Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dirty politicking hits CD5 race with push-poll

It looks like the dirty politics have begun in CD5. Have heard from others that a “Push Poll” is currently being conducted in the district. Those of you who understand campaign law know that this type of advocacy phone call is almost always illegal when there is no disclosure.

Here is what the push-poll is like: The call begins with a typical polling setup and then moved on to “attacks” on the candidates.

"Would you be more likely, less likely or no difference to vote for Chris Salvino if you knew he was in bankruptcy where there were actuations of fraud and that he had a number of number of unpaid tax liens?"
"Would you be more likely, less likely or no difference to vote for David Schweikert if you knew his business had bought a large number of foreclosure properties and had made huge profits on them?"
So far it looks like only those two candidates are mentioned. Why isn't there a question like, "Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for Jim Ward if you knew he moved here last year from the San Francisco Bay area to buy a Congressional seat? Or one for Susan Bitter Smith - well that would be just too easy. If Jim Ward's campaign is behind the push-poll, it wouldn't be the first time. If you received one of these illegal push poll calls, please make note of the caller ID and try to get their exact wording. Then let us know at or leave a comment after this post. 

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Anonymous said...

David Schweikert buying foreclosures is not an issue. He buys them then fixes them up and rents them - ensuring that they are properly taken care of. He does more for those sad homes than the government would do! If that's the best Jim Ward can do, he doesn't stand a chance at beating him. Voters are uncomfortable with someone who moved to Arizona solely to run for Congress - especially someone from San Francisco who has aligned themselves with RINO John McCain. I've heard Ward speak at LD meetings, and he is in favor of amnesty.