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Prop 13 Arizona - Campaign Update

Latest News Flash: Budget deficit drives more K-12 expense to our property tax bills

First, the State Equalization Tax returned to our property tax bills after a 3 year hiatus, representing the largest tax hike in the history of Arizona. Revenue from the State Equalization Tax goes to K-12 education.

Next, a special election is scheduled for March 2010 that permits a new and additional 5% Maintenance & Operating (M&O) budget override for K-12 schools. This is in addition to existing 10% overrides. Overrides and bonds are included in secondary property taxes.

Almost everyone had a 10% increase in Limited Property Values on their 2009 valuation. Unless your school district reduced its tax rate, you paid 10% more to your school district for M&O. Details are on your 2009 property tax bill.

There is no limit on secondary property tax increases (Article 9, Section 19 of the Arizona Constitution). The legislature needs a 2/3 majority to raise sales or income taxes. It's much easier to cover expenses by raising property taxes.

Tracking our signature collection work

Thanks to all our volunteers collecting signatures and working to qualify Prop 13 Arizona for the 2010 ballot. Working together we will succeed and bring meaningful property tax reform to Arizona. We have many people counting on us to stop the unlimited increases many of us have seen on our property tax bills.

If each of you would contact us at and let us know how many signatures you intend to collect, it would help us with campaign planning. Campaigns with paid signature collectors always know where they stand because petitions are turned in every week for payday. Since we are an all volunteer campaign, we need your best estimate.

Ask your association to support Prop 13 Arizona

If you are a member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR), or Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP), please contact your leadership and let them know you support Prop 13 Arizona. Each group is working in the best interest of its members so let them know how Prop 13 Arizona would help your business by making property tax bills affordable and predictable.


Collin Farrell

Arizona State Director



Tom Farley

Chief Executive Officer



Tim Lawless

Arizona Chapter President


Training seminars

In January, we'll be holding training seminars for our volunteers in the Phoenix metro area. Dates and locations are being finalized. We want you to be able to give accurate answers to the questions you receive when collecting signatures and talking to groups. If you are interested in attending a seminar, please email

Prop 13 Arizona fliers to e-mail or print

The attached flier can be emailed or printed for distribution. Help us spread the word about Prop 13 Arizona by sending it to all your Arizona friends in your e-address book. And, don't forget your out-of-state friends that own property in Arizona -- they pay Arizona Property Taxes, too!

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Rep. Franks Strongly Supports Dissidents in Iran

Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) made the following statement in response to the ongoing crackdown of Iranian dissidents taking place in Iran:

"The Iranian people should know that America stands overwhelmingly in support of them and their courageous pursuit of freedom, fair elections, and basic human rights. Furthermore, they must know that we are outraged at the barbaric nature with which their protests have been handled by the current Iranian regime, which has already killed at least five Iranian dissidents and probably many more. Former President Bush once stated that ' arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.' I would add that the same is true of those who are oppressed but long for human freedom. While the valiant dissidents in Iran, who are risking their very lives to stand up to this radical regime, may feel they are outnumbered, they must know that the entire peace-loving world stands with them in unwavering solidarity.

"President Obama has offered only tacit support of these dissidents, which is meaningless until he begins to follow his words with strong action. An entire year of the Obama Administration has passed, in which Ahmadinejad's regime has continued its relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons. Ultimately I am convinced that only three things will prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear armed nation: a regime change, military intervention, or a conviction in the minds of the Iranian leaders that military intervention will occur if development of theirnuclear weapons systems does not cease.

"The president must realize that if we continue on this course, he may be responsible in history for allowing Iran to gain nuclear weapons and change the course of human history in a dark and terrible way."

Congressman Franks has introduced H.R. 3832, the "Peace Through Strength Act," which would strengthen the United States' sanctions on Iran and would require the Secretary of Defense to develop and maintain viable military options to prevent the successful development or deployment of nuclear weapons by the Iranian government.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New facebook group for Arizona conservative bloggers

Exurban League has the story about Vox's new fb page for us conservative bloggers.

Rep. Sam Crump seeking reelection to AZ House, will not run for AG

(H/T Seeing Red AZ)

Rep. Crump to Seek Re-election to House

December 23rd, 2009

Today I have decided to seek re-election to the Arizona House of Representatives. I have spent the last several months exploring a run for the office of Arizona Attorney General. However, I have decided this is not the right time for me to pursue that office.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve a third term in the House and continue to be a strong conservative voice on behalf of District 6.

I want to thank those that encouraged me and supported my AG exploratory efforts. Your kindness is appreciated.

Rep. Sam Crump

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arizona counties recognize Allen as “Outstanding Legislator”

Recognizing her strong commitment to rural Arizona , the County Supervisors Association of Arizona named State Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, an “Outstanding Legislator” in a ceremony Friday, Dec. 18.

Sen. Allen has a keen understanding of the important role that counties play in state government,” said CSA President and Coconino County Supervisor Liz Archuleta. “She has been a strong voice for rural Arizona at the State Legislature and continues to be a champion for the rural counties in her district.”

Sen. Allen was grateful for the recognition. “I am and will always be a proud supporter of counties,” she said. “I have always believed that local government is more efficient and accountable to the taxpayers than the state or federal government.”

President Archuleta singled out Allen for her support of legislation granting counties greater flexibility to manage their operations, resulting in needed savings during this difficult financial downturn. Allen has also consistently supported counties against legislative attempts to unfairly shift state costs and responsibilities to county governments.

“Now, more than ever, rural Arizona needs strong representation at the State Capitol,” said Archuleta. “We’re grateful that Sen. Allen provides that representation.”

The County Supervisors Association is a non-profit organization that advocates for Arizona ’s 15 counties at the State Legislature. For more than 25 years, CSA has served as a non-partisan forum for county officials to address important issues facing local constituents, providing a mechanism to share information and to develop a proactive state and federal policy agenda.

CSA membership includes the 55 elected supervisors from Arizona 's 15 counties.


For more information, contact:

Laura Devany, Communications Advisor

Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

Office: (602) 926-3972; e-mail:

Tips from County Attorney's Office on how to avoid being burglarized over the holidays


The holidays are supposed to be filled with joy and happiness, but for some, it becomes a nightmare when they return home and find that they have been burglarized. Burglars know that people are shopping more around the holidays and therefore have more enticing items in their homes. This gives thieves an incentive to go on a shopping spree in people's homes. In some cases thieves go through all the gifts by un-wrapping them and only taking what they want.

These burglaries occur during daylight hours, especially when it is clear that no one is home. As many families tend to take vacations and travel around this time of year, thieves will scope areas in hopes of finding empty homes to burglarize. Holidays are a prime time to commit these types of crimes so all proper measures should be taken to protect your property.

To Accomplish This:

  • Invest in solid dependable doors.
  • Invest in quality locks for your doors and windows, including sliding glass doors.
  • If you have sliding glass doors, place a wooden rod in the track. This will prevent a would-be burglar from simply opening the door, or removing pins in the overhead frame to lift the door out.
  • Plant thorny bushes under all of your windows.
  • Do not leave the ladder you use to hang your holiday lights outdoors. Keep any tools that could be used to break in your home safely locked away in a garage or tool shed.
  • Be sure your garage door can be securely locked.
  • Always double check all doors and lock all windows at night, and anytime that you go out.

Use Common Sense:

  • Do not place any gifts or valuables where they can be seen from the window, especially small, portable items.
  • Do not leave your garage door open while you are away, this announces to thieves that you are not home.
  • Do not keep large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry around the house. Consider having a safety deposit box.
  • Do not hide your spare key in obvious places, such as under the doormat or above the doorframe.
  • Criminals often pose as deliverymen with gifts, in order to gain access to your home during the holidays. Always ask for identification.
  • If a stranger comes to your door, asking to use the phone, do not let him in. Make the call yourself.

Additional Information:

  • If you plan to be gone, use a timer to turn interior lights on and off as if you were still home.
  • If you are going out of town for the holidays, have a neighbor or family member watch your house, and pick up your mail and newspapers.
  • Invest in a quality security system.
  • Install motion detectors.
  • If you do not own a dog, consider putting up "beware of dog" signs to ward off potential burglars.
  • If you do own a dog and need to go out of town, have someone come in to care for your pet.
  • Engrave all valuable equipment, stereos, television sets, VCR's, video cameras, etc. , with your driver's license number.
  • Videotape the contents of your home. Keep the video, along with a list of all of your valuable possessions in a safe deposit box.
  • Remember to include those gifts that are under the tree when engraving and videotaping.

(Source: Security World)

"Let's keep our homes safe by taking the proper steps to keep intruders out"

For more information on crime prevention, please visit

New twitter group (hashtag) for Arizona conservatives

Send your twitter updates to #azright, and view them on the right of this website or use a Twitter viewing program like Tweetdeck.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Exciting AZ Governor's Campaign of PV Mayor, Pastor Vernon Parker Wants You!

New Jobs: Create jobs by phasing out corporate income
tax and burdensome regulations.

Reform Education: Bring quality teachers to classroom;
expand opportunities at the community colleges.

Leadership: that unites to advance Arizona's goals.

Hello, my name is Vernon Parker and I am a small businessman, former pastor, and the mayor of Paradise Valley. I have formed an exploratory committee to consider a run to become the next Governor of Arizona.

My story, the story of a boy who started out in a fatherless home in a poor neighborhood and went on to become a Presidential advisor and the mayor of one of the country's most affluent communities, is a story of hard work, perseverance, faith and education.

Our state is suffering from a loss of jobs, a loss of the economic activity that keeps our state coffers full and we are suffering from a lack of leadership to fix these things. Maybe worst of all, we are suffering from a loss of faith in Arizona.

Help me restore that faith.

Please take a look at the short video included in this email, visit my website at and read my plan to get Arizona back to work at If you are moved by what you see and hear, take a moment to make a five dollar contribution to my committee. Or, if you have the time, volunteer for the committee.

I am running under Clean Elections. To qualify for Clean Elections money, I need 5,000 registered Arizona voters to each contribute $5 and fill out the form below. Please help me today. Download the $5 form below and send it in with your contribution.

You will find the official $5 form here:

Please click here to volunteer:

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas.

Thank you for your help,

Vernon Parker

Parker Calls on Brewer to Cancel Fundraiser


Vernon Parker Calls on Jan Brewer to Cancel Fundraiser by Planned Parenthood Board Member

DECEMBER 16, 2009. Today, Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker released the following statement.

“I am extremely concerned and troubled that Jan Brewer would hold a fundraiser in the home of someone who brags[1] about being a board member for Planned Parenthood of Arizona’s Action Fund. Planned Parenthood supports partial-birth abortion, and this is the arm of Planned Parenthood specifically designed to elect pro-abortion candidates to political office.

I have many friends and supporters who are pro-choice. They know that I am unequivocal in my belief that life begins at conception and is sacred. If this were simply the case of a pro-choice supporter hosting a fundraiser, I would not take issue with it. However, in this instance, Jan Brewer is having a fundraiser hosted by someone actively involved in the leadership of the state’s best known pro-abortion organization. That is totally unacceptable for someone who claims to be pro-life and I call on Jan Brewer to cancel this fundraiser immediately.”


For more information go to

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goldwater Institute amicus brief takes aim at local gun bans

by Nick Dranias
Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms from oppressive federal gun bans under the Second Amendment. Now, the Court is considering whether the Constitution also protects that right against local gun bans under the Fourteenth Amendment. As before, the Goldwater Institute has weighed-in by filing an amicus brief in support of the right to armed self-defense. But this time, our argument is aimed at persuading the academic left and "strict constructionist" right to adopt a position on gun rights based on genuine constitutionalism.

handgunAn academic cadre on the left has long argued that the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees all civil rights, including the right to armed self-defense, through its prohibition on states "abridge[ing] the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States." This presents an unusual opportunity for finding common ground, but many on the right believe the left's endgame is not so much aimed at securing gun rights, as transforming the Fourteenth Amendment into a mandate for forcing states to facilitate federal social welfare policies. Because of this perception, gun rights are threatened by "strict constructionists" who refuse to strike down local gun bans under the Fourteenth Amendment to avoid opening a "Pandora's Box" of federal judicial activism.

In an effort to heal this divide and find common ground, our brief acknowledges that the Fourteenth Amendment changed the balance of power between the states and the federal government by guaranteeing civil rights against oppressive state and local laws. But we show that the Amendment's "privileges or immunities" clause actually guarantees freedom--not free stuff from the federal government--and that this understanding actually promotes judicial restraint. We also show that protecting gun rights from local gun bans is fully consistent with the Tenth Amendment because federalism is not an end-in-itself; it is meant to protect rightful liberty--including the right to armed self-defense.

In short, the Goldwater Institute has appealed to genuine constitutionalists to protect the right to armed self-defense from state tyranny. We will soon know how many on the Supreme Court are open to the message.

Nick Dranias holds the Goldwater Institute Clarence J. and Katherine P. Duncan chair for constitutional government and is the director of the Institute's Dorothy D. and Joseph A. Moller Center for Constitutional Government.

Learn More:

Goldwater Institute: McDonald v. Chicago Amicus Brief
U.S. Constitution: 14th Amendment

U.S. Supreme Court: D.C. v. Heller decision
7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: McDonald v. Chicago decision

Pachyderm Coalition: The goal Is winning the war

Pachyderm Coalition Logo
Americans for ProsperityA political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs, which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell it's numbers.... And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these conservative principals, then let them go their own way.

December 2009

The fight is simply the method to reaching the goal.

The goal is Winning the War!

Arizona's Political Success Story

and how to preserve and build on it!

by Pachy

Nevada used a well documented Arizona blueprint last year to take over the Nevada GOP. A small group of about 30 GOP/Tea Party activists began filling vacant GOP precinct chairs, first at the local level, then the county and six months later, these activists seized control of the state GOP, placing people, approved locally, at the head of the Nevada GOP.

Nevada precinct activist Tony Warren describes their success." Our approved slate of candidates swept the elections and we now control the entire State. No RINO was left standing. Every one of them has been moved out of our way. Every change to the State Party bylaws we didn't approve of was voted down. It was a complete and total VICTORY for the grassroots conservatives in Nevada."

The solution for a runaway government is the patriots' control of a primary party and its primary elections. The PAChyderm Coalition was founded in 2002 with the Reagan Republican Party Platform and Matthew 10:16 as the founding principles. In 2003, these constitutional conservatives wrested control of the Republican Party away from the liberal establishment. It is important to remember that taking over the Party structure does not in and by itself change legislative or executive policies. However, properly used, it can result in the election of conservative candidates at local, state and national elections.

The PAChyderm Coalition was instrumental in electing four constitutional conservatives who were running against liberal incumbents in the 2004 Primary Elections. The PAChyderm Coalition has had unparalleled success throughout the rest of this decade. But our opponents have not gone away. They are investing a large amount of time & money attempting to undo our successful efforts.

Rasmussen reported on December 7, 2009 (Pearl Harbor Day): "Running under the Tea Party brand may be better in congressional races than being a Republican." Once again, the devil is in the details... That report goes on to state - "In a three-way Generic Ballot test, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picks up 23%, and Republicans finish third at 18%. Another 22% are undecided."

The 22% so-called "undecided's" will likely break nearly 50/50 at the end of the day. And there you have it! Democrats end up with 47% of the vote. A minority of the vote, but a winning minority that will win once again if the right remains divided. (Check out the 1992 Presidential race on how that works.) The citizens of Arizona and America can only win with the combined support of the 18% RNC voters, the 23% Tea Party voters and at least forty percent of the undecideds. Only if Tea Party folks unite with RNC folks can they defeat the DNC, better known today as the Democratic Socialists of America. Scattered over numerous 3rd party efforts, the American Right has NO chance of regaining political power, much less saving U.S. sovereignty, security or freedom today.

If the right unites, they win in a 53 - 47 take over in the next election cycle. But if they allow themselves to be divided among 3rd party efforts, they lose again to a 47% leftist minority. Once you understand the simple math, you must ask what it will take to unite the pro-American political right with what's left of the old RNC. First and foremost, the people can no longer leave the "doing" to others. They must directly engage in the process individually and at the local level, the precinct level.

Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney and The PAChyderm Coalition have shown the way in how to retake Arizona and America with their hard work since 2002. With a combined effort from the conservative PC's already in place and the infusion of Tea Party activists on the foundation laid by Rob and the Pachys, the combined efforts will lead to a strong Arizona State Party that will stand for constitutional principles.

As easy as 1, 2, 3...

1) Elect precinct committeemen 2) Retake the Party 3) Retake the nation

WWII Democrats and Jefferson liberals who are also angry with the current Marxist regime in Washington must either begin the process of retaking the DNC by the same methods or they must follow the course charted by Ronald Reagan, Congressman Bob Stump, Jeane Kirkpatrick and millions of other former Democrat constitutionalists - join the large base of conservatives already in place within the RNC which is ripe for the taking.

For more information on how to reclaim Arizona, reply to, or or visit the PAChyderm Coalition website.

We look forward to the infusion of additional troops to carry us to victory in the on-going battle. The good news is that you are not alone! Conservative, freedom loving Precinct committeemen are being appointed every day.

Rep. Franks Statement for Markup of Gitmo Resolution of Inquiry

10 Months After Gitmo Decision, Administration has Failed to Give a Good Reason or Produce a Coherent Plan

December 15, 2009 - Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) gave the following statement today during the markup of H.R. 924, a Resolution of Inquiry which would force the Department of Defense to provide all information that refers or relates to the trial or detention of the terrorists responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and thePentagon:

“As my colleagues have already stated, we had a closed briefing on this matter and the witnesses were utterly incapable of answering two simple questions: First, why did the administration decided to do this? And second, what are the national security implications of this decision?

"The President and Administration continue to cobble together piecemeal national security decisions based on political whim, without having a strategy to implement them or even a good explanation.

"This Committee has a responsibility to conduct thorough oversight of this matter.

"We owe it to the families of those who were killed on 911, to the people of New York City, and to the people of Illinois, who will now, thanks to this President, share a neighborhood with the mastermind of September 11th.

"It is for this reason that I fully support this resolution of inquiry and I oppose any substitute offered by the Majority. I yield back the balance of my time.”

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goldwater Institute: Cut the corporate income tax to create jobs

by Steve Voeller
Want to create jobs? Make Arizona more attractive to businesses. Addressing a weak spot in the tax code, the first thing lawmakers should do is drastically reduce our corporate income tax rate. Arizona's current rate of just under 7 percent is the third-highest rate in the western U.S. Because many corporations carry out numerous activities in different states, there is an incentive for companies to structure themselves to minimize their tax burdens. Arizona's corporate income tax rate is a disincentive. From a profit-and-loss perspective, it makes more sense to be headquartered in Las Vegas, Denver, or Dallas than it does Phoenix.

taxArizona's corporate tax system is structurally out of whack, as very few companies shoulder an inordinate tax burden. There were 50,000 corporate income taxpayers in 2006 (most recent data) with a liability of $820 million (next year the budget office is predicting only $500 million). But, because businesses with less than $50 in taxable income only pay $50 in corporate income taxes, an astonishing 68 percent of the filers (34,000) contributed only 0.2 percent of the total revenue ($1.7 million). The remaining $818 million is shouldered by only 16,000 companies; 146 of these companies contributed $575 million in corporate income taxes (65 percent of the total liability). That's a $3.9 million tax bill for each company. No wonder so few companies headquarter here.

Far from just being bad for the economy, Arizona's tax rate is bad for workers too. According to the Congressional Budget Office, workers bear slightly more than 70 percent of the burden of high corporate taxes in the form of reduced wages. Similarly, an American Enterprise Institute study demonstrates that a 1 percentage-point increase in corporate tax rates is associated with nearly a 1 percent drop in wage rates.

Reducing the state's corporate income tax rate is good for business, good for jobs, and ultimately good for the economy.

Steve Voeller is president of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance policies that promote a strong and vibrant Arizona economy. A longer version of this email appeared in AFEC's Fiscal Note.

Learn More:
American Enterprise Institute: Taxes and Wages

David Schweikert for Congress: See Harry Run

Schweikert for US Congress
Over at the Espresso Pundit blog... See Harry. See Harry Run. Run Harry Run.
Political commercials used to be slick. That's because they were expensive to produce and run. Even the most basic commercial had to be filmed, edited, produced and broadcast.... [ read more @ ]
Watch the new video...

Harry says he read the bill... All 2,994 pages, "plus 42 amendments". But did he? [ view ]

Watch Harry Mitchell run away from his voters, rather than answer a simple question. [ view ]
Make a donation at - - Principled Leadership, Conservative Values
When you have a Mitchell sighting...  Tweet Where_is_Harry (and don't forget your video camera!)
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AFP: Celebrating Bill of Rights Day in Arizona

Americans for Prosperity
14 December 2009

Dear AFP-Arizona Member:

On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights was officially added to U.S. Constitution. These ten amendments continue to preserve and protect our fundamental rights as Americans, including the right of free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to be secure from arbitrary government confiscation of our property, and freedoms of religion and the press.

218 years later, here are five things Arizonans can do on Bill of Rights Day to support the individual rights that have made America the freest country in the world:

1) Attend the CODE RED Health Care Freedom Rally in Scottsdale

2) Attend a Bill of Rights Day Dinner

3) Support the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act

4) Stop a Tax Increase in Gilbert

5) Help Students Escape Failing Government Schools

Details for these and other upcoming events are available at the AFP Arizona website. Go to and scroll down to the event list, which is posted as the first item under “What’s News.”

Here is the direct URL for the latest Arizona event list:

For Liberty,


Mayor Vernon Parker Asks Governor, Legislature to Act on “Jobs Now” Plan First Part of Agenda to Generate Jobs by Saving AZ Businesses Money; Creating

Entire Plan Posted at

PHOENIX, AZ – December 14, 2009 – Arizona has suffered some of the worst job losses in its storied history, and ranks nationally near the top for job loss. Arizona has lost well over 200,000 jobs since 2007. Families are hurting. We need hope. We need optimism. Arizona’s brightest days are in front of us. Job creation is not a partisan issue.

Vernon Parker, Mayor of Paradise Valley, and a likely candidate for governor, wants to make sure that those in Arizona who want to work can do just that.

As someone who grew up in a home where making the ends meet was a struggle, Parker is determined to see that families get ahead. He understands that this doesn’t happen by taking money from them - with a tax increase - and this most definitely doesn’t happen by penalizing employers who provide them with jobs.

Vernon Parker’s “Jobs Now” plan includes an expansion of the state’s Renewable Energy Tax Incentive program to all industries that relocate here, a temporary small business job creation tax credit, and it aims to create a stable - and nationally competitive - business environment by phasing out the corporate income tax.

“Arizona cannot tax its way out of this recession, nor can we tax our way into prosperity,” Parker said. “We have to create an environment where businesses are freed-up to do what they do best: create jobs and grow our economy. My ‘Jobs Now’ plan is a pathway back to prosperity and should be enacted quickly in special session.”

“I would prefer the legislature to move forward immediately with corporate income and property tax reductions, but the legislature needs to pass something immediately to get Arizonans back to work,” said Parker. “My jobs now plan includes components that should receive bipartisan support.”

In order to receive any tax benefits in this part of the “Jobs Now” plan, companies will first have to make significant capital investments or create new jobs in Arizona. The greater the investment and more jobs created, the greater the benefits available.

“Why are we helping only one industry - the solar industry - when we can create an environment that would attract many diversified industries?” said Parker. “However these capital intensive companies will need time to create jobs, we must act now to help the backbone of our economy, Arizona small businesses, get people back to work quickly. Today’s unique circumstances call for bold action.”

Parker has bigger plans for Arizona’s economy as well.

“Arizona is now in the bottom half of Forbes Magazine’s rankings of business friendly states,” points out Parker. “That’s why I want to phase out the corporate income tax in Arizona and put out the welcome mat for companies leaving California, the Midwest and the East Coast, and tell them that Arizona is a place to do business.”

“Corporate taxes aren’t just bad for companies – they are bad for families. They stifle job creation and they are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.”

At the same time as creating an environment for economic growth, “Jobs Now” also employs safeguards that protect the taxpayer from being swindled.

“There are taxpayer protections in the programs outlined in my ‘Jobs Now’ plan,” Parker points out. “The legislature should act to ensure each program includes caps and penalties for fraudulent claims. These credits are about getting people back to work quickly, not profiting off paperwork or fraud.”

When we implement these policies, the General Fund will grow, and we would have more resources to build the nation’s best public school system.

Parker, who was raised in difficult circumstances as a child, went on to graduate from California State University at Long Beach with a degree in finance. He worked as a financial analyst for Rockwell International on the $19 Billion B1-B program. He then attended Georgetown University Law school where he met and married a second generation Arizonan.

Parker went on to serve as Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush in the White House.

He later served as an Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Agriculture, a department with a $90 Billion dollar budget.

He now serves as Mayor of Paradise Valley where he received the most votes of any person ever elected to the Council.

For more information on Parker or his “Jobs Now” plan, please go to or contact Jason Rose.