Friday, July 16, 2010

Pamela Gorman Endorsed by Arizona Right to Life


(Phoenix, AZ). July 16, 2010. Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee announced Friday that they are endorsing Pamela Gorman for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd District Republican primary.

“The desire to protect innocent life was a driving force behind Pamela Gorman’s initial decision to run for office. While serving in the Arizona House and Senate, Pamela has remained committed to that cause. Not only does Pamela Gorman have a 100% pro-life voting record, but she has offered and facilitated the passage of affirmative pro-life legislation (her fetal pain bill was later vetoed by Governor Napolitano). As a ‘survivor’ of abortion herself, she has a keen understanding of what is at stake that very few in public office share. Arizona Right to Life PAC is proud to endorse Pamela Gorman for Congress in 2010,” said Walt Opaska, Chairman of Arizona Right to Life PAC.

Gorman expressed her appreciation to the Arizona Right to Life PAC. “The work and advocacy undertaken by Arizona Right to Life is divinely inspired,” said Gorman. “As much as any other issue, the desire to protect innocent life is a cause that I have never and will never abandon. I am deeply humbled by the support of Arizona Right to Life and I look forward to working with them as a member of Congress.”

In the crowded field of candidates vying to succeed Congressman John Shadegg in Arizona’s 3rd District, Gorman is the only candidate in the field to have both a 100% pro-life voting record and to have affirmatively offered, and passed pro-life legislation through both houses of the Legislature.

“It’s one thing to answer survey questions the right way or even vote right when pressed,” said Gorman. “But it’s quite another thing to take the often-divisive step of actually introducing and promoting pro-life bills. As a survivor of abortion, this is not just a policy position for me. It is a bit of a quest.”

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