Saturday, July 31, 2010

Polling looking good for David Schweikert for Congress

Our nightly tracking polling tells us that our lead continues to grow in this race. Our grassroots momentum and support would not be happening without you.
Thank you!
We cannot win this critical fight without your valuable help and feedback.
Early ballots will be mailed this afternoon. You will be receiving them tomorrow and Saturday.
I am counting on you to return your early ballot as soon as it arrives. This will save our campaign valuable resources.
Our grassroots team is unbelievable: To date, we have over 3,500 yard signs around the district, over 2,000 bumper stickers, and over 3,800 individual donors to the campaign.
This campaign is about you.
Together we can take back our government and defeat the extreme left this fall.
Again, let me say thank you – thank you for your outstanding support.
We’re going to win this together.

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