Thursday, December 3, 2009

PV Mayor/Likely Guv Candidate Parker Launches Campaign vs. State Tax Increase

Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker Forms “Save Our Jobs: Stop the Tax Hike” Coalition to Oppose Anticipated Tax Hike Referral

PHOENIX, AZ – Today, Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker took the first steps to actively oppose any tax increase upon the citizens of Arizona, by filing a new political committee: “Save Our Jobs: Stop the Tax Hike.”

Parker will file the paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office Wednesday morning.

“Raising taxes during times of economic crisis doesn’t make sense. We have lost over 210,000 jobs in Arizona, and if a tax increase goes through our economy will get even worse. It must seem like raising our taxes is the easy way out, but that’s wrong. It won’t solve our fundamental problems, and will be devastating to our economy,” said Parker.

“I stand ready today to help our leaders understand the futility of a tax increase and that is why I am writing to every single lawmaker explaining to them the economic peril a tax increase will have. I know this fight will not be an easy one, but one I intend to win,” said Parker.

“We have a governor that wants to take more money from all Arizonans yet refuses to cut her own Governor’s Office budget. This type of approach must be defeated,” he concluded.

The committee filed today will allow Parker to raise funds to actively oppose any tax increase. A copy of the letter sent to state lawmakers can be found below.

Dear State Legislator:

I write today to urge you to oppose any state tax increases on Arizona families. As you know, tax increases during times of economic strife slow recovery and are dangerous to the health of our very fragile economy.

This morning I took the first steps to proactively oppose any tax increase by forming “Save Our Jobs: Stop the Tax Hike” coalition by filing the necessary paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State. This committee has as its sole purpose to defeat any tax increase, whether in the Legislature or on the ballot.

I know there are many naysayers who believe that raising taxes is our only alternative. I believe the exact opposite, that it will kill jobs and drive our state’s economy to the brink. Simply look what other states in similar situations are doing.

In 2007, Michigan passed a 12 percent income tax increase and a 22 percent business tax surcharge after their governor forced astate government shutdown. Yet in 2008 and again in 2009 Michigan faced additional deficits. The problem for Michigan according to their Budget Director “is our [Michigan] tomorrow looks no different from today,” and it’s because tax hikes stifle job creation and discourage new companies from moving to your state.

Arizona’s tomorrow must be brighter than our today. Don’t make the same mistake as Michigan. I urge you on behalf of the people of Arizona to join me in opposing any tax increases and instead grow our way back to prosperity.

Most sincerely,

Vernon Parker

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