Monday, July 26, 2010

Beating Harry & the San Francisco Liberal

Schweikert for US Congress
Come November 2nd, Harry Mitchell will have voted to increase our debt and deficit for the last time.
And Nancy Pelosi – the San Francisco liberal and her big-spending cronies will have nowhere to hide.
Please make your most generous contribution - - TAKE ACTON and join David’s team right now. WE MUST PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS. Our urgent goal to raise $30,000 by Aug 1st is dependent on your SUPPORT RIGHT NOW.
David Schweikert is the proven conservative warrior whose record stands for itself: Cut taxes, create jobs, reduce the size of government, grow the economy, and defend the Constitution.
Together, we can protect the freedoms that have made this the greatest country in the world.
THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE. And David Schweikert is leading the fight in Arizona. Help David Schweikert with your $15, 35, $100, $250, or $500 contribution TODAY. We need true conservative leadership in Washington - - Please don’t delay!
We can secure our border, putting strong enforcement and border security first.
We can restore the free enterprise system and rebuild American prosperity. This government’s failed economic policies have been disastrous for our economy and we need sustainable private sector jobs.
We can renew a contract with the American people – limited government, personal responsibility, individual liberty, and freedom.
The liberals in Washington want to sell you a bill of goods - - literally. Higher taxes, hostile regulations, skyrocketing deficits, a tsunami of spending, and crippling debt. HELP DAVID SCHWEIKERT TAKE ON THE BIG SPENDERS TODAY AND WAGE THE FIGHT YOU KNOW DAVID SCHWEIKERT WILL LEAD.
David Schweikert stood up against his own party and fought against pork barrel spending. He took on the special interest lobbyists with landmark ethics laws.
He is a tough-as-nails conservative.
And he knows how to fight… AND WIN.
Help David grow the economy, create jobs, and secure the border by championing conservative policies in Washington. By investing in the Schweikert campaign today you will be supporting the most TRUSTED AND TRUE PRO-FREEODM WARRIOR YOU CAN SEND TO WORK FOR US.
Thank you so much for your support,
Oliver Schwab
Campaign Manager

P.S. Don’t delay; your support is more urgent than ever. We need to reach our goal of raising $30,000 by Aug. 1st. - - Please make a contribution right now.

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