Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Officials to Disclose Criminal Evidence in Move to Protect Taxpayers’ Money

Interim county attorney violating ethics and possible quid pro quo to obtain appointment

(Phoenix, AZ)  To protect Maricopa County taxpayers, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office will disclose investigative findings of criminal probe of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and senior county managers.

Sheriff's investigators will hand over all investigate records on all claimants, county officials and others involved in high profile cases to Maricopa County Risk Manager Peter Crowley, but demand that non-conflicted,  out-of-state risk manager be appointed by a judge, to review all evidence, and investigative materials.  Since Risk Manager Peter Crowley has refused to recognize the current state of conflicts, the evidence will presented to Crowley and the assigned risk manager to protect the interests of Maricopa County taxpayers and deputy sheriffs involved in these serious investigations.

The County Board of Supervisors have sought to circumvent the judicial process by creating a highly suspect dispute resolution process the which will not recognize the alleged wrong doings of claimants against the County.

Under legal regulations, the dispute resolution process voted on by Supervisor Andrew Kunasek should be held null and void.  Kunasek, in violation of conflict of interests rules, illegally voted, while knowing of his pending criminal investigation by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Interim county attorney Rick Romley having full knowledge of Kunasek's pending criminal investigation, and Kunasek's participation in a free-talk with his criminal attorney and the assigned prosecutor, has unethically  allowed Kunasek's illegal vote to go uncontested.  Romley's inaction clearly violates his ethical duties as interim county attorney, and seriously calls into question what deals may have been made to obtain support for Romley's appointment.  Romley has been repeatedly asked assign an outside conflict free prosecutor when this criminal investigation of Kunasek and others was returned by Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores; Flores noted the case was not within the scope of her engagement.  After Romley's denial of repeated requests for his office to reassign the criminal case to another Arizona county attorney's office, or engage County Attorney Flores to prosecute the case, he proffered a meaningless suggestion to turn the case over to the United States Department of Justice, full well knowing that a theft of public money in the amount of only $15,000.00 will never reach the prosecutorial threshold of the United States Department of Justice and the use of the resources of the United States government .

Sheriff's officials have noted the County that the assigned County Risk Manager, Rocky Armfield, violated his ethical duties to the Maricopa County Trust, and that he intimidated the Sheriff's assigned legal counsel, and his subordinate risk manager to settle claims, stating the Board of Supervisors are gods and that under no circumstance can the board be deposed.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Armfield asked the Office's attorney, Maria Brandon, to pull punches should she depose Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, during potential litigation.

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