J.D. to immediately increase television advertising through election day so that he can spread his conservative message to the voters of Arizona.

McCain may have the support of the Washington establishment - but J.D. has the support of every day Arizonans, Americans, and TEA Party groups that are fed up with Washington politics.  J.D. can't transfer millions from a failed presidential bid  and Washington insiders aren't injecting his campaign with large contributions.  That's why your support is critical!  

Please - donate today, share this message, and get the word out to everyone you know that J.D. needs help to win in Arizona.  Americans can send shock waves through the Washington establishment that we are fed up with "business as usual" and we will NOT let the leftist agenda destroy the American dream.

Please contribute TODAY online or by
sending a check to:
J.D. Hayworth 2010, Inc.
P.O. Box 28604
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Please contribute NOW
P.S. Time is of the essence.  Ballots for early voters are mailed out July 29th - meaning voters will start casting their ballots within the week.  A donation of $25, $50, or $100 or more will immediately allow J.D. to buy more time for advertisements to get J.D.'s consistent conservative message to voters statewide.

 Paid for by JD HAYWORTH 2010, Inc. 
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