Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tom Horne: Financial Con Artist Banned For Life By SEC. Watch Stunning Video.

Tom Horne:  Financial Con Artist Banned For Life By Securities/Exchange Commission. Watch Stunning Video.

The job of the Arizona Attorney General is to prosecute financial con artists, not to be one.  Yet, being a financial con man, ripping off investors and eventually going bankrupt is exactly why the Securities & Exchange Commission banned him . . . FOR LIFE.

Horne admitted, throughout SEC documents to his lies, deceit and ultimately ripping off people just like you.

But that’s not where the story ends.  As the Arizona Republic reported just this week, Horne continues to lie to Arizona, filing corporate records that hid his bankruptcy and past history in apparent violation of state law. (The story can be read here.)

Click the photo below to watch him try to explain it:

We shouldn’t be surprised.  After all, this is the same person that tried to auction off the Attorney General’s Office by pledging unprecedented access  to his biggest financial donors.  (The story can be read here.)

And after over half a dozen speeding tickets in just 18 months, including one in a school zone, Horne arranged a sweetheart deal to avoid criminal charges in Scottsdale (The story can be read here.)

And, after presiding over declining student achievement as Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction the Bush Administration accused Horne of engaging in a “complete sham” to boost test scores.

Tom Horne:  a financial con artist before, a political con artist now.  For amnesty for illegal immigrants.  (Read the Horne Amnesty Plan here).  For taxpayer funded abortions (HB #2708).  For infringements on the Second Amendment.  Against tax relief for seniors.  Against school choice.  Supported by virtually no one in Arizona law enforcement.  He’s no conservative.

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