Thursday, December 17, 2009

Parker Calls on Brewer to Cancel Fundraiser


Vernon Parker Calls on Jan Brewer to Cancel Fundraiser by Planned Parenthood Board Member

DECEMBER 16, 2009. Today, Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker released the following statement.

“I am extremely concerned and troubled that Jan Brewer would hold a fundraiser in the home of someone who brags[1] about being a board member for Planned Parenthood of Arizona’s Action Fund. Planned Parenthood supports partial-birth abortion, and this is the arm of Planned Parenthood specifically designed to elect pro-abortion candidates to political office.

I have many friends and supporters who are pro-choice. They know that I am unequivocal in my belief that life begins at conception and is sacred. If this were simply the case of a pro-choice supporter hosting a fundraiser, I would not take issue with it. However, in this instance, Jan Brewer is having a fundraiser hosted by someone actively involved in the leadership of the state’s best known pro-abortion organization. That is totally unacceptable for someone who claims to be pro-life and I call on Jan Brewer to cancel this fundraiser immediately.”


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