Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prop 13 Arizona - Campaign Update

Latest News Flash: Budget deficit drives more K-12 expense to our property tax bills

First, the State Equalization Tax returned to our property tax bills after a 3 year hiatus, representing the largest tax hike in the history of Arizona. Revenue from the State Equalization Tax goes to K-12 education.

Next, a special election is scheduled for March 2010 that permits a new and additional 5% Maintenance & Operating (M&O) budget override for K-12 schools. This is in addition to existing 10% overrides. Overrides and bonds are included in secondary property taxes.

Almost everyone had a 10% increase in Limited Property Values on their 2009 valuation. Unless your school district reduced its tax rate, you paid 10% more to your school district for M&O. Details are on your 2009 property tax bill.

There is no limit on secondary property tax increases (Article 9, Section 19 of the Arizona Constitution). The legislature needs a 2/3 majority to raise sales or income taxes. It's much easier to cover expenses by raising property taxes.

Tracking our signature collection work

Thanks to all our volunteers collecting signatures and working to qualify Prop 13 Arizona for the 2010 ballot. Working together we will succeed and bring meaningful property tax reform to Arizona. We have many people counting on us to stop the unlimited increases many of us have seen on our property tax bills.

If each of you would contact us at and let us know how many signatures you intend to collect, it would help us with campaign planning. Campaigns with paid signature collectors always know where they stand because petitions are turned in every week for payday. Since we are an all volunteer campaign, we need your best estimate.

Ask your association to support Prop 13 Arizona

If you are a member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR), or Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP), please contact your leadership and let them know you support Prop 13 Arizona. Each group is working in the best interest of its members so let them know how Prop 13 Arizona would help your business by making property tax bills affordable and predictable.


Collin Farrell

Arizona State Director



Tom Farley

Chief Executive Officer



Tim Lawless

Arizona Chapter President


Training seminars

In January, we'll be holding training seminars for our volunteers in the Phoenix metro area. Dates and locations are being finalized. We want you to be able to give accurate answers to the questions you receive when collecting signatures and talking to groups. If you are interested in attending a seminar, please email

Prop 13 Arizona fliers to e-mail or print

The attached flier can be emailed or printed for distribution. Help us spread the word about Prop 13 Arizona by sending it to all your Arizona friends in your e-address book. And, don't forget your out-of-state friends that own property in Arizona -- they pay Arizona Property Taxes, too!

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