Tuesday, July 20, 2010

David Schweikert for Congress: Momentum!

Schweikert for US Congress
We are united in the campaign to take back our government. Help us keep the momentum going.
Click here to contribute to David Schweikert for Congress today and send the liberal Harry Mitchell and the Nancy Pelosi Congress packing!
Our country faces unprecedented challenges – crippling debt, out of control spending, bailouts, and nationalization of whole industries. It is government run-a-muck!
And they still have not secured the border.
The good news is, the White House is back peddling, they are in trouble and they are running scared. Harry Mitchell is trapped between a rock and a hard place with voters of our district.
We are not going to take it anymore!
We will take back our government - - and that’s why I need your help today!
I am a conservative first. I have fought for our shared principles to reduce the size and cost of government, keep taxes low, and clean up pork barrel spending in Arizona.
As a small businessman, I know what it takes to create jobs. I will champion the cause of economic freedom and fight tooth-and-nail for pro-economic growth policies that actually create jobs and restore America’s prosperity.
Our campaign is stronger than ever. We are poised to defeat Harry Mitchell in November. But I need your support right now to keep the momentum going!
Would you believe it if I told you that there are over 3,000 Schweikert for Congress yard signs in neighborhoods across the district?
The grassroots momentum behind our campaign is like nothing I have seen throughout my life in Arizona.
And as I talk with voters, I am continually amazed by how many folks come up to me and ask how they can help?
  • Put up a yard sign
  • Put a bumper sticker on your car
  • Volunteer in our office and help reach out to your neighbors
  • Host a get-together
  • Make a contribution – every single dollar counts
This government’s agenda is doing more to harm our country than we could have ever believed. They must be stopped! We must defeat the Democrats and their liberal agenda this fall!
You and I know that Congressman Harry Mitchell has sold out to support the Obama-Pelosi agenda. He has sold out to the special interests and he is wasting our tax dollars!
If you have any questions, call me. My home phone number is 480-659-9383.
Together, we can take back our government!

P.S. Please don’t delay - - make your most generous contribution to Schweikert for Congress TODAY. As the Democrats prepare to attack, we will need every single dollar to halt their advance. Please make a donation to my campaign, and if you have any questions, call me.
Please join us...

Wednesday, July 21st - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Tom & Carolyn Lewis and John & Judy Lewis
cordially invite you to the
Terravita Golf and Country Club
for a reception in support of
David Schweikert for Congress

34034 N. 69th Way, Scottsdale

Please consider a minimum donation of $35

If you wish to contact us, please do not reply to this email but instead go to www.David10.com/contact. To manage your subscription, or to be removed from our list, please click the link at the bottom of this email.
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