Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why is Deakin staying in the race, taking votes away from Hayworth, helping McCain?

Great point from Shane of Sonoran Alliance -

I have worked too dang hard for the last 20 years in this state trying to advance the conservative movement (through Arizona Right to Life, Americans for Prosperity, Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee, Christian
Coalition, Sonoran Alliance, etc.) to see this election be wasted on a spoiler. Where the hell was Jim Deakin these last 20 years? He got of the Navy the same year I did but he decides to show up on the radar in 2009??? Having worked on elections for 20 years now, I've taken part in a lot of political strategy but this has got to be the biggest wrench thrown into the process. I'm not believing the McCain-Deakin conspiracy theory but I do think that ego has gotten the best of Deakin. If conservatives lose this election, it will set the movement back 6+ years and that's not something I want to see happen!

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