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AZ Right to Life PAC endorses Brewer for Governor, Schweikert for CD5, and others for Congress

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Arizona Right to Life PAC Announces its Endorsements For the 2010 Primary Election To the U.S. Congress

Phoenix, AZ- July 16, 2010 -  The Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee (AZRTL PAC) hereby announces its endorsements, recommendations, and acknowledgments for the 2010 Primary Election for Arizona's eight Congressional Districts.  AZRTL PAC based the following determinations on the candidate's answers to the AZRTL PAC questionnaire, their history of pro-life involvement, any history of voting on abortion related legislation, and their chances of defeating pro-abortion candidates in the general election.

AZRTL PAC further notes that in many districts, there are numerous candidates who hold pro-life positions.  Those looking to understand AZRTL PAC's endorsements or acknowledgments should read carefully the rationale behind the decisions.

Congressional District 1
AZRTL PAC recommends and endorses the following candidates running for the Republican nomination to represent Congressional District 1: Bradley Beauchamp, Rusty Bowers, Paul Gosar, and Sydney Hay.  All of these candidates hold a strong pro-life position.  After examining all of the candidates in this race, AZRTL PAC believes any of the endorsed candidates appear to be highly electable against their general election pro-abortion opponent, Ann Kirkpatrick.  AZRTL PAC encourages its membership to examine each of the candidates and support the one believed to have the best chance to win in November.

Congressional District 2
AZRTL PAC endorses incumbent Congressman Trent Franks, who has a long history of pro-life support, is a long-time friend of Arizona Right to Life, and whose support for the unborn children is well-known both in Washington and Arizona, as well as throughout the nation.

Congressional District 3

AZRTL PAC applauds the large pro-life contingent of candidates seeking this office.  There are certain candidates running who have a history of active pro-life involvement, both at the legislature and in private circles.  Therefore, AZRTL PAC endorses those with a pro-life legislative voting history and acknowledges those candidates who have successfully filled out the questionnaire identifying them as pro-life.
In the Republican Primary in Congressional District 3, AZRTL PAC endorses:
A.        Jim Waring -- Jim Waring is a former state senator from Arizona State Legislative District 7, having served in the Arizona legislature for eight years.  Jim Waring has had a 100% lifetime pro-life voting record, and is a long-time friend and supporter of Arizona Right to Life.
B.        Pamela Gorman -- Pamela Gorman has been a state legislator in District 6 for six years, first elected to the House in 2004 and then to the Senate in 2006.  She has had a 100% voting record while in District 6 and has been a strong backer of Arizona Right to Life.
C.        Sam Crump -- Sam Crump has been a state representative from Legislative District 6 for four years.  He has a 100% pro-life voting record, and has been a long-time friend of Arizona Right to Life.

AZRTL PAC further recognizes and acknowledges the following pro-life candidates also running in CD-3.
        Steve Moak
        Vernon Parker
        Ben Quayle
        Ed Winkler
        Robert Branch

There are two Republican running who are pro-abortion, Paulina Morris and LeAnn Hull.  AZRTL PAC strongly urges all pro-life voters not to support Paulina Morris or LeAnn Hull.
Those who take seriously their pro-life vote should consider electability and experience, as well as a pro-life voting record, in considering the candidate whom they should support.

Congressional District 4

AZRTL PAC endorses Jose Penalosa in the Republican Primary for Congressional District 4.   While he has never held public office, he has been an attorney working in Central Phoenix for almost twenty years.  He has the credentials and the passion to challenge Ed Pastor, the current pro-abortion Democrat Congressman.  Pastor used to vote pro-life when a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  However, once he became a Congressman, he towed the pro-abortion party line, and since then has not voted for the most reasonable pro-life legislation.

Congressional District 5
AZRTL PAC has previously and once again endorses David Schweikert in the Republican Primary for Congressional District 5. We believe Mr. Schweikert would be the most likely person to defeat pro-abortion Harry Mitchell in the general election. 

Perennial candidate Susan Bitter-Smith is pro-abortion and we urge all pro-lifers not to support her.
Congressional District 6
AZRTL PAC endorses Jeff Flake for re-election. Jeff Flake has 100% lifetime voting record during his five terms in Congress.

Congressional District 7 
AZRTL PAC endorses Ruth McClung in the Republican Primary for Congressional District 7.  AZRTL PAC agrees with Ruth McClung that "human life, from the youngest to the oldest, is of the highest value and must be defended." 

Congressional District 8
AZRTL PAC endorses Jonathan Paton in the Republican Primary for Congressional District 8.  Mr. Paton is a former state legislator and state senator from Arizona Legislative District 30.  Former state senator Paton also served his nation in Iraq, defending life in a most concrete way.  We acknowledge fellow candidate Jesse Kelly to be pro-life, however, AZRTL PAC believes that Jonathan Paton would be the strongest candidate to defeat the pro-abortion Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the general election.
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